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Conversion Rate Optimization - How to Eat CRO and Increase Revenue Online

An introduction to Conversion Rate Optimization, how the psychology of your users plays a role, and how to get started.

Learn tips & tricks used by successful CRO campaigns and get started with your own conversion rate improvements today.

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Conversion Rate Optimization - How to Eat CRO and Increase Revenue Online

  1. 1. Conversion Rate Optimization JoshPatrice DirectorofSEO May22,2014
  2. 2. Presentation Title Subtitle or Headline First, thankyou for having me! What’s a “Portent?” Portent Inc. is a leading integrated marketing agency. Located in Seattle, WA., Portent is a full-service agency with experts in paid advertising, analytics, SEO, content strategy/writing and social media. As well as in- house design, creative, and development teams. Greetings from the #smithtower
  3. 3. Presentation Title Subtitle or Headline Who’sthisguy? Josh Patrice has spent his entire career in online marketing; starting in the summer of ’03 with the drudgery that was early day PPC & Paid Inclusion work. In the years to come, he became king of the search-nerds through his work in UX design, information architecture, CRO and SEO. Today, he educates clients and SEO experts how to optimize websites so search engines & users want to shout their URLs from the mountaintops. When Josh isn't teaching everyone else how to be awesome, he is the epitome of a modern renaissance man, playing music, cooking, and finding the perfect quip for any situation.Josh Patrice Director of SEO
  4. 4. What is Conversion Rate Optimization?
  5. 5. The Basics Conversion Rate Optimization Learningwhyyourvisitorsaren’ttakinga specificaction,andthen workingtofixit. Presentation Title Subtitleor Headline
  6. 6. The Basics Call to Action ThefoundationofConversionRateOptimizationisthecall toaction. WithoutCTAs,yourwebsite isabrochure.The powerofinfluenceis attheheartofCRO. Get Your Quote Buy Order Now Give us Your Email NOW Sign Up Now! Login Presentation Title Subtitleor Headline
  7. 7. The Basics Analytics Toaddressyourconversion issue, you’ll need data. Presentation Title Subtitleor Headline
  8. 8. Psychology
  9. 9. Presentation Title Subtitle or Headline Fear v. Greed The Psychology of the User Getting Inside Your Users Mind The basis of users’ online interactions comes down to fear v. greed. o Origins in market trading. o Users default to fear, yet more conversions come from trust o Greed is good. Fear Greed
  10. 10. Presentation Title Subtitle or Headline Trust Trust builds Greed. Privacy Paradox Users risk their privacy (info, address, etc.) against the value of your offering. Value can be determined by more than just the object, it can be determined by the aesthetics and the ease of the process. The more control your users have over their privacy, the lower the perception of risk.
  11. 11. AIDA An oldie, but a goodie Awareness Getting folks to your site through marketing your product/service/etc. Interest Resonate with your users’ pain. What problem are visitors trying to solve? Your site needs to be about THEM, not about you. Desire Your users have outcomes in mind when they visit your landing page. Be sure to address their outcomes. This is where your value proposition comes into play. Help them answer: What’s in it for me? Action Reason to believe you. Users need to trust you more than they need to be sold to.
  12. 12. It’s all UX Awareness - Tagline Managing user expectationsfromsearch, email, etc.withappropriatemessaging, imagery,etc. Interest - Benefits Drawingyourusersintoyoursite, keeping them frombouncing,investing in theengagement. Investing in theirneeds. Desire - Features Simplifyingthe results.Details:shipping,size, price, screenshots,etc. Action - Things Socialproof:testimonials,awards,call toaction andbuttons. Presentation Title Subtitleor Headline awareness interest desire action
  13. 13. Really? AIDA? The silent converter Awareness o Brand o Facebook o Twitter o SEO o PPC o TV o Radio o Advertising!!! Interest o Content o Word of Mouth o Reviews o Videos Desire o Aesthetics o Ease of Process o Design o Trust o CRO Action o Halo Effect o Testimonials o Social Proof o Straightforward Process
  14. 14. Why CRO?
  15. 15. Why? There’s Always Room to Improve Let’sbehonest,unlessyou’reat100%conversion rate,youcan always improve. More Traffic ≠ More Conversions Youcangrow trafficvolume all day,butifyourvisitorsaren’tconverting, what’sthe point?Using CROtoimprove yourconversion rateis ano- brainer. Test Products/Messages Newproductsandnewmarketscanbedifficulttopredict.They alsooffer aunique opportunityto testdifferentmessaging, landing pages,adcopy, etc. Yournew products/messagingmight appealtoa newuserthatyouhadn’t previouslytargeted.WithCRO,you’llbeable tooptimizeforyournew foundaudience. Presentation Title Subtitleor Headline
  16. 16. Why CRO? The average shopping cart abandonment rate is 67% 63% of consumers need to hear company claims 3-5 times before they trust it 73% of online consumers get frustrated with websites when content is featured (e.g. offers, ads, promotions) that has nothing to do with their interests http://index.fireclick.com/fireindex.php Edelman Trust Barometer, 2012 Janrain & Harris Interactive
  17. 17. When CRO?
  18. 18. Always
  19. 19. Presentation Title Subtitle or Headline Always Long Term Benefits Continuous Effort CRO is akin to SEO, the benefits of today’s efforts will payoff further down the line, and the benefits from tomorrow’s efforts will be seen even later still. Additionally, this allows for iterative learning as each tweak and each test will result in new data to be analyzed and improved upon
  20. 20. Presentation Title Subtitle or Headline Always Changing Different Habits change. Design changes. The Web evolves. Additionally, since CRO is tied to UX at a higher level, you need to always be improving the user experience of your site to help find and fix pathways that make the visitor's life easier than before.
  21. 21. Where do I Start?
  22. 22. Benchmarks Before/After Use youranalyticsplatformtoget benchmarkdataforthe following: o Site ConversionRate o LandingPageConv.Rate o FunnelData o BounceRate o Timeon Site o Timeon Page o PagesViewed per Visit Presentation Title Subtitleor Headline
  23. 23. Presentation Title Subtitle or Headline AnalyticsThe Devilin theDetails Bounce Rate Filter your data to find the pages with the highest bounce rates. These should be your primary focus for optimization. High bounce rates mean that users are visiting your site, not finding what they need on the page, and leaving. Bounce Rates can be lowered sometimes by a simple change to the site or additional information. This data gets skewed by landing pages. Time on Site Engaged users tend to stay on pages longer, if your users are finding their way to conversions, then you’ll have a higher time on site. Landing Pages & Top Content Find out where your users enter your site, and what pages they visit. o Is it the best path to converting? o Are there CTAs on your top pages? Pages Viewed per Visit A tricky metric, usually higher pages viewed/visit means higher engagement for your users, which means they’re more likely to convert. Why usually? Once again, if your landing pages are working well, then you’ll want to see fewer pages viewed per visit.
  24. 24. Presentation Title Subtitle or Headline Funnel Visualization Funnels help to identify where you’re losing conversions during the checkout or signup process. Analytics The Devilin theDetails
  25. 25. A/B Testing Figuring out what works A/Btestsallowyoutofigure outwheretostartwith regardtoCRO.Best testswill worktoimprove theexperience orprocessforthe user. Thatbeing said… Testyourmessage, colors,pictures,everything. Just testone thingata time.
  26. 26. A/B Testing Tools It’ssoeasytodaytorunA/Bteststhatit’sfoolishnotto.
  27. 27. 95% Statistical Significance If youembarkon A/Btesting,statisticalsignificancewill bean importantmeasurement. In termsofchoosinga winner,hereareoursignificancepercentages: o 95%= Donotleave home without o 97%= You'regetting good o 98%=Warmer o 99%= Surething o 100%= PresidentialLaunchCodes Presentation Title Subtitleor Headline
  28. 28. How can I do?
  29. 29. Audience Research Study Your User Youraudienceisn’taset ofkeywords.Build online user personasand findtheir habits,actionpaths,etc. Interviews Card Sorting Personas
  30. 30. Audience Testing Doing Your Research How does yoursite function for youraudience? Could yourmom use your site correctly? Could yourson? Conducting tests is easier than inthe past thanksto passive online tools.
  31. 31. Best Practices & Top Tests
  32. 32. Page Design ABCD Layoutyoursite withregardtothe ABCDgrid asseen in thelanding pagebelow. Presentation Title Subtitleor Headline A to D Usersflow naturallyfromA toD
  33. 33. Page Design Presentation Title Subtitle or Headline B & C Remove CTAs from B & C, move them to D instead. That’s where users’ eyes wind up.
  34. 34. Page Design Presentation Title Subtitle or Headline Personalized Button Messages Reach out to your audience, it’s a leap of faith for them to buy online because there’s no human interaction. By making a button more personalized, more direct, speak to the user, you can see an increase in engagement. http://contentverve.com/10-call-to-action-case-studies-examples-from-button-tests/
  35. 35. Page Design Presentation Title Subtitle or Headline Avoid Too Many Calls to Action Stick to 1, maybe go up to 3, but 8 is more than enough. Where should the user begin on the page below?
  36. 36. Page Design Presentation Title Subtitle or Headline Embrace Different User Paths So, how do I speak to multiple audiences with minimal CTAs? It’s not easy to figure out what a new customer, current customer, or potential partner want to see first when they visit your site. In this example, all 3 are catered to without experiencing alienation in the design.
  37. 37. Page Design Presentation Title Subtitle or Headline Ditch Distractions Keep it simple, and keep it easy for users to navigate, read, process, etc.
  38. 38. Page Design Presentation Title Subtitle or Headline Avoid Options Options create confusion and roadblocks in the conversion process.
  39. 39. Page Design Presentation Title Subtitle or Headline Avoid “Solutions” Address Problems I have a problem. I don’t know the solution. Stop offering blanketed solutions to your users.
  40. 40. Page Design Presentation Title Subtitle or Headline Resonate with your users What problem are your visitors trying to solve? Your site is about THEM, not you.
  41. 41. Page Design Presentation Title Subtitle or Headline Match Your Keyword to Your Ad Seeing the search query appear in the ad helps create familiarity
  42. 42. Page Design Presentation Title Subtitle or Headline Match your ad to your landing page Carrying that familiarity to the landing page continues the bond.
  43. 43. Page Design Presentation Title Subtitle or Headline Show me the Price! Don’t hide your price under copy or with a color that blends in. Make it stand out!
  44. 44. Page Design Presentation Title Subtitle or Headline Show me Shipping! Humans will rely on one trait or piece of info when making a decision. Free shipping is most important order factor: o 52 percent of abandoned online shopping carts in 2011 were due to a lack of free shipping deals* o Shoppers spend an average of 30% more when free shipping is available* *http://www.freeshipping.org/statistics/
  45. 45. InCRO,unlikejustabouteverywhereelse,failures aren’treal.Youalwayslearn,regardless ofthe outcome. .Whathappens if we fail? Did it Work?
  46. 46. Prepared by Josh Patrice Director of SEO josh@portent.com Thank Portent, Inc. 5062nd Ave. Suite1700Seattle.WA 98104-2354 | Tel:206.576.3740 YOU.

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An introduction to Conversion Rate Optimization, how the psychology of your users plays a role, and how to get started. Learn tips & tricks used by successful CRO campaigns and get started with your own conversion rate improvements today.


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