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Ambient Intimacy

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my presentation from Reboot 9.0 on 'Ambient Intimacy' which is how I describe the experience of connectedness via online social networks. Blog post here: http://www.disambiguity.com/reboot-90-ambient-intimacy/

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Ambient Intimacy

  1. ambient intimacy leisa reichelt disambiguity.com Ambient Intimacy Leisa Reichelt | Reboot 9.0
  2. hvad er ‘ambient intimacy?’
  3. ‘situational awareness’ 30 boxes
  4. ‘hyper-connectivity’ om malik
  5. ‘hive mind’ davezilla, blog comment
  6. ‘virtual lice picking’ andrew duval, blog comment
  7. ‘intimate social networks’ ito & okabe 2005
  8. ‘distributed co-presence’ ito & okabe 2005
  9. ‘full-time intimate communities’ Matsuda 2005 following Nakajima, Keiichi and Yoshino 1999
  10. ‘tele-cocoons’ Ichiyo Habuchi 2005
  11. and lots more...
  12. differences
  13. >150?
  14. the village green
  15. ‘the globe has been turned into a village by electronic media’
  16. are these people *really* friends?
  17. why is ambient intimacy important? (or, even perhaps relevant?)
  18. phatic expressiveness for virtual spaces
  19. ‘in linguistics, a phatic expression is one whose only function is to perform a social task’
  20. ‘continual partial friendship’ david weinberger, joho the blog
  21. ‘it’s not about being poked and prodded, it’s about exposing more surface area for others to connect with’ Johnnie Moore
  22. it’s a love/hate thing
  23. parse-ability
  24. design to support ambient intimacy
  25. let’s talk... leisa reichelt leisa.reichelt@gmail.com flow-interactive.com disambiguity.com twitter: /leisa
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