Generation Y by @orsnemes

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A guide to Generation Y:ers. Because we have already started to take on jobs - and work little differently like other generations. Here's why.


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Generation Y by @orsnemes

  1. Ygen er at ion h"p://
  2. who ?are we
  3. we wereborn in the 1980s h"p://
  4. grew up in the age ofh"p://alden-­‐­‐content/uploads/large-­‐matrix-­‐blu-­‐ray7.jpg technology
  5. spend half of our livesonline h"p://
  6. he hal f... Onl yt , rig ht.Y eah h"p://
  7. we like to have informationat our fingertips h"p://
  8. we multitaskh"p://­‐3-­‐1-­‐1
  9. we need to know the whyh"p://
  10. we are dynamich"p://
  11. we like to be creativeh"p://
  12. we like to stand outof the crowd h"p://­‐penguins-­‐steve-­‐shuey/
  13. we areachievement oriented Alisdair  Miller  -­‐  Bungee  Extreme
  14. we like totake control Text h"p://
  15. we liketo be free h"p://
  16. we like to goour own ways h"p://­‐k-­‐d/6868646558/sizes/l/in/photostream/
  17. we like toexplore h"p://
  18. we are traveledh"p://
  19. we are confidenth"p://
  20. we areambitious h"p://
  21. we like to speak our mindsh"p://
  22. we are ready to do hard work h"p://
  23. we like to discuss our ideash"p://
  24. we love toworkothers with h"p://
  25. we like if our work isappreciated h"p://­‐thatyalves/
  26. we like if you letour hands go h"p://
  27. we like tocross the line h"p://
  28. we love to be inspired h"p://
  29. like by sters h"p://­‐j/3256398629/sizes/l/in/photostream//
  30. and by online resources h"p://
  31. we like to beinvolved h"p://
  32. we like to have funh"p://
  33. we like if you give us a choice h"p://
  34. we like peoplewith hearts h"p://
  35. we like challengesh"p://
  36. and to bechallenged
  37. we like to focus on the bright side h"p://
  38. we love to have free timeh"p://­‐cayeux-­‐sur-­‐mer/
  39. we like to think that we can change the world h"p://­‐Planet-­‐Earth-­‐64522821
  40. we just want totouch the sky h"p://
  41. soplease
  42. give us space h"p://­‐meg-­‐72157623640625942/
  43. give us storiesh"p://
  44. give us unusualh"p://
  45. TextText give us minimalism h"p://
  46. give usdesign h"p://
  47. give us feelings h"p://
  48. give usopportunities h"p-­‐//
  49. h"p:// give us perspective
  50. ask for our opinion h"p-­‐//
  51. and take it into consideration h"p://
  52. inspire ush"p://
  53. show us something prettyh"p://
  54. Yup. Like this one hereh"p://
  55. youwon’tregret it
  56. ‘coswehave
  57. h"p://­‐1110259passion
  58. h"p://
  59. h"p:// Hmmm...How was this shot taken?
  60. h"p:// how to have fun andwork at the same time
  61. we areinnnovative iStockPhoto
  62. we arecreative h"p://
  63. we are fast
  64. h"p:// find a way where is no way
  65. bring in newperspectives
  66. and newapproaches
  67. we fit in well h"p://
  68. and adapt quickly h"p://
  69. use the Ysh"p://
  70. you won’t regret it h"p://
  71. I know...
  72. ‘cos I’mone of them. @orsnemes