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LinkedIn fool-proof guide to social selling

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Follow these 10 steps keep yourself on the right path of sales success.

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LinkedIn fool-proof guide to social selling

  1. 1. the Fool-Proof Guide to SOCIAL SELLING
  2. 2. Fool-Proof Tip #1 1. Identify your purpose 2. Determine your specific action steps 3. Maintain a positive attitude 4. Surround yourself with success 5. Discipline 48% of sales people never follow up with a prospect 25% of sales people make a second contact and stop Don’t Slip Up Early in the Sales Cycle 80% of sales are made on the fifth to twelfth contact
  3. 3. With TeamLink, uncover hidden connections to quickly find the best path to your prospects by leveraging the professional network of everyone at your company. You can even use a TeamLink connections search filter to find the best prospects. Don’t Spend Time on Needless Chatter Fool-Proof Tip #2 LinkedIn’s Lead Builder and Premium Search help you find the right people faster within its 277M+ member base. Enter custom criteria, premium search filters and then save your search for faster access and automatic alerts.
  4. 4. Don’t Blow Wind Whether it’s your company’s content or content related to your industry, sharing is more effective when it’s personalized. Be sure to include a “why” behind your sharing. For example: I’m sharing this specific piece of content with you now because… And make it easy for your prospect or customer to consume the content. For example: Please note the graphic on page 8, which relates to your question regarding… Fool-Proof Tip #3
  5. 5. Fool-Proof Tip #4 It’s nice to have a “warm” lead, but it’s even better when you can convert it into a hot lead. Make it clear that you have done your research and your goal is to gain a deep understanding of the customer. Arranging a warm introduction, which can be accomplished on the LinkedIn platform, is made easier by: 1. Setting yourself up to over-deliver 2. Being yourself and letting your personality show 3. Taking care of any referral sources Don’t Shock the Hand of the Lead that Feeds You
  6. 6. Success in the era of social selling is made easier when your positive online presence precedes you. Fool-Proof Tip #5 Don’t Disguise Your Professional Brand 1. Asking yourself, “How can I woo prospects with my LinkedIn profile? 2. Sharing, curating and creating content to establish credibility. 3. Leveraging existing connections and LinkedIn Groups to broaden your network
  7. 7. Don’t Misfire With Decision Makers Fool-Proof Tip #6 Use language that clearly shows how your product will increase efficiencies, save money or drive revenue growth. This is the proof behind your tangible outcomes. When you can quantify the results you have provided for a similar company, your prospect is far more likely to take notice. Your sales strategy should demand the attention of potential buyers and create a desire in them to meet with you to learn more. There are two things all decision makers care about.
  8. 8. Don’t Sleep on the Job Fool-Proof Tip #7 One of the best things about social selling – aside from no cold calling – is the ability to be productive from anywhere. Easy to build your network and communicate strategically all from your mobile device. The digital newspaper for professionals – it’s like having elite business minds by your side daily. Become a trusted advisor by using these expert insights to curate valuable, industry- specific content.
  9. 9. 1. Talk about yourself 2. Always be closing 3. Rest on your laurels Instead, position yourself as a trusted resource of information and a partner dedicated to helping prospects and customers achieve their goals. Don’t Be Predictable Fool-Proof Tip #8
  10. 10. Beliefs What decision maker believes about you, your company or your product. Evaluate What is this person’s evaluation process? Needs What are the pressing business needs? Desire What do they strive for on a personal level? BEND-WIMP is a checklist that – by touching on each point – ensures you are armed with maximum sales intelligence prior to a meeting. Don’t Let Surprises Trip You Up Fool-Proof Tip #9 Wounds What errors has the decision maker or company as a whole made in the past? Interests What are the decision makers interests and where is there common ground? Mentors Whose opinions does the decision maker value most? Proud What accomplishments is the decision maker most proud of?
  11. 11. 1. Joining relevant LinkedIn Groups within your industry and make meaningful contributions. 2. Never missing an opportunity to connect. 3. Using Lead Builder and Premium Search to find your ideal prospects for maximum productivity. 4. Shining up your LinkedIn profile and keep it updated. 5. Sharing relevant content that your connections will find valuable. Don’t Leave Success to Chance Fool-Proof Tip #10 Multiple studies have revealed that increased LinkedIn usage equates to increased sales.