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Shine the Light - Class of 2013-14 LDA Collaborative Project Presenation

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A project to help the Beloit Domestic Violence Survivor Center.

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Shine the Light - Class of 2013-14 LDA Collaborative Project Presenation

  1. 1. Linda Ross, Katrina Bell, Tracy Bliss, Shannon Dunphy-Alexander, Brittany Strickert
  2. 2. Helping women and children work toward a brighter future! December 2013 - May 2014 Beloit Domestic Violence Survivor Center Rehabilitation Project
  3. 3. Mission: To lower the rate of domestic violence through provision of empowering services to women, children and the community. Who is helped: Typical client has reason to fear for her safety, in her thirties, has two children with few options and resources. Beloit Domestic Violence Survivor Center
  4. 4. • 24 hour crisis, information and referral lines, 365 days a year • Emergency shelter for victims of domestic violence and their children • Case Management (including Spanish language) • Legal advocacy (especially assistance in preparing and filing restraining orders) • Support groups • Safety, housing and financial planning for victims • Children’s services • Hispanic and other minority domestic violence out-reach services • Community education and advocacy on behalf of a violence free community Services Provided by the BDVSC
  5. 5. • Supply center with cabinetry, food pantries, plates, silverware, towels, bathrobes, alarm clocks, lamps, mirrors, artwork, armoires, sofa sleepers, mini-refrigerators and more, donated by Hendricks Commercial Properties and the Ironworks Hotel (formerly the Beloit Inn) • Update kitchen with cabinetry from the Ironworks Hotel (formerly the Beloit Inn), along with new counter tops, sink and faucet with grant from the Stateline Community Foundation • Brighten up kitchen, dining room and living room with fresh coat of paint Shine the Light - The Project
  6. 6. • Request for donation sent to BMO Harris Bank and denied • BMO supports the BDVSC as a sponsor of the Family Services of Southern Wisconsin and Northern Illinois annual fundraiser each year • BMO has been a $1,000+ supporter for many years since one of their (now retired) bankers was a board member • We looked into an Alliant Energy grant, but realized the timing would be too late and they do not support rehab projects • Grant requested from the Stateline Community Foundation (SCF) and received Project Funding
  7. 7. Beloit Inn- December 1, 2013
  8. 8. Skilled Carpenters Volunteered Time
  9. 9. Truck, Trailers and Moving Dollies!
  10. 10. BDVSC Delivery – Same Day Many hands make light work!
  11. 11. Before After Two new sleeper sofas in the upstairs lounge. Furniture Additions
  12. 12. Before After New furniture in shared living room. Living Room
  13. 13. Six sleeping rooms received armoires. All sleeping rooms received nightstands, desks, lamps and clock radios . Sleeping Rooms
  14. 14. Before After – Four new pantries were installed! New Pantries in Dining Area
  15. 15. Kitchen Renovation – January 9, 2014 ”The Kitchen is the heart of the home!” Before After
  16. 16. Kitchen Installation – January 9, 2014 Carpenters donated more than 100 hours of time to modify and install cabinetry.
  17. 17. Media Release January 5, 2014
  18. 18. Media Release January 29, 2014 Shelter receives grant for kitchen renovation Posted: Wednesday, January 29, 2014 4:00 pm The Beloit Domestic Violence Survivor Center The Beloit Domestic Violence Survivor Center received a grant in the amount of $990 from the Stateline Community Foundation which made a kitchen renovation possible. The funds were used to purchase a new countertop for the shelter facility. The donation of the cabinets from the Ironworks Hotel, formerly the Beloit Inn, was coordinated by a group of women enrolled in the Leadership Development Academy (Linda Ross, Katrina Bell, Tracy Bliss, Shannon Dunphy- Alexander and Brittany Strickert), who have focused on the shelter for their class project. The building serves as a temporary home for families who have experienced violence in their lives. www.statelinefamilyservices.org Source: Beloit Daily News
  19. 19. Painting– February 22, 2014 Great team work!
  20. 20. Painting
  21. 21. Tracy Bliss A devoted team member!
  22. 22. Challenges and Obstacles • Timing • Taking furniture and cabinetry out of Beloit Inn in December • Installing cabinetry into kitchen at BDVSC • Coordinating volunteers • Trailers and moving dollies • Moving very large furniture and appliances • Leak damage at BDVSC in kitchen • Funding • Countertops, sink, faucet and paint • Securing supplies • Cost vs allocation of remaining funds to expand project • Privacy Issues • Sickness, pregnancy and busy schedules
  23. 23. This is what it is all about!
  24. 24. BDVSC is helping to break the cycle of domestic violence in our community and we feel that if these women are brave enough to leave their dangerous situation and start over, they deserve a safe, updated, and beautiful shelter. Thank you for allowing us into your shelter and letting us help! It was an honor. We Say “Thank You”