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Community management | Best Practices - Docker

Deck of the community management presentation

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Community management | Best Practices - Docker

  1. 1. Community Management Best practices 7/31/2014 Julien Barbier, Carissa Karcher, Lori Budin
  2. 2. Hello from San Francisco! :) Carissa Karcher Events & Community carissa.karcher@docker.com https://twitter.com/carissakarcher Julien Barbier Marketing & Community julien@docker.com https://twitter.com/julienbarbier42 Lori Budin Partner Programs lori.budin@docker.com https://twitter.com/loribudin
  3. 3. The “online” Docker community • Twitter – 23K+ followers • Facebook – 1,300+ “followers” • Google+ - 1,300+ “followers” • LinkedIn, Slideshare, Youtube, Reddit, Hacker News, Stack Overflow… • 450+ blog posts on Docker by the community in the last 90 days • GitHub • 540+ contributors to the open-source Docker engine project • 14,000+ stars • 2,500+ forks • 9,500+ commits
  4. 4. Tips for the online community • Don’t forget the “small” guys • SlideShare is under used by community manager / marketing teams for instance • Use the specificity of each social network / website • Do NOT use auto-post tools • Join online conversation as soon as possible • Control your messaging and build the community • Treat your community the same way that you would treat your team members • Tweet and post heir articles, blog post, etc… on your channels • Give them credit and say thank you (they will RT!) • Work HARD to help them with traffic and awareness • Identify leaders / influencers • Engage / talk to them • Ask them what they think about your product • Seek for advice • No sales speech!
  5. 5. The “IRL” Docker Community 400+ meetups 100+ cities 39 different countries 4000+ t-shirts 10,000+ stickers 1 conference (DockerCon)
  6. 6. Why IRL community is important • Community is like a network • The more links you have between your members the better your community is • IRL links are more precious than Online links • People like meeting other people to talk about ideas, problems, discover new tricks, etc... • Socializing is important for everyone • A “meetup” visitor has more “value” than a website visitor! • More engaged • More likely to stick with the product • Actually more likely to stick with YOU, the person they have just met • Use IRL as many times as possible • Mix formats • Regular meetups, Panels, Hack day, Hackathon, etc…
  7. 7. Help the community build the community! • Help Meetup organizers with • Best practices • Updates on the product • Tools • Content • SWAG • Tee-shirts • Stickers • Promo codes • Invite users to speak • People love to hear real life stories • Don’t make it a sales event! • It should be about the community first • Help them promote their event • Event page • Twitter and co • Newsletter • …
  8. 8. Bring IRL back online • Follow up with emailing / Survey • Say thank you • No sales speech! • Include links to presentations they just saw • Include links to anything that could answer their questions • Include a link to your newsletter and / or online tutorial… • Link to the doc • … • Online Meetups • Signups
  9. 9. Bring online back to IRL • Add a page with the upcoming meetups and events • Include meetups and events calendar in your newsletter • Use twitter and co to inform people about the next event • Find any excuse to invite people to meet you • Regular meetup • Giving a talk at a conference • Panel • Celebration • Big news • Hack day • Hackathon • Product update
  10. 10. The “Enterprise” Docker community • Don’t forget the Partners, Enterprises, Startups, … you work with • Work hard to find ways to help them • RT their news if related • Co-marketing / alliance marketing • Get them to meet your users • Invite them to speak at meetups • Include them in Press releases
  11. 11. The “inhouse” Docker community: the TEAM • Motivate your team to engage, talk, tweet, speak, blog, write • Show the example • Give credit and say THANK YOU • You should be the agent of your team • Gamify: Leaderboards etc… • Give your team the chance to speak to everyone • Example: Docker internal Hack Days • Tell your team what the community is doing • Email, use cases, quotes • BONUS! Helps with • Team building • Hiring
  12. 12. Start now! • Identify an owner • The owner is responsible and accountable for community • Define individual roles and responsibility within the team • But really, this is the job of everyone • Community first • It’s not about what your community can do for you, it’s about what you can do for your community • Care about people and people will care about you • Help everybody as many times as possible • Track and measure everything • Attendees, RSVPs, Members, adoption, feedbacks, surveys, NPS, … • mention.net, hnwatcher.com, etc… • REMEMBER: At the end of the day it’s all about people
  13. 13. Thank you! • Questions?