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ERASMUS+ In service training course, Lisbon Portugal 2017 : Courage project

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ERASMUS+ In service training course, Lisbon Portugal 2017 : Courage project

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ERASMUS+ In service training course, Lisbon Portugal 2017 : Courage project

  1. 1. Course fee: 480 Includes course materials and cultural visits. Accommodation & Subsistence: 800 Five days in a single room at the Costa da Caparica Hotel including all meals and a social & cultural evening. Total payment: 1280 Funding: Our course is regarded as an In-service Training Course under the new Erasmus+ program. Teachers, school leaders, youth workers and voluntary staff from primary and secondary, upper secondary and vocational education, as well as sports clubs in the programme countries can take part and must apply before 1st February 2017 Course PIC number: 947682629 Contact your National Agency (NA) for more information IMPORTANT: You must register your organisation on the European Commission Authentication Service (ECAS) and you need a PIC code before applying for Erasmus+ funding. Find a step-by-step guide to register your organisation on ECAS and PIC: http://ec.europa.eu/education/participants/portal/desktop/en/organisations/register.html Signing up to: Gert Larsen International Coordinator Albertslund, Denmark Gert.larsen@albertslund.dk +45 20129048 In-Service Training Course COURAGE Creating Opportunities and Understanding foR Avoiding and preventinG Exclusion PIC number: 947682629 2/10 - 6/10 - 2017 The Costa da Caparica, Lisbon, Portugal The COURAGE project is a 3 years strategic partnerships for a youth programme of research and development undertaken by partnership of five institutions integrating educational, youth, sports and other leisure activities in Denmark, Portu- gal, Ireland, Lithuania and Norway. It addresses exclusion of young people from social, educational, cultural and economic opportunities associated with a full citizenship – a serious issue across Europe. www.eucourage.eu
  2. 2. COURAGE objectives Our ultimate goal is to improve life chances across the whole Euro- pean area of the project’s ultimate beneficiaries – young people “at risk” from: social disengagement; educational exclusion and under-attainment; becoming long-term NEETs (Not in Education, Training or Employ- ment); experiencing lasting disad- vantage in labour markets; being unable to exercise their full rights as EU citizens. The immediate tar- get groups for our findings and products are youth and community workers, school leaders and teachers, trainers, and coaches, working with young people in varying de- grees of co-operation with related agencies and with varying and often inadequate re- sources for training and support. Our ultimate beneficiaries are the many hundreds and thousands of young people whose life-chances will benefit during and after the life-time of the project from our target groups’ enhanced knowledge and competence. Training course objectives l To inform about the findings and experiences from the COURAGE project l To exchange experience in how to prevent Early School Leaving and encourage to after-compulsory-education l To explore, develop and evaluate the “best practice” from a num- ber of European teachers, trainers, principals and policy makers l Encourage and motivate the course participants to include the European and international dimension in their future projects and action plans for their local activities l Demonstrating and sharing the best practice between COURAGE partners and the course participants. Course activities The course is prepared with a variety of activities, including participant active participation. “Ice-breaking” activities Plenary sessions Questions and answers with board members and invited guests/speakers: Meet Arsenal in Community and Benfica Foundation Participants presentations Café innovation activity School/institution visits COURAGE marketplace – an opportu- nity for delegates to present and share own experiences and details of home institutions and culture. The training event will offer cultural events based on Portugal culture. Conference venue The first COURAGE training course will take place at the Costa da Caparica Hotel. It has a relaxing and carefree atmosphere and is located right on the sea, on the largest and most popular beach in the Greater Lisbon region, the Costa da Caparica. Just 20 minutes from downtown Lisbon and the airport, it has 352 rooms spread over 7 floors, equipped with air conditioning and private TV. The Costa da Caparica Hotel also has a spa, outdoor pool, two restaurants, Gym, a Kid’s Club for the youngest ones, 7 conference rooms equipped with the latest sound and imaging technologies. Due to its location and characteristics, this is the ideal hotel to spend a dream vacation, to organize your work meetings, or even to perform those suprise civil ceremonies, cocktails or other events. http://caparicahotel.com/en https://www.facebook.com/eucourage/