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Introduction for the Summer School on Social Media Modeling and Search 2012

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Introduction for the Summer School on Social Media Modeling and Search 2012

  1. 1. Welcome!
  2. 2. Social networks and media• Users upload, tag, share, connect and search •72 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute• Usage of the Collective nature of Social Networks• A data source with an extremely dynamic nature that reflects events and the evolution of user’s interests• Search and Discovery of meaningful topics, entities, points of interest, social connections and events
  3. 3. Web 2.0 Content• Multi-modality: e.g. image + tags, image + video• Rich (Social) Context: spatio-temporal, social connections, relations and social graph• Huge volume: Massively produced and shared• Dynamic: Fast updates, real-time, streaming feeds• Multi-source: may be generated by different applications, user communities, e.g. delicious, StumbleUpon and reddit are all social bookmarking sites • Also connected to other sources (e.g. LOD, web)• Inconsistent quality: noise, spam, ambiguity
  4. 4. Research Fields and Issues•Statistical analysis, machine learning, data mining, patternrecognition, social network analysis•Image, text, video feature extraction and analysis•Representation, modeling, data reduction – Graph theory•Fusion techniques•Stream processing and real-time architectures•Performance, scalability•Multi-disciplinarity (sociologists)•Security, privacy
  5. 5. Applications• Science • Sociology, machine learning, computer vision (annotation)• Tourism – Leisure – Culture • Off-the-beaten path POI extraction• Marketing • Brand monitoring, personalised ads• E-Gov and e-participation • Direct citizens feedback (fixmystreet app)• News • Topics, trends event detection• Others • Environment, emergency response, energy saving, etc
  6. 6. Program and Numbers• 33 participants• 17 lecturers• 20 posters• Urban Sensoria Lab Workshop• Media Industry Day• 1 project meeting (SocialSensor)• 3 social events• ~55 people in total
  7. 7. Participants affiliations
  8. 8. Awards• Best Poster Award: best student poster presentation - voting from all participants• Best SocialSensor Poster Award: most relevant to SocialSensor project - committee of SocialSensor• Social Media Award: the most interesting comments and interesting discussions on the Social Media Channels (Twitter, facebook)
  9. 9. Social Events• Beach bar & swimming (Monday)• Walk from Fira to Oia (Wednesday)• Social diner (Thursday)
  10. 10. During the School• Actively participate in the lectures and poster sessions• Interact with your lecturers and colleagues• Enjoy Santorini and the events• Have fun and make friends and future connections!
  11. 11. Organization and Thanks• SocialSensor IP – with contribution from QUBRIC IP• Multimedia Group – CERTH - Information Technologies Institute (http://www.mklab.gr) – Sotiris, Akis and Maria• ATC & DW (Media Industry Day)• Alex Jaimes, Yahoo (Urban Sensoria)• Lecturers• All of you !!!
  12. 12. Thank you!