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Consumer insight

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An introduction to consumer insight, what it is, how you can get insights and how it contributes to advertising/marketing communication

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Consumer insight

  1. 1. Karthik Jeganathan PGDAM 2016-2017 karthik@purplemango.co.in
  2. 2. Definition of Consumer Insight Research vs Insight: Is there a Difference? Insights Begin with Information Gaining Insight: The Process Characteristics of Insight A Case Study: How Insightful Campaigns are Built Class Exercise: Dove Conclusion
  3. 3. "A non-obvious understanding about your customers, which if acted upon, has the potential to change their behaviour for mutual benefit". - Paul Laughlin
  4. 4. Insight is “non-obvious”, so it does not normally come from just one source of information and often does not come from just analysis or just research; rather there is a need to converge evidence to glean insights. True insights need to be “action-able”; hypotheses which stay theoretical and cannot be tested in practice are not insights.
  5. 5. Insight are powerful. Discovering and benefitting from consumer habit is not the same as insight. Insight if acted upon can change behaviour Fourth, to be sustainable, the goal of such customer change must be for "mutual benefit".
  6. 6. An insight is an interpretation, a “reading” of a given situation/ behaviour/ belief state that explains the dynamics of that situation in a different way, that allows marketing and business to approach and influence the end-state differently. Insights invariably delivers a narrative. Research delivers data that can be summarised and forms the basis of a recommendation. But good insights often start with proper research
  7. 7. Discover the value of personal interviews Observe users in their natural environment Watch how consumers buy your product Attend an event or trade show Gauge the competition
  8. 8. GATHER Information ANALYZE Facts ABSORB Knowledge UNLOCK Understanding And then hopefully…INSIGHT!!!
  9. 9. Bring the consumer to the heart of your thinking Bring together research findings, understanding of trends, unmet consumer needs, behaviour and wider experience Help identity opportunity and inspire innovation Fuel the way brands foresee and respond to consumer needs
  10. 10. The Problem For a long time Always led the category around the world, thanks to constant innovation and the superior performance of its products. With time, though, functional differentiation between brands narrowed. Competitors also started to engage young women at a more emotional level and to connect with them on social media.
  11. 11. The Problem The result was that Always lost relevance with the 16- to 24- year-old age group. This was a big issue in a category where, research shows, women tend to stay very loyal once they find a brand they like. To reconnect with its young consumer base Always had to stand for more. Product communication simply would not do.
  12. 12. The Brief The challenge was to build a fresh and more meaningful way of connecting with the next generation of consumers. Always briefed its agencies to create a campaign that leveraged the brand’s legacy of supporting girls as they make the transition from puberty to young women, while reinforcing why the brand is “relevant to me”
  13. 13. The Research Always explored further and discovered that puberty is a time affected by a real confidence crisis for girls, a girls’ self-esteem drops twice as much than boys’ during puberty. Moreover, women never regain the pre- puberty level of self-esteem. Understanding why this happens was key. Even reducing the drop a bit would mean allowing girls to start the ‘journey into womanhood’ from a better place.
  14. 14. The Insight Digging deeper into the causes of the drop-in confidence Always realised that gender stereotypes have a big impact on girls during puberty, as this is the time when they learn what it means to be a girl, and young womanhood comes to be defined by a set of rules, like beauty and submissiveness.
  15. 15. The Insight Society constantly dwells on gender differences, sending out the message that leadership, power and strength are for men, not for women. And that boys should be raised not to be a girl, as if being female was ‘not good enough’. These stereotypes inevitably crystallise into girls’ self-perceptions and affect their behaviours.
  16. 16. The Idea “We explored different factors that influence girls during the vulnerable time of puberty. During this exploration, someone taped a piece of paper to the board that read ‘like a girl’. That’s all it said. Among all the ideas and pieces of paper in the room, we were instantly drawn to it,” John explains. “The idea was explained as: ‘like a girl’ has been around forever and is uses in derogatory ways, let’s change the meaning of it. From that day on we started to build on that idea.”
  17. 17. The Execution The creative team set out to redefine confidence in a way that was more relevant and remain true to the brand turning the phrase ‘like a girl’ from insult it into a term of empowerment.
  18. 18. The Execution
  19. 19. The Campaign Once the film was shot, a campaign was then constructed around it to spread the message and empower women by showing that ’like a girl’ should be a meaningful and powerful statement all women should embrace. The hashtag #LikeAGirl was introduced as a rallying cry. John adds: “The hashtag was essential in rallying people to change the meaning of ‘like a girl’ by showing the world that it can mean amazing things.”
  20. 20. Dove’s insight of “Women in all shapes, sizes, look are still beautiful. Let’s stop idolizing the fake and start living in the real world. Let’s be happy with what we look like”. Women connected with this insight because they already felt that way, but were just glad someone was finally saying it.