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Comparsion project

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Grad School Assignment! Comparision of a good 21st centure teacher to a bad 21st century teacher!

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Comparsion project

  1. 1. Ms. TrunchbullMs. Honey
  2. 2. Double Click Double Click On me! on Me! This is a small video that will giveyou some insight on both Ms. Honey and Mrs. Trunchbull. It will also let you see the influences in Matilda’s life.
  3. 3. #The teacher demonstrates leadership.
  4. 4. Ms. Honey Mrs. Trunchbull *Ms. Honey shows leadership in many positive ways: *Mrs. Trunchbull shows leadership in many1. She keeps her students calm and collected inside negative ways:the classroom. 1. She uses her title as the ‘headmistress’ to scare the students.2. She takes responsibility of Matilda. 2. She threatens the students with the ‘choky.’3. She shows love and respect to her studentswhile still enforces rules and regulations. 3. She punishes students for doing wrong without warning the students of their mishap.
  5. 5. ` Mrs. Trunchbull using her authority and leadership position to scareand abuse the children.
  6. 6. Mrs. Honey showing positive leadership in her classroom.Using calm voices, challenging students, and using direct instructions.
  7. 7. T A D RS N A D 2 Teachers establish a respectful environment for a diverse population.
  8. 8. Ms. Honey Mrs.Trunchbull Mrs. Honey establishes a respectful environment to a diverse Mrs. Trunchbull does population by: not establish a respectful environment to a diverse population:*Talking with and teaching each individual *She speaks disrespectfully to all the same no matter the skin color. students. *She creates an environment where *Treats every child equally students are scared; they do not feel respected.
  9. 9. A R T A N DS D 3 Teachers know the content they teach
  10. 10. TEACHERS REFLECT Ms. Honey ON THEIR Mrs. Trunchbull PRACTICE *She doesn’t teach; she *She tries to reach shouts and demeans Matilda even after she children for wrongrealizes Matilda is ‘special’ answers.*She changes her way “My idea of the perfect of teaching to reach school is one which their all the students. is no children...at all!”