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Gears Of War Judgment – New Characters and New Story?

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Gears Of War Judgment – New Characters and New Story?

  1. 1. Gears Of War Judgment has new characters and a new story line, a story arc from 14 yearsearlier! The question is…Should you play it?From the beginning of the Gears series I have loved the story arc’s and the cinematic of thegame. Since that first game I have purchased and played through EVERY one! The story linemode is awesome but the multi-player portions have been good as well.You may recognize one of the characters in the picture above – Yes Cole Train is back. He isactually the new main characters best friend. You see the story is actually a prequel to the firsttrilogy, and I can’t wait to play it! I know, no more Marcus Fenix, but his replacement in thisgame – the super intelligent, but obnoxious member of Delta Squad is a nice change of pace.Damon Baird and Augustus team up for this thrill ride!Link to review 1Link to review 2Link to review 3 1/2
  2. 2. Check out the Special Edition here Collectables are here Check Out The Full Indepth Details Here: Gears Of War Judgment – New Characters and New Story? 2/2Powered by TCPDF (www.tcpdf.org)