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S3P Class Environment presentation

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Classroom environment presentation, includes Physical and Mental safety, being Polite, Positive, and Productive

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S3P Class Environment presentation

  1. 1. Class rules to Learn By….
  2. 2.  Touching – Absolutely none except for safety purposes  Accident Safety – Follow Safety Rules, Procedures and Equipment use
  3. 3.  Avoid crossing Personal Boundaries  Bullying - “Sexist remarks - Bashing”  Always give the other person the benefit of the doubt and a chance to explain  Take things at face value  Forgive people for being “human” and making mistakes! No One is perfect!
  4. 4.  Respect the educational environment and others’ right to learn  Conventions – Say Please andThank you  Apologize even when maybe not strictly needed  Share
  5. 5.  Show leadership – keep the team together and working happily  Build our team up. (Team includes all of us!)  Do things to make people feel accepted  Give positively directed feedback vs. giving criticism  Forgive past mistakes
  6. 6.  Respect your own education – keep focused  Understand your learning strengths and work on your weaknesses  Participate in class  Be organized  Plan your work and carry out the plan  Meet your commitments  Work as an equal team member – Carry your share of the load