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Don't make me think: Steve Krug

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Notes from the book.

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Don't make me think: Steve Krug

  2. 2. TEXT SUMMERY ▸ We are suffering from ADD, we don’t want to use our brain. ▸ We enjoy being on autopilot. ▸ Do not make us think, else we will lose interest in surfing. ▸ Fix usability that confuses everyone.
  3. 3. TEXT OUTLINE ▸ Conventions ▸ Visual hierarchies ▸ Contents ▸ Usability Testing ▸ Goodwill Karma
  4. 4. TEXT CONVENTIONS ▸ We don’ like change, follow what’s in fashion. Font, color, navigation et all. ▸ Content in navigation, common should be grouped together via color or text.
  5. 5. TEXT CONVENTIONS (CONTINUED ..) ▸ No surprises, the flow should be intuitive and 0 brain should be used in the navigation process. ▸ Use emojis/logos (STOP sign 4 ex.)
  6. 6. TEXT IN CASE NOT FOLLOWING CONVENTIONS .. ▸ Replacement has to be self explanatory without learning curve. ▸ It adds so much value that it’s worth learning curve.
  7. 7. TEXT VISUAL HIERARCHIES ▸ Important content should be shown with prominence. (button, logo) ▸ Navigation content needs to be prominent & common should be grouped. [position, size, color, and typeface]
  8. 8. TEXT VISUAL HIERARCHIES(CONTINUED ..) ▸ Consistent navigation across portal. ▸ Breakup a page into clearly defined areas. ▸ Follow Breadcrumbs guidelines. ▸ Make it obvious what is clickable.
  9. 9. TEXT VISUAL HIERARCHIES(CONTINUED ..) ▸ Avoid disorganization ▸ Clutter free: things not needed ▸ Printer friendly, scannable
  10. 10. TEXT VISUAL HIERARCHIES(CONTINUED ..) ▸ Keep together Things that are related logically ▸ Show that things are similar by grouping them together under a heading. ▸ Displaying them in the same visual style, or putting them all in a clearly defined area.
  11. 11. TEXT VISUAL HIERARCHIES(CONTINUED ..) ▸ Avoid ▸ exclamation points, ▸ different typefaces ▸ bright colors ▸ Automated slideshows, ▸ animation, ▸ pop-ups.
  12. 12. TEXT CONTENT ▸ Keep paragraphs short. ▸ Use bullet lists. ▸ Highlight key terms. ▸ No need to throw welcome msg ▸ Help text means we failed, everything should be self explanatory.
  13. 13. TEXT INCREASE GOODWILL KARMA ▸ Pick main purpose of your site users are attracted to, make it’s usability obvious and easy. ▸ Save me steps, clicks whenever you can. ▸ Make it easy to recover from errors. ▸ When in doubt apologies.
  14. 14. TEXT USABILITY TESTING ▸ Testing one user is 100 percent better than testing none. ▸ Testing one user early in the project is better than testing 50 near the end. ▸ Recruiting people who are from your target audience isn’t quite as important as it may seem. ▸ Do a screen recording to analyze the whole flow of tester.
  15. 15. TEXT USABILITY TEST: SOME PRECAUTIONS ▸ It’s crucial that you let them work on their own and don’t do or say anything to influence them. ▸ During this part of the test, Don’t ask them leading questions, and don’t give them any clues or assistance unless they’re hopelessly stuck. ▸ After the tasks, you can ask the participant questions about anything that happened during the test.