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Connecting Open Practice

Keynote for Opening Educational Practices in Scotland #OEPSforum4

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Connecting Open Practice

  1. 1. #OEPSforum4 Connecting Open Practice Josie Fraser @josiefraser
  2. 2. #BEAST (hashtag)-208 T-Shirt: Black (2016) from Monsta Clothing/heraclas.com, all rights reserved
  3. 3. The original logo of the "Home Taping is Killing Music" campaign (1980s) British Phonographic Industry. This image is believed to be non-free or possibly non-free in its home country, United Kingdom.
  4. 4. “While open education is primarily about changing culture and practice, education technology can be a key enabler. Scotland has long been at the forefront of technology supported education innovation and there are many examples of pioneering open education developments across all sectors of Scottish education…. The next step forward is to join up these initiatives and develop policy support and guidance to enable the culture shift required to embed open education practice across all sectors of Scottish education.” - Scottish Open Education Declaration
  5. 5. OER & Open Licences Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0)
  6. 6. Does it matter if we use an open licence? Do we have permission to use an open licence? Does it matter what open licence we use? Does it matter how we cite openly licensed resources?
  7. 7. Key challenges • I’ve never heard of open licences/OER • I don’t see the benefit of sharing resources openly/using OER • My resources are not good enough • My resources are too good • At the moment, I just do what I like and that’s working out fine for me • Making, finding & accrediting = extra work
  8. 8. Benefits of open practice • Equality of access • Supporting digital literacy • Ensuring public value • Promoting & sharing excellent work • Improving quality
  9. 9. David Wiley’s ‘Open Content’ 5Rs • Retain • Reuse • Revise • Remix • Redistribute
  10. 10. Connecting practice • Policies & permissions • Education & support • Community development • Organisational change
  11. 11. Open Schools Network • Deputy heads, departmental heads, subject & support staff • Community, VA & Academy schools • SEN & mainstream http://www.oerschools.com/
  12. 12. Connecting practice • Institutional leadership & governing bodies • Teaching & subject unions & associations • Open education & educational technology organisations • Local & national government
  13. 13. Thank you! #OEPSforum4: Connecting Open Practice (2016) by Josie Fraser All content (except where indicated) licensed under CC BY 4.0