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Talk2 Rep Data Collection Services V13

Talk2Rep telephone data collection and survey services

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Talk2 Rep Data Collection Services V13

  1. 1. DATA COLLECTION The Simple, Smart way 2 Connect and MANAGEMENT 2 Collect Data… Talk2Rep 8795 W. McNab Road Suite 300 Tamarac, FL 33321 1.866.856.2REP sales@talk2rep.com
  2. 2. Data Collection Experience …………...You Can Count On Data Collection Management via voice and the web from Talk2Rep... The Talk2Rep DCM (Data Collection Management) solution provides businesses a turn-key answer for successfully acquiring data for market research. Utilizing sophisticated Call Center Center Predictive Dialing, IVR and web based technology, Talk2Rep integrates Phone, Web, automated and live interviewer collection resources to capture data accurately and efficiently. Core support for the Talk2Rep DCM solution is provided by a team of highly skilled Interviewers. Providing the valuable link between the contact technology and the client, the Talk2Rep team provides excellence at the point of contact and ensures a positive experience every time. Our proprietary CATI system ensures data accuracy and our technology allows file fulfillment to be customized to any format including SAS V8 and SPSS and more. Efficient and accurate data collection via Talk2Rep’s DCM. About Talk2Rep Inc. Talk2Rep corporate headquarters are located in Tamarac, Florida. Talk2Rep was founded as a solution for businesses seeking to outsource traditional call center and Internet related services such as automated customer solutions, data collection, live text chat and email management and more. Formed by former AT&T call center executives, Talk2Rep offers fully integrated high quality data collection, customer care and sales services for multiple business sectors including, but not limited to, Retail, Catalog, Government, Telecommunications, Insurance, Healthcare, Financial and Publishing, Travel and more. Talk2Rep, 8795 W. McNab Rd, Suite 300, Tamarac, FL 33321 -- 1.866.856.2REP
  3. 3. Data Collection Services Talk2Rep Call Center and Internet Data Collection Inbound Call Center Market Research Talk2Rep has a comprehensive inbound environment. Combining traditional ACD services with advanced IVR, skills based routing, and cross-service reporting our inbound technology is flexible to meet the most demanding needs. Queued call-back and voicemail capability put control in your customers hands and reduce on-hold costs. Businesses realize how important it is to understand their customer database in order to market and target products and services accordingly. Calls can be routed to Talk2Rep with Interviewers collecting consumer data real time. Outbound Interviewing and Data Collection Talk2Rep provides Predictive and Progressive Auto Dialer Services enhanced with the latest cutting edge CATI technology. Talk2Rep conducts telephone interviews with businesses and consumers to survey them on a number of questions as directed by the client. Our interviewers survey the target audience to collect valuable market research data. This information can be captured in multiple databases in a variety of file formats that can be customized easily so the client can analyze data and identify trends. Interviewers are multi-lingual and experienced with a track record of high respondent survey completion. All surveys are 100% quality controlled daily by voice and data for accuracy validating responses. Clients also have the option to remote monitor live calls to ensure a superior interviewee experience. Automated Interviewing and Data Collection Talk2Rep utilizes automated interactive voice response (IVR) and automated voice broadcasting via IQDIAL www.IQDIAL.com to communicate to customers and collect data accurately and efficiently. Collected data can be formatted in multiple database types. Talk2Rep can customize surveys for customer satisfaction, mystery shopper and more. Our automated solutions are customer friendly and easy to develop. Online Surveys Let Talk2Rep develop your next online survey. Whether employee or customer service satisfaction surveys, let Talk2rep design and execute your next on-line survey. Talk2Rep, 8795 W. McNab Rd, Suite 300, Tamarac, FL 33321 -- 1.866.856.2REP
  4. 4. INDUSTRY FOCUS Our data collection experience in diverse vertical markets assists with benchmarking and supports a track record of proven results Education Financial Services Government Healthcare Insurance Pharmaceutical Publishing Retail Technology Travel Utilities Each client/project is assigned a dedicated Account Manager who handles all phases of the project from inception to completion. A detailed project plan is provided with steps to launch the survey through project completion. Talk2Rep, 8795 W. McNab Rd, Suite 300, Tamarac, FL 33321 -- 1.866.856.2REP
  5. 5. Statistical Analysis Question: How did you hear about our web site? Count Percent Statistics Minimum Recommended 17 30.4 Value 1 Maximum Internet Search Engine 8 14.30% Value 6 2.7 I read about it in a magazine 8 14.30% Average 9 Referred by a friend 19 33.90% Sum 156 Standard A link from another web site 1 1.80% Deviation 1.5 Had it bookmarked 3 5.40% Median 3 Total 56 100% Mode 4 Talk2Rep, 8795 W. McNab Rd, Suite 300, Tamarac, FL 33321 -- 1.866.856.2REP
  6. 6. QUALITY Talk2Rep provides seamless representation of your company. All campaigns include our “Measured Success” quality program. Established Metrics Prior to initiating the calling, specific metrics are established for your campaign. Functioning both as performance goals and benchmarks, the success of your campaign is objectively measured in real-time. Each member of your campaign team is accountable for your metrics. Remote Monitoring Talk2Rep collaboratively works with you to monitor and evaluate campaign direction. Our remote monitoring capability is not only used by our quality team to ensure objectivity, but can also be used by you, from your office. Digital Call Recording Talk2Rep provides digital quality recording of your surveys. Surveys can be uploaded to and FTP site, or even sent via email real time as they happen. Quality Checklist Talk2Rep will customize it’s Quality Checklist to meet the specific needs of your campaign. The Quality Checklist ensures that all aspects of your Survey are discovered and successfully met. From inception to completion, every detail is covered. All Data is rigorously QC’s daily prior to fulfillment distribution ensuring accuracy. Quality Coaches Talk2Rep provides the best representatives through regular coaching and development. Our team of Quality Coaches monitor, analyze, and develop the interaction between your Respondents and your team of Interviewers. Regular evaluation and calibration sessions are conducted with the supervisor and Account Management team to ensure consistency. Talk2Rep, 8795 W. McNab Rd, Suite 300, Tamarac, FL 33321 -- 1.866.856.2REP
  7. 7. Superior Results and Experience Talk2Rep 8795 W. McNab Road Suite 300 Tamarac, FL 33321 1.866.856.2REP sales@talk2rep.com
  8. 8. The Simple, Smart way 2 Connect and 2 Collect Data… Contact us at 866-856-2Rep (2737) or visit us on the web at http://www.Talk2Rep.com Talk2Rep 8795 W. McNab Road Suite 300 Tamarac, FL 33321 1.866.856.2REP sales@talk2rep.com