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Komfo webinar - Rethinking employee advocacy on social

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Social media challenges a company's credibility every day and users seem to become more and more immune to corporate communication. Should the marketing or the PR team be the owner of a brand’s social media channels? Can employee advocacy change the way we work with marketing and communication? Mads Cramer, Commercial & Digital Director at Geelmuyden Kiese, is here to challenge you to think out of the box when it comes to employee advocacy and to help you activate the superpowers of your team on social.

Join this webinar to:
- build credibility and topicality in your social media presence by identifying the great stories in and around the organization
- activate PR and turn your employees into trustworthy ambassadors for your brand
- understand and turn on the new value exchange between organization and employee

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Komfo webinar - Rethinking employee advocacy on social

  1. 1. Geelmuyden Kiese
  2. 2. Geelmuyden Kiese Employee Advocacy Mads Cramer, Commercial & Digital Director
  3. 3. Geelmuyden Kiese
  4. 4. Geelmuyden Kiese
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  6. 6. Geelmuyden Kiese
  7. 7. Geelmuyden Kiese
  8. 8. Geelmuyden Kiese
  9. 9. Geelmuyden Kiese We are the strongest provider of products and services within…. Brand Ambassador ” Yesterday I saw this interesting article and I think you …”
  10. 10. Geelmuyden Kiese
  11. 11. Geelmuyden Kiese The good intentions are no longer enough Business Development Target Group Insights Communication and products This is where the magic happens
  13. 13. Geelmuyden Kiese The digital media has changed Websites: From one-way communication to data-driven dialogue marketing Media: From printed newspapers to commercial digital content Facebook: From friends and family to opinions and news LinkedIn: From recruitment to business Twitter: From politicians to politicians, news and journalists Instagram: From everyday images to the edited visual expression YouTube: From How-To Videos to professional Youtubers
  15. 15. Geelmuyden Kiese Head of Communication Head of marketing ATL Mediaspend External events Lead activities KPI’er Brand Internal comm. PR Crises communication Mangement comms. Content? Web? SoMe? 1:1? Loyalty program? Thought Leadership? Employee Advocacy?
  16. 16. Geelmuyden Kiese A paradigm shift Communication Company PR Executive PR External brand activities Strategic business development Marketing Creative display marketing Thought leader content marketing.
  17. 17. Geelmuyden Kiese Could Employee Advocacy change the way we work with communication and marketing?
  18. 18. Geelmuyden Kiese •  From corporate communication/PR to executive branding •  From fairs/product events to digital thought leaders •  From classic advertising to employee ambassadors •  From employer branding/recruitment campaigns to Employees on LinkedIn •  From tele marketing to social selling
  19. 19. Geelmuyden Kiese Employee Advocacy at organisational scale Executive Branding Thought Leadership Ambassador •  CEO and top executive level •  Creating trust and new important business connections (KPI:Volume + VIP stakeholders) •  LinkedIn and Twitter as a primary channels (1:1 training ) •  PR as leverage to show business success •  Product and industry experts. •  Showing expertise and demonstrating market leader position. (KPI: The right conversations) •  LinkedIn, Twitter as a primary channels. (Online training program + workshops) •  Whitepaper content and PR as genre to show area knowledge. •  All employees •  Creating culture and workplace pride (KPI: Reach) •  LinkedIn and Facebook as a primary channels (Online training program + guidelines) •  Corporate content hub as a driver to digital sharing. 5 50 500
  20. 20. Geelmuyden Kiese
  21. 21. Geelmuyden Kiese
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  23. 23. Geelmuyden Kiese
  24. 24. Geelmuyden Kiese
  25. 25. Geelmuyden Kiese
  26. 26. Geelmuyden Kiese STEP1: Profile brush up STEP 2: Building connections STEP 3: Content sharing STEP 4: Working with leads STEP 5: Content creation STEP 6: Spokesperson training E-LEARNING CONTENT ACCES WORKSHOP WITH CASES WORKSHOPS SMALL TEAMS 1:1 TRAINING
  27. 27. Geelmuyden Kiese 50 ambassadors are more worth than 50.000 Facebook fans Company 1 Social Media Fans (Facebook) 50,000 Org. reach avg. 4% Organic reach total 2,000 Ambassador 50 Connections LinkedIn (Avg.) 400 Org. reach avg. 60% Organic reach total 12,000
  28. 28. Geelmuyden Kiese 2016 Pull I have something I hope you need! Have you heard about this? He’s too late... It’s to soon! That’s exactly what I need! I need this – like yesterday!!! 2006 Push
  29. 29. Geelmuyden Kiese
  30. 30. Geelmuyden Kiese EA supporting customer service
  31. 31. Geelmuyden Kiese EA supporting collaboration with new partners
  32. 32. Geelmuyden Kiese EA supporting PR and business success stories
  33. 33. Geelmuyden Kiese EA supporting CSR and partnership communication
  34. 34. Geelmuyden Kiese EA supporting work culture
  35. 35. Geelmuyden Kiese EA supporting knowledge sharing
  36. 36. Geelmuyden Kiese
  37. 37. Geelmuyden Kiese
  38. 38. Geelmuyden Kiese
  39. 39. Geelmuyden Kiese
  40. 40. Geelmuyden Kiese
  41. 41. Geelmuyden Kiese
  42. 42. Geelmuyden Kiese If it doesn't feel right – its unlikely it feels great for your target group!
  43. 43. Geelmuyden Kiese What's in it for me? Professional recognition Recruitment opportunities Keep updated on industry news and trends Better connection to internal stakeholders Strengthen the internal network in a large organization Stronger professional network
  44. 44. Geelmuyden Kiese The value exchange: company / employee RECOGNIZED AND TRUSTWORTHY RELALIBLE AND AUTHENTIC
  45. 45. Geelmuyden Kiese CFO ”What happens if we invest in developing our people and they leave?” CEO ”What happens if we don’t and they stay?”
  46. 46. Geelmuyden Kiese Updated legal terms of working with EA Medarbejdere som deler indhold om deres arbejdsplads på deres private sociale medier Forbrugerombudsmanden tilkendegav ved et informationsmøde i marts, at det kan blive anset for at være skjult reklame for virksomheden, når en virksomheds medarbejdere deler opslag på deres private sociale medier om deres arbejdsplads. Om der er tale om skjult reklame, vil dog afhænge af omstændighederne. Der skal som udgangspunkt sondres mellem to situationer: 1) Virksomheden opfordrer sine medarbejdere til at dele opslag om virksomheden på medarbejdernes private sociale medier eller kommentere på virksomhedens Facebook- eller Instagramprofil og 2)    Medarbejderen deler opslag om sin arbejdsplads eller kommenterer af egen fri vilje på private sociale medier.   Efter Forbrugerombudsmandens holdning vil situation 1 klart være skjult reklame (og opslag skal derfor markeres tydeligt med "Reklame" eller "Jeg er ansat hos […]"), mens situation 2 under visse omstændigheder kan være skjult reklame. Udfordringen kan særligt være, hvis medarbejdernes opslag bliver delt og personer, som de ikke har en relation til, ser opslaget uden at være klar over, hvor de er ansat. For at undgå risikoen for en sag, og idet Forbrugerombudsmanden har stor fokus på dette område, vil vi derfor anbefale at opslag fra medarbejdere markeres som reklame, medmindre det tydeligt fremgå, at medarbejderen er ansat i den pågældende virksomhed. Dette er fx ofte tilfældet, hvis der deles via Linkedin.
  47. 47. Geelmuyden Kiese Feel free to connect
  48. 48. Q&A
  49. 49. Thanks.