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Twilight 2

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Twilight 2

  1. 1. These three images illustrate and display different establishing shots of location and weather etc. However, as the backgrounds change, so do the names of people, for instance the cast or producer etc. The first one has a different background with person’s name who is one of the main characters. The next image has another character’s name, but this time with a different background of a misty and cloudy mountain area. The third image displays another name, but with an extreme close-up of a leaf; this yet again is trying to depict nature and climate. This camera shot type is used to add a variety of shot types, as it makes it interesting and engaging for the audience to watch. This could be related and compared to the audience theory of ‘Richard Dyer’s utopian theory’ (1977). It is specifically compared to one of the words stated in this theory which is “Dreariness” this makes the audience ‘alert’ as these images clearly give a sense of it being a lonesome and isolated atmosphere. Furthermore, these images would be described using words such as: gloomy, dismal, mysterious, melancholy etc.