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field study on mash a restocafe

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  1. 1.  The Beginning  Was started on October 3rd2007 by four cousins, Immanuel Babu, Thomas Babu, Sunil Cherian and Rohit Zachariah. The Mash Brothers
  2. 2.  Concept  Mash says “Live to Eat.”  Have strung together their favorite dishes that their moms and aunts cooked at home.  When started they wanted it to be like a bachelor’s pad where they can cater to our family and friends.  The ambience is based on the concept of a beach shaft.
  3. 3.  The Background  The four brothers, in their 20s, have their educational background in Management / Commerce.  They are all into their respective family businesses. Sunil is in food business apart from Mash.  Initial investment was about Rs 20 lakhs which included furniture and interiors.  Mash has been rented for Rs 30,000 from Mrs. Murli, a resident of Besant Nagar.
  4. 4.  Location  Mash is located at No T-54 B 1St Floor, Elliots Beach Road, Besant Nagar, Chennai.
  5. 5.  Location Opposite to crowded and extremelyvibrant Elliots beach. A very strategicposition for restaurant business.
  6. 6.  Map
  7. 7.  Map
  8. 8.  Map
  9. 9.  Map
  10. 10.  Map
  11. 11.  How to reach1. Auto: An auto from Thiruvanmiyur toBesant Nagar takes 15 minutes and costsRs.60.2. Share auto: Share auto fromThiruvanmiyur to Besant Nagar takes 15minutes and costs Rs.10 per head.3. Bus: Bus from Thiruvanmiyur to BesantNagar takes 20 minutes and costs Rs.5.
  12. 12. Road map from NIFT Distance ( 4 km )
  13. 13. About Besant Nagar  one of Chennais most elite neighborhoods, named after the famous lady theosophist Annie Besant and adjoins the Theosophical Society. Theosophical Society
  14. 14. About Besant Nagar Besant Nagar was developed by Tamil Nadu Housing Board (TNHB) in late 1970s and early 1980s. Besant Nagar is an excellent example of organized government town planning.  Nearby localities include Adyar and Thiruvanmiyur
  15. 15. A Bird`s-Eye View of Besant Nagar
  16. 16. Landmarks Annai Velankanni Church: The legendary AnnaiVailankanni Shrine, Besant Nagar, Chennai, the holyplace of the mother of health, has been located atthe Elliots beach. Karl Schmidt memorial on Elliots beach inChennai. Cool & Cool Casuals: It’s a clothes store for kidsand teens. It is situated below Mash.
  17. 17. Annai Velankanni ChurchKarl Schmidt memorial
  18. 18. Landmarks The area also boasts a wide variety ofeat-outs like - Funk Jazz: A food joint that serves food likedonuts, burgers, juices and milkshakes. Tasty Jones: It’s a food branch which serveswestern food. Java Green: It is coffee and juice shop, situatedclose to Mash. Pupils: It is a food joint that specializes inburgers.
  19. 19. Landmarks  Emilios: It is an Italian ice-cream shop.  Dhaba Express: It’s a food branch that serves north Indian food. Planet Yumm: It is a food court which has food joints like Marry Brown, Dominos Pizza, Café Coffee Day, Baskin Robins, Sangeetha, etc. Fruit Shop on Greams road: This is a juice shop that serves mainly fruit juices. Cozee: It is a chaat joint.
  20. 20. Inside MASH Has an area of 750 sq feet.
  21. 21. Inside MASHThis place has both indoor air-conditionedseating for 22 people as well as outdoorbalcony seating for 16 people.
  22. 22. Inside MASHThe walls of the inside seating area has aphoto gallery which adds beauty to theplace.
  23. 23. Inside MASH  The ceiling too has a woody finish in brown.
  24. 24. Inside MASH Nice music uplifts the ambience which the customers are really impressed with.
  25. 25. KitchenThe kitchen has - Two fridges, Three sinks, Two stoves, One electric oil fryer, Three commercial gas cylinders, One microwave and one electrical chimney. They use fiber glasses to serve water and use plates of three sizes.
  26. 26. Resource of raw material Bombay General Store. Meat From Thiruvanmiyur. Vegetables From Besant Nagar. Sea Food From Deepa Sea Foods.
  27. 27. Lay-out of inside view of MASH ENTRANCE
  28. 28. What they serve  Type of Food -  FUSION COOKERY : Fusion cuisine combines elements of various culinary traditions while not fitting specifically into any.  They cook combining ingredients and techniques and seasonings from different cuisines for example combining continental ingredients with Indian techniques.
  29. 29. What they serve  Combo packs  The Honey Bravo Pack :  Yummy thick pancakes with honeyed fruits.  Ice cream and coffee.  Tea or hot cocoa.  The Body Builder’s Pack :  A type of omelet.  Anything from Wedgie n Cheese to Cheezy Wonder or the Spanish omelet.
  30. 30. What they serve  Combo packs Superman Special : Oats porridge. Strawberry Margarita, a Mexican mocktail. Mochachino, a cocoa and coffee combination drink. Kerala style tea. Kaffe Krema, which is cream and cinnamon toppings over a cup of coffee, are part of the menu.
  31. 31. What they serveSoups Sandwiches Starters• Chowder • Fish Fingers • Paneer• Minestrone • Fried Egg Stroganoff• Chicken Bajji • Vegetable Zuppa • Chicken Sticks Satay • Pasta • Steak Fillings Mornay
  32. 32. Sandwich Sausage Duck Burger Soup
  33. 33. What they serve Desserts• Strawberry Chop Suey, which is strawberry coulis and ice cream served with crisp noodles.• Choco Mud Pie served on a sizzling clay plate.Foods are served with the traditional mashed potatoand grilled tomato as well as chicken sausage.
  34. 34.  Three Famous Recipes of MASH Chicken Cordon Blue Chicken Sizzler Crepe Sea Food
  35. 35.  Ingredients Chicken Cordon Blue Minced chicken breast, grated cheese, chilly flakes, lime juice, basil, parsley, chopped onions, oil, bread crumbs, egg, mayonnaise, Julian cabbage, Julian carrot, salt, pepper, vinegar and potato strips. Preparation of the salad Add Julian cabbage, Julian carrot, mayonnaise, salt, pepper and vinegar into a bowl and mix it well.
  36. 36.  Preparation of the Chicken BreastMarinate the minced chicken breastwith cheese, chilly flakes and choppedparsley and leave it in the refrigeratorfor a day. Fold the chicken breast and dip it into the egg paste and cover it with bread crumbs. Fry this in an electrical oil fryer at 70- 100degrees. Place the fried chicken breast in a plate and serve it withFrench fries, mayonnaise and salad as complementary.
  37. 37. Crepe Sea Food Preparation of the Filling Add beans, carrot, Add oil to the pan baby corn and and keep it on low garlic and stir it till flame. golden brown. Then add the After it gets cooked chopped prawns, add white sauce to sear fish and squid it. and leave it to boil. Later add salt, Remove it from the aginomoto, celery, stove when it is not pepper and chilly too thick nor too flakes to it. thin.
  38. 38.  Preparation of the Pancake Break three eggs and beat it and add corn flour and maida in equal amounts and mix it well. Add this mixture onto the pan and leave it to cook on low flame. Stuff the sea food filling into the pan cake andgarnish it with white sauce, carrot, capsicum, salt andpepper
  39. 39. Chicken Sizzler PREPARATION: • Butter, chopped carrot, beef or chicken bones, • Fry the chicken chopped garlic, breast in a pan on low flame. chopped beans, • Prepare brown sauce celery, leeks, by adding butter, marinated chicken chopped carrot, beef breast, tossed and bone water, onions, mashed chopped garlic, potatoes. chopped onions, chopped celery and leeks into a mixer INGREDIENTS: and grind it well. • Place the chicken breast steak on a heated pan and pour the brown sauce on it.
  41. 41.  Roles and Responsibilities ofManaging Partners  Rohit Zachariah (General administration/Finance)  Immanuel Babu (Marketing)  Thomas Babu (Purchase/Staffing)  Sunil Cherian (Maintenance)
  42. 42.  Roles and Responsibilities ofEmployees MANAGER: The responsibilities of restaurant managers include directing and scheduling activities, organizing of stock, ordering food supplies and equipment, inspection of health and safety precautions and solving employee or customer problems. KITCHEN HEAD: A kitchen head is responsible overseeing the entire operations of the kitchen. He supervises the kitchen staff and makes sure they are performing their duties appropriately. A kitchen manager must also make sure the kitchen area meets health and safety requirements, as mandated by law.
  43. 43.  Roles and Responsibilities ofEmployees SERVICE STAFF : They serve food, take the order and cater to the customer requirement. CHEFS : They cook the ordered dish for the customer. They specialize in cooking fusion cookery.  HOUSE KEEPING : They maintain hygiene and place shining.
  44. 44.  Recruitment Process  They have a catering school in Karur where students are trained in culinary skills. Teachers who teach the students recruit employees for Mash. Promoting Dishes  They advertise their dishes in the newspapers like the Hindu and Chennai Times.
  45. 45.  Target Customer Elite Class,  Students,  Bachelors,  Couples.Footfalls Average costumers per day is- weekdays-55 weekends-125
  46. 46.  StrengthsThe ambience : it has a sea facing sit out andan air-conditioned inside with wooden andcane furniture.The location is another plus point because abeach side rest-o-café is highly sought after.And there are a lot of customers due to thebeach.The quality and quantity is also appreciatedbecause the managing partners of Mash striveto serve the exact amount that they wouldexpect in any restaurant.
  47. 47.  Strengths contd…The food they serve is fusion food which isdifferent from the usual. They have started drive-in delivery, that iscustomers can now order from their cars whichcan be parked anywhere on the Elliots beachroad.
  48. 48.  WeaknessThe biggest weakness of Mash is that itsarea is too small. It is only 750sq.ft andcan accommodate only 40 people at thesame time.The food is comparatively expensivethan the other restaurant in that area.If the customers exceed 40, there is nowaiting area to wait. Due to this theyloose their customers.
  49. 49.  RecommendationThey can start branches in other areas.They can increase their variety ofvegetarian food.They can start advertising throughpamphlets, television, etc.They can give special discounts fromtime to time to attract customers.They can arrange for a waiting area.
  50. 50.  Conclusion The Environmental Studies project assigned to us gave us all a very useful experience. We learnt what all should be done to maintain and run a proper Organization, and the tasks that should be given importance to, whenever needed. We came to know about the problems faced by the customers and our survey also helped MASH to know about its own strengths and weaknesses by the Questionnaires that we gave to the customers.
  51. 51. Thank You