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BI Analytics Overview Observations and Demo for Entrisik, Domo and Tableau

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Kent Brooks is the IT Director at Casper College in Casper Wyoming, blogs at KentBrooks.com, is a contributor to MoodleNews, and Wes Fryers Internationally acclaimed "Speed of Creativity" blog. He served as Chief Technology Officer/ Dean /Computer Coordinator at Higher Education Institutions in Oklahoma and New Mexico for nearly 20 years. While in New Mexico he was actively involved in the Los Alamos National Laboratory EDUNET program which sought to bring telecommunications technologies to the four corners area of the US. Kent has been heavily involved in numerous teacher-training projects and efforts to bring networking and telecommunications technologies to rural areas. His grant writing efforts have brought over $50 million dollars to equip rural schools, tribal complexes and museums across the US with distance learning technologies. Kent's work interests include the acquisition of technology and training resources for rural under served communities. More specifically his work interest and focus is on the "open" or "free" software movement and its impact on delivery of technological services in education.

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BI Analytics Overview Observations and Demo for Entrisik, Domo and Tableau

  1. 1. BI/ Analytics Observations Evaluation Overview & Tool Demo Dec 16, 3:00pm Dec 17, 1:00pm
  2. 2. Source: www.everyonemakesdecisions.com is sponsored by InfoBuilders
  3. 3. The Data Challenge We have Web Intelligence but are lacking the ability to create reports from our whole data set. SAP( for example) does a good job of daily reports but does not give you the visualization tools needed for decision makers We are being asked to be wise stewards of state resources about a field that is brand new The skills we are being asked to learn to do this right are in addition to all the other things we must know
  4. 4. The Topics • What is BI? • BI Our path/ experience • BI tools demo for today Entrinsik Informer Domo Tableau
  5. 5. What is BI? BI software tools assist you with … •Query and analysis • Analysis tools • Ad hoc reporting •Reports • Dashboards / Scorecards • Plan vs. Actual • Trend Line Analysis • Performance Management •Plan, forecast, and budget Special Thanks to: John (JP) Palmer, Senior Consultant, Vivantech, Inc. Bruce Alexander, Sr Consultant to the CIO, Michigan State University Maury Hope, Associate CIO, Iowa State University For the content in this slide
  6. 6. Source: www.everyonemakesdecisions.com is sponsored by InfoBuilders
  7. 7. Overview/ Our Path - Part 1 1. Initial Ellucian recommendations included TDWI 2. Purchase BI Scorecard $2995 http://www.biscorecard.com/Register. asp a. Share/Present with CIO Council
  8. 8. Overview/ Our Path - Part 2 3. Engaging with Higher Ed BI groups: a. NKU BI conference b. HEDW.org Attend 2014 event? Link to last years event: http://www.hedw.org/index.php/ge neral-information-2013
  9. 9. Overview/ Our Path - Part 3 3. Developing our evaluation matrix 4. Get a Demo of our top 5ish or 6ish a. Western will do a presentation of their experience with iStrategy 5. Make Decision & Recommendation
  10. 10. Other Observations: -Cube vs. No Cube -iStrategy prebuilt ; Could reduce development time -Cognos uses them, not sure of details...but I will soon
  11. 11. Summary -The perfect is the enemy of the good. -People matter more than tech -This is all brand new, you need a data scientist but there is no such thing….yet
  12. 12. Recommended Resources BI Summit Session Recordings. To access the sessions, please contact Kent for Login Info. The keynote sessions will display without logging in. http://webcast.themetscenter.com/NKUMETS/Catalog/Full/ac1ef48d4c484f0ea98547820ce29ffc21/ 4142caadc4e54ed9a6dd6b487769e28514/ac1ef48d4c484f0ea98547820ce29ffc21 Reading:
  13. 13. Next Steps • • • • • HEDW in April 2014 More TDWI when feasible Other Products License Qty + Product mix? To decide or to not decide by March 2014...that is the question