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Non western art

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Non western art

  1. 1. Non Western Art
  2. 2. Background• Western Civilization =Prehistoric – present Europeand the colonies of Europencountries• Non-Western = Civilizationthat developed in the East,on the South Pacific Islands,Australasia, the earlycivilizations in the America’setc.• Conceptual and religious art
  3. 3. IndigenousAmericanMayan andAztecEaster IslandIndianIndigenousAustralianChineseAustralianJapaneseAustralianMap of Non-Western Civilizations
  4. 4. Easter IslandStone Heads
  5. 5. Easter Island• Island discovered by theDutch Admiral Roggeveenduring Easter 1722• They satand 10m highalong the coast• 2 Tribes: Ha-nau-aa-epe(dominant, long ear) andHa-nau-mo-moko (shortear)
  6. 6. Easter Island Stone Heads• Estimated that peoplefirst arrived on theislands between 4th and7th Century AD• It was during this timethat the platforms werecreated• First heads only erectedafter 1000 AD• What else could theplatforms have beenused for?
  7. 7. • 1000 Heads have been found on the island• No heads were erected after 1680 due to thecommunity collapsing through tribal war andslavery• All the heads gaze towards the land eventhough they are near the sea.• The heads measure between 2 and 11 metres• All appear the same – long head, upper torso,chin and long ears, arms against bodies or onstomachs• Some have eyes made from red and whitestones or coral• +- 70 have headdresses made from volcanicrock ( chieftains)
  8. 8. • +- 400 heads in the inner core of the Rano Raka volcano• How did they move the heads when there were so few trees to useas rollers?• One unfinished head is 20m high and weighs an estimate of 270tons!• In a quarry there are pointed stones pushed into the rock faceindicating how they must have excavated the stone
  9. 9. • Tablets of wood witha type of hieroglyphiccalled Rongo Rongowere found, but mostof them were burntby a priest whosettles on the island• There are 26 of theseartefacts remainingwith a total of 1600signs• They are seen asritualistic rather thana written language
  10. 10. • The history of the tribes and the reasons whythey carved the heads are still unclear, especiallyas the population became so depleted that astrong cultural history did not survive
  11. 11. Art of ChinaTerracotta Army
  12. 12. The Terracotta Army• 6000 – 8000 figures• Discovered in 1974 by a group of farmers inthe eastern suburbs of Xi’an in the Shaanxiprovince of China• Funerary art buried with the first Emperor ofChina in 210 BC• The army was to serve the Emperor in theafterlife