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10 Brazilian Expressions With Numbers You Need to Know

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By now you know some of the most popular and funny idiomatic expressions in Portuguese related to animals, colors and weather. But did you know numbers are also used in many expressions, slang and proverbs in Portuguese? I’ve selected the phrases you need to know in Brazilian Portuguese

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10 Brazilian Expressions With Numbers You Need to Know

  1. 1. 10 Brazilian Expressions With Numbers You Need to Know
  2. 2. Zero à esquerda Literally: zero on the left Meaning: unsuccessful person
  3. 3. Duas cabeças pensam melhor que uma Two heads are better than one
  4. 4. Trocar seis por meia dúzia Six of one and half a dozen of the other
  5. 5. Matar dois coelhos com uma cajadada só Literally: kill two rabbits with one blow Meaning: kill two birds with one stone
  6. 6. (Ser o/a) número um The best, the number one
  7. 7. Ser 8 ou 80 Literally: to be 8 or 80 Meaning: black and white. Absolutely right or wrong, good or bad.
  8. 8. Um é pouco, dois é bom, três é demais Two’s company, three’s a crowd
  9. 9. Aos quatro ventos To be scattered to the four winds
  10. 10. Quando um não quer dois não brigam Literally: when one doesn’t want two won’t argue Meaning: it takes two to tango
  11. 11. 171 Slang associated with the 171 section of the Brazilian Criminal Code which refers to fraud. It’s used to describe a dishonest person.