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The 18 Most Impactful Opportunities Your E-Newsletter Is Overlooking

When it comes to e-newsletters, everyone knows that your subject line is the silver bullet. Yet there’s so much more to email marketing—starting with what we call it.

For example, think about the message you’re sending when you refer to your emails as a “blast.” Do you really want to conjure up an image of spam clogging an inbox?

Other considerations you may be overlooking:

✔ Are you using preview text?
✔ Are you segmenting your list?
✔ What’s your onboarding process?
✔ Are you nudging people to subscribe, or pushing them?

In this brisk presentation, I identify the most overlooked opportunities of e-newsletters. As a result, you’ll gain new appreciation for the power of your good old email list.

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The 18 Most Impactful Opportunities Your E-Newsletter Is Overlooking

  1. Scoble, Facebook and Plaxo: Whose Data Is It?
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  4. 30% That’s the increase in click-throughs that WeddingWire saw by testing preview text.
  5. Perfect Timing: The Very Best Time to Send Email Newsletters
  6. “Don’t send anything on the weekends or after 5 pm, because people aren’t at their computers.”
  7. @jrick jonathanrick.com/ newsletter jonathanrick.com/ presentations