ramco lakshmanan rit ucm process parameters thermal energy based processes mechanical energy based processes electrical energy based processes defects manufacturing technology 2 welding core tube drawing wire drawing defects in rolled parts shape rolling operation types of rolling rolling of metals forging operation closed die forging impression die forging cold working hot working characteristics of ebm process effect of thermal velocities richardson-dushman equation laser beam machining (lbm) electron beam machining (ebm) mechanism of ebm plasma arc machining (pam) electrochemical honong (ech) electrolytic grinding electro chemical grinding (ecg) electrolyte ecm tool materials electrolysis process electro-chemical machining (ecm) photoresists maskants methods of masking maskant / resistant etchants chemical machining (chm) chemical and electrochemical energy based processe wire cut electro discharge machining (wcedm) types of wear in tool electrical discharge machining (edm) types of flushing ultrasonic machining (usm) abrasive water jet machining(awjm) water jet machining (wjm) abrasive jet machining (ajm) chemical energy based processes lbm usm wjm awj ucmp introduction of unconventional machining processes use of computers in maintenance job order systems equipment records repair methods for material handling equipment sequential fault location logical fault location methods failures and their development screws and bearings failure analysis repair methods for basic machine elements wear-debris analysis pistol thermometers temperature sensitive tapes methods and instruments for cm offload testing on-load testing cost comparison with and without cm condition monitoring tpm methods of lubrication maintenance schedules maintenance categories repair cycle preventive maintenance maintenance policies maintenance economics. maintenance organization factors of availability mwt mttr mtbf machine availability reliability importance and benefits of sound maintenance principles of maintenance planning planned maintenance activity maintenance engineering tomography computed tomography computed radiography xero-radiography radiographic equivalence fluoroscopy exposure charts characteristics of films graininess inverse square law geometric factors film less techniques x-ray rt radiography ae parameters acoustic emission technique phased array ultrasound time of flight diffraction c-scan b-scan a-scan angle beam straight beam transducers pulse-echo method acoustic emission (ae) ultrasonic testing (ut) instrumentation probes eddy current sensing elements eddy current testing infrared detectors infrared radiation liquid crystals contact and non contact inspection methods thermography thermography and eddy current testing metallic inspection theory of magnetism magnetic particle testing developers liquid penetrants liquid penetrant testing surface nde methods inspection visual inspection ndt non destructive testing automatic machine cnc types dnc wafer machining micromachining manual part programming part programming machining centre nc cnc internal grinding centre less grinding surface grinding types of grinding process cylindrical grinding grinding broaching abrasive gear shaping hobbing milling cutter reaming tapping boring drilling gear cutting milling shaping multi spindle swiss type semi automatic automatic lathes tool layout capstan and turret lathes machining time special attachments thread cutting centre lathe turning machines merchant circle cutting fluids tool life tool wear orthogonal metal cutting types of chip single point cutting tool mechanics of chip formation theory of metal cutting manufacturing technology 1 electromagnetic fusion bonding thermal welding thermoforming thermosetting thermoplastic joining plastic welding polymer plastic characteristics of sheet metal explosive forming superplastic forming micro forming special forming process formability of sheetmetal stretch forming deep drawing bending sheet metal mig welding tig welding gas welding metal joining soldering brazing friction welding plasma arc welding flame special casting sand test furnace molding pattern casting drawing extrusion rolling forging
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