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Lance Bachmann Announces another win for 1seo

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Lance Bachmann, President of 1SEO.com, Announces That 1SEO.com Has Been Ranked As The #1 SEO Agency With The Most Engaged Facebook Audience By Search Engine Journal

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Lance Bachmann Announces another win for 1seo

  1. 1. Lance Bachmann, President of 1SEO.com, Announces That 1SEO.com Has Been Ranked As The #1 SEO Agency With The Most Engaged Facebook Audience By Search Engine Journal Lance Bachmann, President of 1SEO.com, is pleased to announce that 1SEO.com was recently awarded the #1 spot in Search Engine Journal’s (SEJ) ranking of the “5 SEO Agencies With The Most Engaged Facebook Audiences.” President Lance Bachmann and his team were ecstatic over the ranking and recognized this as a job well done in regards to their own social media optimization and marketing. The article, released on April 21st 2014, was written by Mr. George Nielsen of SEJ and can be viewed here: http://www.searchenginejournal.com/5-seo-agencies-engaged-facebook- audiences/101823/. In the article, Nielsen mentioned how many search engine optimization companies are now becoming full-fledged digital marketing agencies and are no longer just a link building service. From there, he went on to discuss how he wanted to take a closer look at some SEO companies and what they were doing to engage with their social media—in this case —Facebook audiences. Each company included in his study had at least 1,000 likes as well as credibility in the SEO industry. Other ranking criteria also included calculating how much engagement their Facebook page received. Out of the 5 SEO agencies listed, 1SEO.com was awarded the #1 spot because of their stellar 6.26% engagement, and the way they are able to keep things personal with their fans. In the article, Nielsen also mentioned how they don’t keep things “so formal,” and this is something that Lance Bachmann and his team do to keep their Facebook page interesting. “We post a lot of fun stuff because we want to people to see that we are not all just about business. However, we do post a lot of industry related articles and information so that people are still informed. When it all comes down to it, we want to show people that we are still all about business, but that we also have fun doing it. This is why we use Facebook the way that we do, and this is why we encourage our clients to as well.” Lance Bachmann originally started 1SEO.com as an SEO company back in 2009, but they have since grown to offer a number of other digital marketing services. Services they offer to clients all over the globe aside from SEO include: pay per click (PPC), website design and development, social media optimization (SMO), and email marketing. To learn more about Lance Bachmann, the whole 1SEO.com team, as well as hear more about their services, please visit their website today. About 1SEO.com: 1SEO.com is a digital marketing agency located in Bucks County, PA. Recently surpassing their 5 year anniversary, the 1SEO.com team has proven itself to be a leader in their industry. They offer search engine optimization, pay per click, social media optimization, and website design and development services to international, national, and local clients. They pride themselves on
  2. 2. working closely with their clients to ensure that their business relationships with them are long- lasting, and that they are also able get the most out of their Internet marketing campaigns.