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Chatbots: It's like Uber for Conversations

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A 15-minute exploration of the history, present state, and future of the Chatbot ecosystem.

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Chatbots: It's like Uber for Conversations

  1. 1. November 30th, 2016 CHATBOTS Uber for Conversations @LiamBoogar Brand director @Algolia
  2. 2. - Search as a Service - 17B Queries/month - 2,000+ Paying Customers in 100+ Countries - Avg. Query time <35ms. Algolia. CHATBOTS
  3. 3. Search is a conversation.
  4. 4. Speed Limited attention. Search & Chatbots : Similarities CHATBOTS Design/UI Less is more. Relevancy Speaks volumes.
  5. 5. A computer program designed to simulate an intelligent conversation via auditory or textual methods. CHATBOTS What’s a bot?
  6. 6. Not a bot. CHATBOTS
  7. 7. 2014 Alexa 1950 Turing Test 1968 HAL 9000 2001 SmarterChild 2011 Siri A History. CHATBOTS
  8. 8. An Overview. CHATBOTS Human Machine Niche General Customer Support “How can I help you?” Form-filling Replacement “What’s your name?” Search Bar Extension “What would you like to buy?”
  9. 9. CHATBOTS An Opportunity. “All in all, there are very interesting entries, but we are still early in the game. Think GUI in early 1990s.” - Vadim Berman, CTO & Co-Founder, LinguaSys”
  10. 10. Language Limitations CHATBOTS Intuition /Context
  11. 11. Examples: Dating CHATBOTS Mitsuku - Natural conversation - Emotional
  12. 12. Examples: Education CHATBOTS - Language-learning through Chat - Uses existing content/knowledge - One bot per language
  13. 13. Examples: Productivity CHATBOTS - Leverages multiple APIs - Uses Slack wisely
  14. 14. Examples: Media CHATBOTS - Enhanced RSS - Primitive “Recommendations” - Just another Distribution Channel
  15. 15. Examples: Media CHATBOTS - Beyond RSS. - Natural conversation, customized interaction. - Content adapted for a new channel
  16. 16. Examples: ...And Chill CHATBOTS - Netflix Recommendations - Man behind the curtain or not?
  17. 17. Examples: It’s Alive! CHATBOTS - Engage your Facebook community with automated content. - Flexible content style for multiple purposes.
  18. 18. November 30th, 2016 Thanks! @LiamBoogar Brand director @Algolia