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Social Media Measurement For Nonprofits

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Social Media Measurement For Nonprofits

  1. Five Measurement Tips for Social Media Housewives<br />Beth Kanter, CEO Zoetica<br />
  2. Measurement Tips, Tricks, and Tools<br />Funnel<br /><ul><li> Pick the right outcome to measure
  3. Track the entire funnel
  4. Use An Egg Timer To Track Your Time
  5. Test Your Recipes
  6. Seasoned to Taste </li></li></ul><li>1. Pick the Right Result<br />Objective, Audience, Strategy, Tactics, Time investment, <br />KD Paine<br />
  7. Identify the most important metrics to measure it!<br />
  8. Well, maybe not dead<br />“What nonprofit executive director doesn’t know what a page view is?”<br />
  9. 2. Track The Whole Funnel<br />
  10. http://bit.ly/beth53<br />
  11. @seanpower - nonprofit metrics geek<br />
  12. Seed: Twitalyzer to identify Influencers <br />  # followers   # unique references   Frequency RT you  Frequency RT others   Relative frequency updates<br />
  13. Seed: Social Network Analysis Tools<br />
  14. Attention: Leverage Twitter API to measure<br />An “impression” is counted whenever a follower sees a tweet. (#tweets x followers) <br />The “total followers reached” is a sum of all the followers of the people tweeting. It does not remove duplicates<br />
  15. Engagement: What the Hashtag Tweets<br />
  16. Engagement: Bit.ly for Click Thrus<br />
  17. Conversion: Donations, Sign Ups, Etc<br />Conversion Event: Those who click on the donate linkConversion Goal: The percentage of who clicked through from blog post or Twitter to Causes Donation page<br />
  18. 3. Use An Egg Timer To Track Your Time<br />ADOLAS<br />
  19. Oh Look, A Squirrel!<br />
  20. Squirrel!<br />
  21. 4. Use a Test Kitchen<br />
  22. http://www.facebook.com/beth.kanter.blog<br />
  23. 5. Seasoned to Taste <br />Take the time to look at your data and think about what it means …<br />
  24. Measurement Tips, Tricks, and Tools<br />Funnel<br /><ul><li> Pick the right outcome to measure
  25. Track the entire funnel
  26. Use An Egg Timer To Track Your Time
  27. Test Your Recipes
  28. Seasoned to Taste </li></li></ul><li>Squirrel!<br />
  29. Beth Kanter<br />http://www.bethkanter.org<br />
  30. @afine @kanter<br />Wiki: http://networkednonprofit.wikispaces.com<br />Book on Amazon: http://bit.ly/networkednp<br />