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Whom should I Be Impressed By?

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This list has always guided me in selecting my friends. This list has also guided me in ensuring I remain on track." This is how the list looks.... Read more to know whom to be impressed by...

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Whom should I Be Impressed By?

  1. 1. Whom should I Be Impressed By? www.lifeschool.co.in/lsms/item/989-inspirational-article-whom-should-i-be-impressed-by Dearest Darling Friend, I was at the home of my friend Jugnu Chaturvedi. Although he is my friend I am super pally with his kids. We were gorging on the ice-cream post our dinner sojourn, when Ketki, his daughter, thumped on the sofa next to me. Jugnu's eyebrows went up at the way she had landed on the sofa. Ketki knew her dad did not like it. However, it was clear, her focus and concerns lay somewhere else. She looked past me and in a thoughtful yet urgent voice asked, "Uncle, in choosing my friends, what should I be impressed by?" Hmmm, my mind told me, beware! This cute looking, innocent voiced young lady is asking you a loaded question. In such situations, I never answer to the question asked. I ask another question! Smart na! I smiled at her and asked, "Why are you asking this question, my dear?" She floored me with what she said, "Because I trust you. And, you are not conservative. And, you can understand the youth of this age. And you are wise." She completely had me. With every reason that she gave, my chest swelled with self pride. A few more reasons and I am sure my lungs would have popped out of my rib cage. With eyes twinkling with new, deep, pampered self-image, I replied, "When I was your age, I had made a small list. This list has always guided me in selecting my friends. Funnily, this list has also guided me in ensuring I remain on track." This is how the list looks.... 1/3
  2. 2. DON'T BE IMPRESSED BY BE IMPRESSED BY Wealth Generosity Degrees Integrity Quantity of Followers Quality of Friends Looks Discipline Titles Authenticity Power Vision Accomplishments Assisting ...what they have ...what they share Ideas Implementation Who helps them Whom they help I searched the face of Ketki to find if she was satisfied. She looked lost in thoughts. "Interesting", she said, gathered has orange sling bag, stood up and left. "Thanks Uncle..." I heard she shout out, as her frame disappeared through the exit door. As I was helping Ketki solve the issues of her world, my friend Jugnu was blissfully lost in the taste of the fabulous masala chai his wife is world famous for. I think, the sudden silence in the room, made him aware of my presence. He sheepishly smiled at me. When my eyes met his eyes, I saw a living example of all the ten points in the column "Be Impressed By" sitting right in front of me. I smiled back and silently whispered to myself, "Just look at your father Ketki. He is a living example of what one needs to be impressed by". My darling friend, if you had to make a similar list, what would be your 10 points? Would love to know... With love, prayers, and exceptional wishes, naren Imagine, when we wake up, we are given only what we had thanked for. 2/3
  3. 3. www.lifeschool.co.in 3/3