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METRO Workshop: DIY Usability & User Experience

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METRO Workshop: DIY Usability & User Experience

  1. 1. DIY Usability & User Experience:Is Your Library People Focused?Metropolitan New York Library Council (METRO) April 26, 2012 Lisa Chow | Sandra Sajonas People Interact
  2. 2. PRESENTERSLisa ChowLisa is an information professional who has used people-centered design methods todevelop and manage multiple projects, including BPL ThinkTank staff unconference,Book a Librarian reference service, and HealthCampNYC regional healthunconference. She also served as project manager for a hospital health sciences libraryuser study. Lisa is half of People Interact, a consultancy that empowers libraries andother organizations to be people-centered. Lisa has a few "library ribbons" including SLARising Star, LJ Mover & Shaker, ALA Emerging Leader and ARL Diversity Scholar. She iscurrently working as Web Analyst in the IT Department at Brooklyn Public Library.Sandra SajonasSandra is a senior librarian at the Business & Career Library in the Brooklyn PublicLibrary (BPL) system. During her time at BPL, she has used people-centered usabilityideas and methods to evaluate library service, make recommendations for improvementand launch new initiatives. Some results of this include BPL ThinkTank - the first librarystaff unconference and Book A Librarian - a service allowing patrons to schedule anappointment with a research librarian. She is currently working withthe newly formed Business & Career Library in developing a strategic plan.
  3. 3. OBJECTIVES• Share the experience of usability• Attain a basic understanding of people-centered design, usability and user experience principles• Outline the importance and role of usability in the library• Create and implement a mini usability study for service design/redesign• Leave with tools and resources to conduct your own people- centered usability study
  4. 4. DEFINING USABILITY5 Principles Applied to:– user-centered • product design– co-creative • graphic design– sequencing • interaction design– evidencing • service design– holistic • social design • strategic managementRelated Terms • operation management • design ethnography• People-Centered Design• Usability• User Experience• Design Thinking
  5. 5. USABILITY PROCESS A nonlinear, flexible, iterative process EXPLORE CREATEREFLECT IMPLEMENT
  6. 6. People-Centered Methods Course, Spring 2008
  7. 7. Hospital Health Sciences Library User Study, 2009 • 3-month study • Evaluated the library’s current space, usage, and interactions • Plans were underway to move the library to a new space
  8. 8. "Disconnected Youth" Program2008-2010• Develop a library literacy program for 16-24 year olds, not working and not in school that offers wrap around servicesBusiness & Career Library2011-2012• Develop a strategic plan for the newly merged Business Library and Education and Job Information Center
  9. 9. Case Studies
  10. 10. PLAN OF ATTACKAREA OF INQUIRYRESEARCH METHODS - choose from list1.2.DATA COLLECTION - graphic organizers, tools, etc.1.2.DATA CRUNCHING - find patterns, trends and oddballs (what’s not like the others)1.2.3.RECOMMENDATIONS
  11. 11. Graphic Organizers - Visualizing Your Data
  12. 12. Graphic Organizers - Visualizing Your Data
  13. 13. Questions?http://peopleinteract.wordpress.com People Interact ~ Its about people.