usps nalc arbitrator article 8 overtime non-odl discipline arbitration just cause corrective discipline removal cca drt step b msp low letter of warning remedy dispute resolution team scanning mandating accident city carrier lunch grievance letter carrier sick leave msp scanning ot mandatoried backpay advance usps nalc equitable distribution article 8.5 overtime desired list opportunities juniority compensation arrow key performance unsecured mail conduct ereassign jobs posting bid box successful bidder step b decision verification dispute resolution process automated bidding searchable shyam das interest arbitration city letter carrier award das award das advanced sick leave mcallister annual leave part time flexible mandate mandatory carrier ptf 1017-b log unauthorized ot 1017b log unauthorized overtime combine comfort stop with lunch comfort stops combined with street break combine comfort stops 801 rule 8:01 rule waive no lunch waive lunch gateway district dois projection placard post office joint statement on violence and behavior in the wo clarke joint statement hostile work environment dois leave time article 31 dispute resolution impasse 5 minutes undeliverable mail office duties unprocessed mail pm office duties contentions attachments multiple instances consecutive cite instances info request article 16 request for information scans overtime desired list compensatory eeo equal employment opportunity medical restrictions art 8 29920 simon simultaneous scheduling window of operation odl woo arbitrator simon doctor's note blanket policy medical documentation appointment contention remedy argument cites desired list artificial undertime curtailing mail undertime pivoting curtailing restrictions medical eeoc
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