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  1. Planning our digipak
  2. Front cover • When I research lots of different solo artists digipaks, the common factor is that the artist is the main focus. This is normally done by having the artist in the center of the composition. • In the Adele front cover, she has her face in close up and in black and white. From the colour palate you can gather that the emotion of the album is sad father than happy and colourful. Her name is in large writing making it stand out to the buyers. • In the Tyler Creator album you can tell that its going to be an uplifting album due to the colour choice of using pink.
  3. Our front cover ideas What we want to have: - We want to have our solo artist in the middle composition of the cover so that she is the main focus and stands out to the consumers. - We would like to achieve a Y2K; yet futuristic feel to the photo, to tie in with the technology theme that we have throughout out music video. - I think that having our artist in an interesting slick hairstyle is very striking and unique so this will make her memorable. - I also this that a use of prop such as glasses or a hat makes the photo more interesting.
  4. Back cover • When i did research into different back covers for digipaks, none of them had the feel that we want to achieve for our one. • For the ‘Arctic Monkeys’ one, there cover doesn’t contain any photos of the band and only shows that band name, songs in the album and the record label and copywrite information. I think that this works for their marketing, however, I do think that it’s a bit boring and not that memorable. • For the Adele one, there is a photo of herself which clearly shows that its her album. The black and white colour sceme matches well with the colours that she used on the front cover. However, I still think that it’s a little bit simplistic but does show the theme of the album is going to be sad.
  5. Our back cover ideas What we want to have: - We think that it would be so effective to do a 2000s futuristic theme for our back cover. This also matches very well with our front cover. - I did some research into vintage Fendi covers and found these photos. I love the way that the model’s shadow is coloured and they are cut out onto a block colour background. I really like the use of the purple background; however, we could easily match the background to a colour we use lots in our music video. - To make sure that the songs in the album and record label information can we seen. We would have to make sure the artist isn’t in the whole frame of the photo. The photo on the bottom right is one that shows this idea.
  6. Inside cover and CD cover ideas
  7. ‘teenage dirtbag’ • We want to show on either the inside cover or CD cover a closer insight to our artists life. I think that the ‘teenage dirtbag’ lifestyle is very glamorized at the moment in the media and appeals to teenage girls; which is our target audience. • Kate Moss was a huge influence of this lifestyle when she became a model, so I think that having our artist showing her ‘rebellious’ side will give her personability for our audience.
  8. ‘the rockstar’ • I think that it is also very important to communicate to the audience that our artist is self made and has a talent which is singing and music. • The ‘rockstar’ lifestyle is also hugely glamorized so I believe that showing that our artist plays instruments, writes her music and has a huge involvement in the making of her song; rather than other solo artists, will be a positive.