case study congestive gastropathy case presentation disease as per icd icd history of icd international classification of diseases diseases icd 10 abcde abcd delayed continous bizzare augmented reality mechanism of adverse drug reactions mechanism of adr classification of adr predisposing factors causality assessment naranjo umc who adverse drug reactions adr pharmacovigilance biventricular heart failure atrial heart failure ventricular heart failure right sided heart failure left sided heart failure chf treatment cor pulmonale heart failure congestive heart failure congestion chf antipsychotic medications compare antipsychotics traditional antipsychotics classical antipsychotics atypical antipsychotics typical antipsychotics antipsychotics drug development procedure process of drug development pharmacological development clinical trial phases of drug development drug development process process drug development drug drugs skin fasciia soft tissue infections soft skin infection flesh eating disease skin infection necrotizing cellulitis fascitis fasciitis necrotizing fasciitis liver transplantation liver cell pathophysiology oesophageal varices grade 2 oesophageal varices cirrhosis of liver liver damage hepatic encephalopathy portal hypertension complications case liver psychiatry mental and behavioural disturbances due to use of alcohol alcohol withdrawl alcohol abuse alcohol dependence hiv-1 infection aids hiv-1 tuberculosis retro viral disease human immuno deficiency virus ascites rvd pulmonary tuberculosis. microbiological culture sensitivity test culture sensitivity test ast antimicrobial sensitivity test microbiological culture senile dementia osteoarthritis alzheimers disease neurodegenerative disease dementia alzheimers
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