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5 Faces of Martech in 2018

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How Martech advances digital transformation and how transparency, human touch, tech-creative and convergence will change the future of Martech.

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5 Faces of Martech in 2018

  1. 1. M A R T E C H 2 0 1 8 THE FIVE FACES OF
  2. 2. “Digital Darwinism Technology and society evolve faster than an organiza5on can adapt. Brian Solis
  3. 3. Too many technologies?
  4. 4. AI/Cogni=ve + Data Chat-bot, Tensorflow/Caffe Cloud + Digital Everything IFTTT, Smart Home/City, AR/VR All-in-One Voice Assistant Google Home, Alexa Blockchain 2.0 & Beyond Smart contract, digital iden=ty, aTen=onBiz Industry 4.0 technologies Digital twin, plaXorm economy Supercompu=ng and super-wire Quantum compu=ng, 5G Digital Transforma8on People Process Data Tools CONSUMERISMDigital CX Put Martech into a bigger picture
  5. 5. > Democra=za=on Make it easy/ease to use
  6. 6. Remember, marketers and sales, and in some cases interns and management trainees, are your key clients. Not the IT guys. Easy to Use
  7. 7. IMPACT/VALUES EASE/EASY TO USE How easy is easy? Use Automa=on Efficiency Enhancement Collabora=on CRM Marke=ng Automa=on CMS CDP WeChat Ding Ding DMP VR/AR Blockchain Alexa Webinar
  8. 8. > Tech-Crea=ve
  9. 9. Brands are publishers.
  10. 10. Mondelez will focus on forming media partnerships to acquire, develop and distribute content that will promote its so-called “power brands” like Oreo cookies and Trident gum. The idea is that becoming more of a publisher will open up new revenue streams. Mondelez will invest in content proper=es and intellectual property that will enable it make money from selling distribu=on rights, adver=sing and brand integra=ons, said Laura Henderson, Mondelez’s global head of content and media mone=za=on. Brands need content that is not just an ad but has a strong narra=ve and bakes the essence of a brand into the concept from the beginning — something that can be difficult for an outside agency to achieve. Mondelez spent $1.5 billion on adver8sing in 2015. The company aims for up to 10% of its global media investments to break even or turn a profit by 2020.
  11. 11. Brands expects technology to be crea8ve…
  12. 12. AI-powered Crea=ve
  13. 13. > Human Touch
  14. 14. Human Touch = immersive
  15. 15. Human Touch = conversa=onal
  16. 16. Human Touch = emo=onal
  17. 17. “You can basically bring anything to life, whether it’s a virtual spokesperson or we can even animate non-human characters” Mark Sagar Soul Machines Co-Founder & CEO
  18. 18. How Martech can help?
  19. 19. > Transparency
  20. 20. Globally, 29 percent of the $27 billion spent on programma=c adver=sing in 2016 was on "invalid traffic“. What about China?
  21. 21. NYIAX’s plaXorm was built using Nasdaq’s exchange technology, which incorporates blockchain as its core ledger for transac=ons.
  22. 22. > Convergence
  23. 23. 3 8
  24. 24. 39
  26. 26. Democra=za=on Tech-Crea=ve Human Touch Transparency Convergence
  27. 27. Content Consumer Context Commerce Convergence Transparency Tech-Crea=ve Human Touch Democra=za=on Convergence
  28. 28. “Digital Darwinism Only the fi;est survive.
  29. 29. THANK YOU Q&A