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C.V Lesley

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C.V Lesley

  1. 1. Personal Details Title : Mr. First names : Lesley Surname : Chiloane Country of residence : South Africa Race : African Gender : Male Identity number : 8811295741 088 Marital status : Single Health : Good Criminal offence : None Contact Details Mobile : 0611412284 Alternative mobile : 0720219505 Physical address : 2136 ebony park Ext 4 Midrand 1685 Email address : lesley.lesley.chiloane@gmail.com
  2. 2. Language Proficiency Languages English Sepedi IsiZulu Speak Good Good Good Read Good Good Fair Write Good Good Fair Skills  Communication skill, negotiation skill and interpersonal skill  Problem solving skill, change of analysis code and handling escalations Systems  Eppix, Tallyman, Cisco, Unified IP, Genesys, Morpheus II and Cc Pulse  Genesys Administrator and ICAP  Microsoft office (Ms Word, Outlook, PowerPoint and Excel) Projects  User Acceptance Testing  IWS(Interaction Workspace)  Customer 3D  E-services(web chat, emails and ussd chat)  Premature cancellation quote to compulsory include current invoice  Failure migration to prepaid to avoid prepaid lines to bill on contract  Reduced subscription to fall out when contract ends  Communication to the clients when fraud is confirmed  IVR auto arrangements via debit order to notify clients of debits going through on a working day  Increasing call centre agents morale
  3. 3. Education Secondary Education Details Country completed in : South Africa Year : 2006 Educational Institution : Ivory Park Secondary School Highest Level Achieved : Grade 12 (Matric with endorsement) Subjects : Sepedi, English, Economics, Business economics, Accounting and Mathematics Tertiary Education Details Educational Institution : Vaal University of Technology Country : South Africa Qualification : National Diploma in Marketing Date started : Jan 2008 Date completed : Dec 2010 Courses Country : South Africa Course name : Marketing Date completed : Dec 2010 Career history and work experience Name of the company : Tubular electrical and instrumental (Platinum Mine) Occupation : General worker, store-man and assistant Electrician Year : 2007 Name of the company : The source youth organization Occupation : Marketing manager Year : 2011 Duration : 3months
  4. 4. Current career Name of the company : Hammond pole [Vodacom (Pty) Ltd] Occupation : Credit Controller (Pre-legal, early collections, High- Usage Inbound and Outbound) Year started : June 2012 Occupation : Interaction Workspace (UAT IWS) Duties : Confirmation of IWS installation on all computers : Monitoring outbound and inbound priority : Testing supervisor’s profile : Placing agents PCs on the right OU (Unit) : Making sure all agents profiles have been migrated To VF-ROOT : Monitoring multiple interactions : Upgrading for testing Windows 7 : Re-build of PCs that were running slow : Applying quick fix on IWS e.g. sound issues, Tallyman issues and IWS issues : Assisting agents with new Nashua clients : Rolling out curly cords to avoid distortion : Ms Patch Process : 2ND Phase UAT (E-Services) : Swapping offices including PC cabling for testing : Monitoring service level e.g. long calls, long hold And long idle time Duration : 1st September 2014 to December 2014 Occupation : Acting Team leader Duties : Send clearance code : Unlocking and locking of the lines : Activating and unloading of outbound campaigns : Dealing with escalations : Taking over long calls from call centre agents : Cancelling invalid arrangements : Keeping track of login time and not ready time : Escalating reactivations queries : Handling a team of 12-15
  5. 5. Personal Traits Determinant Hard working Ability to work under pressure Willing to learn Adaptive Attention to detail References Name : Lawrence Mandlhazi Occupation : Lecturer Institution : Vaal University of Technology Contacts : 0726080702 Name : Donaven Moodley Occupation : Supervisor Company : Vodacom (PTY) Ltd Contacts : 0764800488 Name : Karel Mononyane Occupation : Supervisor Company : Vodacom (PTY) Ltd Contacts : 0829971020 Name : Meshack Lekgotsa Occupation : Team Leader Company : Vodacom (PTY) Ltd Contacts : 0829980165 Name : Silas Chiloane Relationship : Father Contacts : 0720219505