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Future of Tech "Conferences"

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This was a rant from a long time gransroots tech conference organizer (currently event orga for mercari)

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Future of Tech "Conferences"

  1. 1. Future of Tech “Conferences” Daisuke Maki (@lestrrat) May 23, 2019
  2. 2. 10+ yrs organizing Conferences
  3. 3. “grassroots” tech conferences
  4. 4. 2009 “grassroots” Organizer: • We’ll get the venue and sort out sponsors • You bring the content!
  5. 5. 2009 “grassroots” APendees: • We have stuff we want to talk about! • Let’s go talk some more about it aUerwards!
  6. 6. 2019 “grassroots” APendees: • Entertain us! Barrage us with informaXon! • Give us expensive swags! Feed us! • I’m here to listen to other great speakers
  7. 7. 2019 “grassroots” Organizer: • We’ll get the venue, food, hotels, entertainment, speakers, really cool swags, booze, and we will raise all the money required for this
  8. 8. Organizer: • We’ll get the venue and sort out sponsors • You bring the content!
  9. 9. I thought conferences were for ppl who wanted to be heard…
  10. 10. What’s going on?
  11. 11. Simple: CommodiXzaXon
  12. 12. “Conferences” have become common This is a good thing!
  14. 14. We are all fighXng to secure speaker and aPendee Xme/aPenXon
  15. 15. Big Players changing consumer expectaXons • OSCON • Google I/O • re:Invent • Decode • etc
  16. 16. Big Players • Big conferences need to gather WAY more aPendees • They bring good theme/speaker/content • But most notably they bring….
  17. 17. GLITZor, “wine and dine”
  18. 18. “re:Invent Party” images
  19. 19. “Google I/O swag” images
  20. 20. “OSCON sponsor booth” images
  21. 21. Is glitz bad? No
  22. 22. Truth: To fight the war of “glitz” is to fight the war of aPriXon.
  23. 23. Truth: Glitz aPracts those who may otherwise be uninterested (new blood) (but also those who are there solely for the glitz)
  24. 24. Corollary: Glitz (if handled incorrectly) dilutes the core values of the event
  25. 25. Where to go?
  26. 26. We’re planning a mercari-wide conference in the future
  27. 27. We could reminisce of the old days, but… the landscape has already changed
  28. 28. • Focus on tech/engineers • But provide the right amount of glitz • To scale the event • To make our engineers proud to be on stage Future Event (this is harder than you may think)
  29. 29. What else can we do? Where should we go? Thoughts? Let me know!