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Social Networking Conference 2010

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This is the presentation I shared at the Social Networking Conference in June 2010 at Beverly Hills. Great conference!

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Social Networking Conference 2010

  1. 1. Cisco and the Social Web Our Adoption and Evolution LaSandra Brill Senior Manager, Global Social Media
  2. 2. Social Media at Cisco 2k+ videos 4M+ views 22 external blogs Top video: 475k views/qtr Future of Shopping # comments (1.6M views) up 164% 108 Cisco feeds with 2M+ followers, up 40% 79 Cisco groups with 350+ podcasts Top exec: P. Warrior 1M 200k streams 100k fans, up 29% + followers 58k employees on Rated 5 stars on iTunes! Cisco group 150k visitors 300+ photos 50+ events 400k views, up 100% 4.5+ CSAT rating Top set: Cisco Live (2k views)
  3. 3. Social Media Engagement Rank Company Brand Ranking 1 Starbucks 2 Dell 3 E-Bay 4 Google 5 Microsoft “Companies deeply engaged in 6 Thomson Reuters social media grew revenues by 7 Nike 18% over last year…companies 8 Amazon 9 SAP that were least engaged dropped 10 Intel 6% on average.” 11 Yahoo 12 Blackberry 13 Accenture 14 Oracle 15 Cisco 16 Pepsi Charlene Li, Founder, Altimeter Group 17 MTV July 2009 Report “ENGAGEMENTdb” 18 Sony http://www.engagementdb.com 19 Disney 20 Adidas
  4. 4. Cisco’s Shift in Communications Content Video Blogging Goes Mainstream 212% increase in traffic to News@Cisco/New Media 81% lower spend on multimedia in two years
  5. 5. Cisco Mentions by Media Type Blogs Forums MicroMedia Other 100% 90% 80% 70% 60% 50% 40% 30% 20% 10% 0% 2-Mar 9-Mar 16-Mar 23-Mar 30-Mar 6-Apr 13-Apr 20-Apr 27-Apr 4-May 11-May 18-May 25-May •  Nearly 60 percent of our conversations on the social web are on Twitter • 91% neutral conversation sentiment
  6. 6. Social Media Marketing: Solving Business Problems Reduces Cost Extends Reach Engages Customers  $250K Savings  Participants from 116 countries  1.4M+ Padmasree Twitter Data Center blogging vs. Virtual ASR 9000 launch event Followers traditional media Viral growth through thought  1.6M Views: “Future of Shopping” leadership  ASR 1000 Launch 6x “Viral” in Facebook, esp in Asia, less expensive Middle East  Digital Cribs Reached 90X more 60,000+ views, 23,000+ people comments Nexus Launch Digital Collaboration Digital Cribs CES Cribs 2 Unified ASR Computing ASR 9000 Borderless 1000 Networks 2007 2008 2009 Go-to-Market Buzz + Consumer Integrated Social Media Buzz/Leak Twitter Facebook Global, Channel Using Blogs Monitoring Generated Media Social Media Feed Page, Management Contest Viral Video Social Plans Contest Plan Live Blogging
  7. 7. Cisco Aggregation Service Router (ASR 1000) First in New Series of Edge Routers in Nearly a Decade   Business: –  Fills a gap between 7200 & 7600 routers –  Applies to both SP Enterprise markets   Innovation: –  World’s most advanced networking Silicon—QuantumFlow –  New IOS-XE to support SP and Enterprise applications   Launch Goal: –  Creates “cool factor” – show the “fun” side of Cisco –  Deliver an online-only launch that builds over time –  Increase ‘share of voice’ online Launch Strategy: Involve the Human Network Use Web 2.0 and video to create buzz and build a community that is passionate about Cisco products
  8. 8. Cisco Social Media Strategy   Monitor conversations   Identify influencers   Track trends Meaningful Conversations   Measure   Participate in conversation conversation impact   Integrate across   Track sentiment channels   Promote campaigns & events
  9. 9. Building a Community in 3-Months and Driving Registration to Launch Event Uber User Video(s) Uber User Group Cisco Blog Uber User Post ASR Announcement Live Cisco Concert Launch Countdown Virtual Launch Event Environmental/TCO Uber User Site Social Media Widget Calculator Cisco Web Interactive 3D Game Mobile Web PR/Blogger Social Media Teaser Influencer Outreach Social Media Release Buzz Tracking Release Outreach Topic Seeding “Ask the Expert” Event launch Feb Mar Apr
  10. 10. Generate Buzz & Event Registrations Uber User Campaign Goal   Collect registrations to launch event   Proliferate videos on YouTube   Encourage ‘sharing’ and viral pick-up
  11. 11. Build Community with Facebook Goal   Build community   Communicate the FUN side of Cisco   Drive audience to register for launch event
  12. 12. Highlight Key ASR Features through 3D Game   Learn & Play: Defend the Network from the forces impacting the edge using the ASR   Tournament of Aces   Appeal to technical audience using new “cool” means Goal   Demonstrate ASR value proposition through game play   Encourage ‘sharing’ through competition
  13. 13. Extend Visibility in Second Life Pre-Event Live Concert Launch Event Countdown Calculator Live Launch Event Brief Press Virtual Board your personal transport device Surf through the router   Appeal to technical audience using new “cool” means Goal   Demonstrate ASR value proposition through virtual experience   Drive audience to register for launch event
  14. 14. TCO & Environmental Calculators   Rich interactive tools: –  Calculate competitive price comparisons –  Determine carbon footprint Goal   Create interactive web experience   Demonstrate two key messages of the ASR
  15. 15. Encouraging Spread of content with Social Media Widget   Collection of key videos, collateral and images in a widget format   Embed into social media release and launch pages   Encourage use by allowing spreading of information via embed code Goal   Encourage sharing with embed capability   Enhance web experience on Cisco.com   Drive audience to register for launch event
  16. 16. Communication Through Cisco Blogs   Intrigue bloggers & customers Goal   Encourage viral pick-up   Drive audience to register for launch event
  17. 17. Heighten Press Buzz with Teaser Release Cisco Introduces the QuantumFlow Processor: The World’s Most Advanced Piece of Networking Silicon San Jose, California—February 25—With over 1.3 billion transistors, the new Cisco QuantumFlow processor is set to reshape routing… Goal   Feed speculation to extend press coverage by a week   Drive audience to register for launch event
  18. 18. Blogger Outreach via Social Media Release Clear & Simple Ensure Accuracy Build Community Easy Access Attention- Embed Code grabbing for Sharing
  19. 19. Include Cisco’s Networking Professionals Technical Community   Seed Cisco forum with discussion topics Goal   Encourage communication between customers   Interact with customers – “Ask the Expert”
  20. 20. Increase Visibility with Mobile Access   Abbreviated datasheet   Video datasheet Goal   Create interactive web experience   Offer multiple ways to consume information   Drive audience to register for launch event
  21. 21. Introduce Product Online via “Live” Online Event Around the World Launch Events 9am PST US/Canada/LatAm/ W-C Europe 6pm PST Japan/China 9pm PST India 12am PST C/E Europe/ ME/Africa Goal   Maximize audience attendance worldwide   Showcase high priority of this announcement by Cisco
  22. 22. Follow-the-Sun Global TelePresence Sessions   Encourage field to invite customers to CBCs to watch event, discuss and learn more   Orchestrate EBC TelePresence session with product team/ spokespeople Goal   Translate event interest to sales engagement   Showcase “Walking the Talk,” emphasizing ASR drivers
  23. 23. ASR Launch a Success?
  24. 24. ASR Launch a Success? CRS-1 Launch ASR 1000 Launch Virtual, Viral and Visual Approach: traditional, physical Leveraging Web 2.0 event technologies No travel ─saved carbon emissions Travel: required extensive audience equal to 188 tons of coal or 42,000 travel to San Jose, CA gallons of gas Global: 9,000+ attendance in 128 Size: 100+ attendance in 100 countries countries Cost: $20,000+ in airport car Cost less than ONE-SEVENTH of service alone CRS-1 launch expense Coverage: 87 articles, 135 press 245 articles, 1000+ blog posts, 40M+ attended events impressions
  25. 25. Transforming Global Launches 2005 Today   Launch Execution   Market Conditioning   Press Conferences   Telepresence Briefings   U.S. then Global   Real-time Global Impact   Customer Reach   Customer Interactions   PR/AR briefings   Community Building   Wide-range Budget Req   50-75% Cost Savings   Spokespeople   Thought leadership Transactions Interactions, Engagement Leveraging Web 2.0
  26. 26. Using Video to Tell our Story and Reach Customers (Then…)
  27. 27. Today…Meaningful Engagement Public Q&A Using Video + Twitter + Blog
  28. 28. Executive Thought Leadership: Cisco CTO Padmasree Warrior on Twitter   Uses her Twitter Community of over 1.4M followers to: –  Amplify Cisco’s voice on Cloud and Unified Computing –  Share technology insights –  Get feedback on her ideas and presentations
  29. 29. Live Customer Polling Via Twitter: Cisco Live  41% of participants in twitter poll selected collaboration as top message during J. Chambers’ keynote  50% of subscribers participated in twitter poll during P. Warrior’s keynote  84% of respondents in a poll liked Cisco’s use of twitter at Cisco Live!
  30. 30. Customer Tweets at Cisco Live “Cisco just demonstrated throwing a call from one iPhone to another using 2.0 firmware, very awesome.” “wow @CiscoLive you are making me think Cisco kinda gets social media and web 2.0.” “Cisco innovation keynote by Warrior CTO of Cisco is engaging. She has mentioned Twitter 6 times.” “Listening to some VERY smart people here at Cisco gig talking about emerging markets - these guys are impressive.” “Power of Collaboration ... enabled by the Network! The speech was good and it looks like Cisco has a great vision! #ciscolive.” “Lots of play-by-play tweeting occuring at JC’s keynote -- tag with #ciscolive -- exciting energy here in Orlando!”
  31. 31. Engaging with Customers •  Over 20K social Henaredegan: Cisco you suck - I have to register & then click bloody download mentions per week and accept about a thousand times just to get updated firmware. #wtf #fail •  Interact with customers CiscoSmallBiz: @henaredegan : sorry to •  Change perceptions hear about downloads issues. We created a page for easier firmware downloads, hope this helps! http://bit.ly/3Ym1O8 Henaredegan: @CiscoSmallBiz Nice! I really like the "Download and Accept License" all in one click - good stuff
  32. 32. Cisco/NBC Flip Sponsorship Flip videos posted on NBCOlmypics.com •  26 Flip videos •  292k Flip video minutes watched •  650k page views Social Media Release: Cisco to Power NBC's All-HD Coverage of Vancouver Olympic Winter Games 3496 http://newsroom.cisco.com/dlls/2010/prod_010610.html views
  33. 33. Caught on Flip!
  34. 34. Social Gaming: Cisco myPlanNet 1.0 www.cisco.com/go/myplannet
  35. 35. Putting It Together: The Life of a Game Taking on a Life of Its Own Thanks to the Power of the Crowd Facebook fan page attracts new fans daily Social media activation engages new audiences The power of Circulation in languages Press articles the crowd other than English Cisco announces Cisco myPlanNet Reposting by 3rd parties on own download sites 40k Downloads Blogs 120k Page views Tweets 57k+ Facebook Fans Discussions
  36. 36. Crowd Sourcing: Cisco I-Prize 2500 Participants 5300 Votes 3300 Comments 800+ ideas Contest Social + WebEx TelePresence New Launch/Jan10 Collaboration Finalists Business/July
  37. 37. “What If Your TV Could…?”
  38. 38. “What If Your TV Could…?”
  39. 39. Your Personal Social Media Compass Has Not Changed
  40. 40. Plan for Change… Communication is the First Step to Change Management Download resource materials Learn about policy Join meetings and events Participate in discussion Forum
  41. 41. Lead by Example… Internal Video Usage by Content Type Marketing Fun Collateral 6% Other 6% 6% Products/ Sales 20% Team/ Org/ Theatre Updates 38% “When employees can use Learning process/ social media tools for internal Tools communications and 24% collaboration, productivity rises 26% and employee retention is raised 15%”. Source: National Business Research Institute
  42. 42. Reverse Mentoring Program: Leveraging our Gen Y Workforce to Prepare our Executives for Web 2.0
  43. 43. And Experiment… You Never Know What Will Stick!
  44. 44. Key Takeaways Create a Two Way relationship Communication (not an event) (not one way) Build Organic Communities (not synthetic) (not websites) Being Integration Everywhere (not (not just in your interruption) domain)