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1(a) research and planning essay planning

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OCR A2 Media Studies
Section A
Question 1(a)
Research and Planning

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1(a) research and planning essay planning

  2. 2. 1(A) RESEARCH AND PLANNING Lesson Outcomes: To plan an answer to an exam question on the development of your research and planning skills. This is your last lesson focusing on Research and Planning. By the end of the lesson you need to have: • Identified 2 specific examples of research and planning at AS • Identified 3 specific examples of research and planning at A2 • Used those examples to plan an answer to an essay question You will be completing the Research and Planning exam question in class SOON.
  3. 3. SPECIFIC EXAMPLES Using specific, detailed examples which demonstrate your progress are essential to being successful. Using the suggestions on the next slide identify 2 specific examples of AS Research and Planning, and 3 specific examples for A2. Your examples need to be detailed – what exactly did you do? How did you do it? Evaluate your examples – how successful was it? – each example should show progress – what did this help you to do? Try to link each example to your production work.
  4. 4. SPECIFIC EXAMPLES AS Analysed music magazines Questionnaires Draft layouts Production plans A2 • Detailed analysis • iMovie analysis • Still image analysis • Ancillary analysis • Audience research • Script • Storyboard • Shotlist • Animatic • Audience feedback Exemplar Example (yours needs to be more detailed) Example – analysed front cover of NME Evaluate – helped you to identify conventions of page layout and genre such as… Progress – You used these conventions (e.g. large cover story, masthead, etc.) on your front cover which made it conventional. Identify 2 examples for AS and 3 for A2.
  5. 5. EXEMPLAR ESSAY Peer assess the student’s answer to Question 1(a). Use the assessment criteria you have been given to help you. Identify strengths and weaknesses. Remember the key qualities of an A grade answer are: • Clear sense of progression • Evaluation of progress • Specific, relevant, and clear examples • Excellent use of terminology What level do you think the answer is? Write a WWW (What Went Well) and an EBI (Even Better If) for the answer.
  6. 6. EXAMINER’S COMMENTS ON ESSAY A good start with a clear agenda set out right away. The candidate makes clear what tasks were undertaken for each unit and discusses a range of research methods, referring to both examples and technical terms. There is some reflection on the methods used, indicating what might have been learnt. Some elements of planning are discussed, though this is less developed. The A2 work is glossed over a little, with less reference to specific examples. Overall, there is a sense of structure and development in this response, but it would be better if it were supported by more concrete examples. High level 3 (B) WWW: identifies research methods with examples and terminology, some reflection. EBI: more specific examples (especially of planning and A2).
  7. 7. ESSAY PLAN Complete an essay plan for the question below (either on the grid or in your books using the structure on the grid). Explain how your research and planning skills developed over time and contributed to your media production outcomes. Refer to a range of examples in your answer. [25]
  8. 8. PROGRESS At AS I developed the ability to research _identify skill_____________ This was demonstrated by ___identify specific example___________ This allowed me to __explain how this helped you produce a successful product At AS I developed the ability to plan by ____________________ This was demonstrated by _______________________________ This allowed me to _____________________________________ At A2 I developed the ability to research____________________ This was demonstrated by ______________________________ This allowed me to _____________________________________ At A2 I developed the ability to plan by_________________________ This was demonstrated by __________________________________ This allowed me to _______________________________________