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Google+ - It's where you need to be

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Google+ - It's where you need to be

  1. 1. Google+ By Kathy Long Kat & Mouse Co. www.katandmouse.com
  2. 2. What were they thinking? 955,000,000 Facebook users
  3. 3. 2.8 billion searches in Googlefor local businesses eachmonth.That’s 93 million per day.That’s 93 million looking tobuy.
  4. 4. What were they thinking?
  5. 5. Before
  6. 6. AfterGoogle+ Local pages are being integrated toGoogle Search, Google Maps, and GoogleMobile.
  7. 7. Find local recommendations from your circles
  8. 8. Integrated tools with more to come!
  9. 9. Build out your personal Google+ profile and begin formingconnections via Google+ circles in order to develop yourindividual authority beyond your Google+ Page andGoogle+ Local page.Get in the habit of posting updates and connecting withfollowers on your Google+ Page.Encourage customers at your local business to leavereviews on your new Google+ Local page, although they’llneed to have active Google accounts to leave feedback.Email all of your newsletter subscribers who signed up withGmail accounts and ask that they “+1” your Google+properties and leave reviews on your pages.
  10. 10. Use a phone number in your Google+Local listing that contains the area code ofthe city you’re in, as proximity is a majorfactor used in the local ranking algorithms.Minimize keyword usage in your businesstitle, as extra words here can result in datacenter mismatches between your businessname and keyword-optimized title.Use your “Contact” or “Location” page inthe “Website” field, as these particularlanding pages tend to have strongergeographic signals.Incorporate target keywords into the“Description” and “Category” fields of yourlisting, while still clearly articulating yourbusiness’s objective for readers.Upload as many pictures as possible inorder to make your profile as appealing aspossible to new visitors.
  11. 11. • Get a page• Get in as many circles as possible – Put in signature, on business card, above fold on website• Stuff page with keywords• Get a +1 button
  12. 12. Authorhttp://adwords.blogspot.com/2011/11/get-closer-to-your-customers-with.html?t=1320691184http://www.google.com/+/business/http://www.google.com/+/business/promote.html
  13. 13. "From my perspective, Google+is to Facebook and Twitter whatMacintosh is to Windows: better,but fewer people use it, and thepundits prophesy that it will fail.” Guy Kawasaki
  14. 14. Kat & Mouse Please connect with me www.katandmouse.com anonymouse@katandmouse.com 408-694-3706 www.facebook.com/katandmouseo Twitter: @katndmouse LinkedIn - Kathy Long LinkedIn: Join Local BizBuzz Grouphttp://www.linkedin.com/groups/Local-BizBuzz-3215677 To your success!
  15. 15. I’ve not gotten a dime back from my marketing dollars in 25 years until now. I signed 5 new clients in My business has Need the 5 days since we went live. Thank you. improved 17-fold since we started working with you and Kathryn! Thank help? Tom Sokat, Attorney you! Dr. Katie Griffin Kat & Mouse takes you to the next level:• Website & Google Places optimization to get Google to take note• Link building to move your site above the competition• Social Media marketing – Custom landing pages, engagement, website integration to get people singing your praises• Mobile Marketing to capture the crowd on the street in the new internet• Monthly monitoring and improvements to keep you on top