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The Relationships Between Social Media and Search

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# Social signals that Google and Bing use to influence search results
# Using social sites to own search results and gain impressions for your brand
# Leveraging social sites for brand impressions and a traffic channel
# Tips for search & social cross-channel optimization

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The Relationships Between Social Media and Search

  1. SEO ‘sSocial.The relationship between social media + search results and performance<br />lauralippay<br />Feb 2011<br />Laura Lippay<br />www.lauralippay.com<br />
  2. who am i?<br />search + social + integrated<br />marketing consultant<br />for<br />enterprise<br />agency<br />startup<br />@lauralippay<br />lauralippay.com<br />
  3. How can social media affect search? <br />www.lauralippay.com<br />
  4. 1<br />Owning search results through social.<br />www.lauralippay.com<br />
  5. What happens when you own SERPS through social?<br />You control what people see in search results about your brand.<br />You have more brand impressions in search results.<br />You encourage direct traffic (to your site directly from SERPS) and indirect traffic (to your site indirectly trough a social network).<br />www.lauralippay.com<br />
  6. Example: Specialty’s.(you’ll want to be like these guys).<br />www.lauralippay.com<br />
  7. specialtys café = 1,300 searches a month <br />specialtys bakery = 1,900 searches a month<br />www.lauralippay.com<br />
  8. Local Chicago site<br />www.lauralippay.com<br />
  9. Example: Kirby Vacuum.(you don’t want to be like these guys)<br />www.lauralippay.com<br />
  10. kirby vacuum = 90,500 searches a month<br />www.lauralippay.com<br />
  11. The website is listed three times on the first page of SERPS. <br />Good.<br />Local Kirby stores and service centers appear in Google places results. Good.<br />Kirby vacuum images appear in SERPS. <br />Good.<br />But where are the social SERPS? Guess what’s below the fold…<br />
  12. More page 1 SERPS:<br />People bashing Kirby. No social presence.<br />Site with thread of complaints from their own salespeople.<br />Derogatory news investigation reports<br />Complaints on Consumeraffairs.com<br />
  13. There are Kirby brand pages on Facebook…<br />...none with many members or likes.<br />Tough for people or search engines to determine if any are official…<br />…which is likely why their Facebook page doesn’t rank as well as more content-rich slanderous forums (which are likely visited and shared more often).<br />
  14. They don’t seem to have an official Twitter account.<br />www.lauralippay.com<br />
  15. 2<br />Visibility in social can = visibility in search.Optimize for social.<br />www.lauralippay.com<br />
  16. Social participation ≠ search visibilitySocial success = search visibility<br />www.lauralippay.com<br />
  17. Whole Foods<br />Whole Foods has a blog, YouTube channel (and videos on their site), Twitter account (w/ 1.8 million followers), Facebook page, and forums on their site. They are extremely community-oriented and cross-promote their social networks.<br />www.lauralippay.com<br />
  18. Whole Foods social in SERPS<br />www.lauralippay.com<br />
  19. OMG Facts<br />1.5 million followers<br />www.lauralippay.com<br />
  20. OMG Facts social in SERPS<br />www.lauralippay.com<br />
  21. Social factors for search performance<br />source: http://searchengineland.com/what-social-signals-do-google-bing-really-count-55389<br />
  22. 3<br />Visibility in social doesn’t guarantee success from search. Optimize for search.<br />www.lauralippay.com<br />
  23. Example: Blendtec.Social/viral success influences search.Site optimized for search.All channels optimized and cross-promoted.<br />www.lauralippay.com<br />
  24. www.lauralippay.com<br />
  25. Their videos inspired new searches<br />No one was searching for blending iPhones before the Blendtec videos. <br />(They’re still searching in 2011).<br />www.lauralippay.com<br />
  26. www.lauralippay.com<br />159 million upload views on YouTube<br />
  27. Sites are optimized, all channels cross-promoted<br />BLENDER <br />SITE<br />FACEBOOK PAGE<br />VIDEO SITE<br />YOUTUBE CHANNEL<br />www.lauralippay.com<br />
  28. Good incoming links: Blendtec.com<br />19,366 external links. To a blender site.<br />Links from valuable sites.<br />Links from relevant sites.<br />
  29. Good incoming links: Willitblend.com<br />36,761 external links.<br />Links from relevant & valuable sites.<br />This stuff is sharable. <br />Lots of diggsw/ good titles<br />www.lauralippay.com<br />
  30. And they dominate the search results<br />www.lauralippay.com<br />
  31. Example: Mint.com.A great product = natural search (links) and social (sharing) success.Content shared in social appears in & drives traffic from search.Social-focused content strategy represents the “new SEO”.<br />www.lauralippay.com<br />
  32. THIS is (post-Panda) SEO.<br />Audience-driven approach rather than strictly search-driven approach creates natural buzz around product which influences rankings without having to build content and links specifically for search engines.<br />www.lauralippay.com<br />
  33. Q&A: Search & Social Visibility<br />UGC question w/ dedicated URL on site.<br />Question asked on May 11, 2010<br />www.lauralippay.com<br />
  34. Q&A: Search & Social Visibility<br />Well optimized Q&A pages allow Mint.com to appear in search results for popular financial questions and for tail queries.<br />www.lauralippay.com<br />
  35. Q&A: Search & Social Visibility<br />Q&A pages also appear in Google realtime search because people are tweeting the content. <br />Notice they’re still tweeting it 7 months later.<br />www.lauralippay.com<br />
  36. Hot infographics = social & search visibility<br />www.lauralippay.com<br />
  37. Infographics = social & search visibility<br />People love infographics.<br />Mint.com prompts people to share them, <br />and they do.<br />www.lauralippay.com<br />
  38. Infographics = social & search visibility<br />Popularity of this content in articles and social spaces created measurable buzz around the site. <br />And the page tops rankings for the query in web search.<br />www.lauralippay.com<br />
  39. Infographics = social & search visibility<br />And in image search.<br />www.lauralippay.com<br />
  40. Infographics = social & search visibility<br />And in realtime search.<br />www.lauralippay.com<br />
  41. The process without the social prompts<br />1) Page exists. Gets indexed by search engines.<br />3) Page will appear in search results. Ranking dependent on popularity.<br />2) People read it in their feeds. Some might link to it in article & share on FB and tweet it even without social share button prompts.<br /> = <br />average visibility & traffic.<br />But why settle for average?<br />www.lauralippay.com<br />
  42. The process with the social prompts<br />6) More widespread popularity = higher search volume = more potential for visibility & traffic.<br />7) The page will rank better b/c of social signals and for more searches b/d of higher search vol.<br />8) It will also appear in realtime search and your networks social search results.<br />5) Page gets several times more visibility and links.<br />This influences performance in search results.<br />4) Social buttons prompt sharing.<br /> = <br />More popularity generally = higher search volume<br />More social popularity = better search performance<br />High search volume + high ranking = traffic<br />www.lauralippay.com<br />
  43. Tip: Optimizing YouTube for search.<br />www.lauralippay.com<br />
  44. YouTube & Video Optimization Tips<br /><ul><li>YouTube accounts for about 28% of all Google searches
  45. There are 11 billion searches in Google in March
  46. YouTube videos often appear in Google SERPS
  47. Create a branded YouTube channel and put videos on your site - gives you two potential traffic drivers
  48. Each video on your site should have its own page, indexable by search engines
  49. Write descriptive keyword-rich video titles 9on your YouTube videos and your site video pages) to appear in search results and compel clicks
  50. Provide video descriptions for context
  51. Cross-promote your website(s) and other social channels</li></ul>www.lauralippay.com<br />
  52. Tip: Optimizing Twitter for search.<br />
  53. Set up your brand Twitter account ASAP(and other social networks too).<br />www.lauralippay.com<br />
  54. Leverage hot trends to appear in realtime SERPS<br />
  55. Leverage hot trends to appear in realtime SERPS<br />Lots of people searching. Your tweet = visibility. (No tweet = nothing).<br />www.lauralippay.com<br />
  56. Incorporate keywords & link<br />Keywords in the post help the post appear in Google SERPS for those queries.<br />A link to your site in the post will take people from Google to your Tweet to your site.<br />www.lauralippay.com<br />
  57. Tip: Optimizing Facebook Like for Facebook search.<br />www.lauralippay.com<br />
  58. According to Facebook<br />Almost 65 million Facebook users “Like” things daily.<br />http://www.allfacebook.com/2010/07/almost-65-million-facebook-users-like-things-daily/<br />www.lauralippay.com<br />
  59. When someone “likes” your article, these things happen:<br />The “like” activity appears on their Facebook profile page<br />The activity appears in the news feed of the liker<br />The liker’s friends click on the news feed<br />The friends “like” the article<br />The cycle continues<br />www.lauralippay.com<br />
  60. But that’s not all.<br />You can appear in Facebook searches.<br />Links to Mashable articles from Facebook search.<br />Mashable article titles are optimized (relevant and descriptive). This can help clickthrough.<br />www.lauralippay.com<br />
  61. Optimize your ‘like’ for search.<br />Make sure your page titles are relevant, catchy and contain keywords.<br />Choose the type of content correctly, so it shows up in the right types of searches on Facebook.<br />http://developers.facebook.com/docs/opengraph/<br />www.lauralippay.com<br />
  62. Different ‘types’ of Facebook search results<br />Blog post title is used in the shared post title by default. <br />Meta descriptions are used in the shared post description by default.<br />www.lauralippay.com<br />
  63. Overwrite defaults by using open graph protocol (og:). <br />This can increase clickthrough from social networks and search.<br />www.lauralippay.com<br />
  64. Tip: Writing a title for visibility + clickthrough.<br />www.lauralippay.com<br />
  65. Let’s say you’re writing a blog post* about Jennifer Lopez’s record-breaking sales of a newly-launched women’s sandal called “Lo”. What title would you use?<br />Jennifer Lopez Launches a New Sandal Called ‘Lo’<br />We Can’t Live Without These Shoes!<br />Jennifer Lopez’s New ‘Lo’ Sandals Stomp Shoe Sale Records!<br />J-Lo’s New Shoe Launch Breaks Sales Records!<br />* (that will likely be shared on FB & Twitter) <br />www.lauralippay.com<br />
  66. A title should:<br />Directly tell what the content of the page is about<br />Incorporate keywords relevant to the page content<br />Use relevant keywords with the most search volume (latter optional).<br />Attract attention<br />www.lauralippay.com<br />
  67. Titles should tell what the page is about<br />Search engines look at the title of the page to determine the context of the content on the page <br />“We Can’t Live Without These Shoes!”<br /><ul><li>Tells search engines that the page is about shoes people can’t live without,
  68. but it’s not exactly what the content of our article is about
  69. and is not descriptive – might be passed over in search results</li></ul>www.lauralippay.com<br />
  70. Incorporate keywords relevant to post<br />Try to use specific keywords that are relevant to the content. <br />“We Can’t Live Without These Shoes!”<br /><ul><li>Post is about JLo’s sandals launching & breaking records, not shoes we can’t live without</li></ul>“J-Lo’s New Shoe Launch Breaks Sales Records!”<br /><ul><li>Close, but the post is about sandals, not shoes
  71. This could show up in search results for people searching for shoes she launched last year</li></ul>www.lauralippay.com<br />
  72. Use relevant keywords with high search volume<br />More searches = more opportunity for search traffic. <br />Make the best decision related to your blog post content. <br />Using Google AdWords Keyword Tool:<br />SEARCH<br />RESULTS<br />www.lauralippay.com<br />
  73. Use relevant keywords with high search volume<br />Still leaves these two headlines:<br />Jennifer Lopez Launches a New Sandal Called ‘Lo’<br />Jennifer Lopez’s New ‘Lo’ Sandals Stomp Shoe Sale Records!<br />www.lauralippay.com<br />
  74. Titles should attract attention<br />Headlines that attract attention tend to get a lot of clicks and oftentimes gain a lot of inlinks.<br />“Jennifer Lopez Launches a New Sandal Called ‘Lo’”<br /><ul><li>Ok, but not as good as:</li></ul>“Jennifer Lopez’s New ‘Lo’ Sandals Stomp Shoe Sale Records!”<br />www.lauralippay.com<br />
  75. We have a winner!<br />“Jennifer Lopez’s New ‘Lo’ Sandals Stomp Shoe Sale Records!” <br /><ul><li>Directly tells what the content of the page is about.
  76. Incorporates keywords relevant to the page content.
  77. Uses relevant keywords with the most search volume.
  78. Attracts attention on blog *and* in RSS feeds, Twitter headlines, Facebook feeds, etc.</li></ul>www.lauralippay.com<br />
  79. Tip: Widgets for links.<br />www.lauralippay.com<br />
  80. Widgets can provide contextual, indexable links in the copy & paste code. Be careful though. Spam is spam.<br />www.lauralippay.com<br />
  81. Widgets with links<br /><script type="text/javascript" src="http://cdn.widgetserver.com/syndication/subscriber/InsertWidget.js"></script><script type="text/javascript">if (WIDGETBOX) WIDGETBOX.renderWidget('241866d6-7737-410b-af96-036a50675257');</script><noscript>Get the <a href="http://www.widgetbox.com/widget/health-news-webmd">Health News - WebMD</a> widget and many other <a href="http://www.widgetbox.com/">great free widgets</a>at <a href="http://www.widgetbox.com">Widgetbox</a>! Not seeing a widget? (<a href="http://docs.widgetbox.com/using-widgets/installing-widgets/why-cant-i-see-my-widget/">More info</a>)</noscript><br />www.lauralippay.com<br />
  82. Tools for Optimizing Search + Social<br />Gathering Insights<br /><ul><li> GOOGLE KEYWORD TOOL: https://adwords.google.com/select/KeywordToolExternal
  83. GOOGLE INSIGHTS: http://www.google.com/insights/search/#
  84. WORDTRACKER QUESTIONS: http://labs.wordtracker.com/keyword-questions/</li></ul>Watching Hot Topics<br /><ul><li> GOOGLE HOT TRENDS: http://www.google.com/trends/hottrends
  85. TWITTER TRENDING (in general or watch specific topical feeds like @cnnbrk)</li></ul>SEO Industry Trends<br /><ul><li> SEARCH ENGINE LAND:http://searchengineland.com
  86. SEOMOZ: http://seomoz.org</li></ul>Some Specific Articles of Interest<br /><ul><li> What Social Signals Do Google & Bing Really Count?: http://searchengineland.com/what-social-signals-do-google-bing-really-count-55389
  87. Does Google use data from social sites in ranking? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ofhwPC-5Ub4
  88. SEO Beginners Guide: http://guides.seomoz.org/beginners-guide-to-search-engine-optimization
  89. SEO Ranking Factors (take w/ grain of salt): http://www.seomoz.org/article/search-ranking-factors
  90. Study on brands + social (what works): http://feed.razorfish.com/downloads/Razorfish_FEED09.pdf</li></ul>www.lauralippay.com<br />
  91. thanks!<br />@lauralippay<br />lauralippay.com<br />