Histoire du logo des J.O de Pékin 2008
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Beijing Olympic Logo Story

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The real story behind the Beijing 2008 olympic games logo selection: diplomatically sensitive

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  • the way the author defames China is a little naive
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  • the ppt maker even don't konw tiny little chinese culture....

    you just show your unwisdom here.


    Beijing 2008 Olympic logo

    The emblem, officially entitled 'Chinese Seal – Dancing Beijing', has a single Chinese character on a traditional red Chinese seal. The words 'Beijing 2008' are written with a Chinese brush below it. The figure in the logo resembles a runner or dancer and the Chinese character 'jing' which means 'capital'. The image carries the message that today's China is not only a nation with a long and glorious history, but also one full of modern dynamics.

    Dancing Beijing is a journey to the future, the emblem for China moving towards the 2008 Olympic Games. It represents the heart of an ancient culture embracing the modern world, the spirit of a people moving towards a new destiny. It captures the soul of a city in transformation and its motion conveys a message of hope, joy, and unity.

    Dancing Beijing is a symbol of the city's promise to make the Games a success and to be unlike any the world has known. The Chinese seal of Dancing Beijing is a promise rooted in honour and trust, character and truth.

    Dancing Beijing is the city's signature. The ancient art of calligraphy expresses the grace and character of the Chinese and the charm and beauty of their traditions. The image of Beijing's Olympics, inspired by the ancient figure for Beijing, turns the city into a dancing athlete in the graceful sweep of the calligrapher's hand.

    Dancing Beijing is the colour of China. Red is the most significant colour in Chinese culture's symbol of luck, of celebration and of new beginnings. The depth of its meaning equals the depth of its beauty.

    Dancing Beijing represents the spirit of the individual. It is the symbol for every Olympian, every performer, every volunteer and every spectator. Arms flung wide, it invites all people and the world to share in the city's history, beauty, energy, and its future.

    Dancing Beijing is in the form of the dragon, the ancient symbol of Chinese culture that has both beauty and majesty. It symbolizes a binding of the fire and light of the Chinese people, the power to the promise.

    Dancing Beijing is an invitation, a hand extended in welcome to China's celebration. The Games are held in the hope of uniting humanity as never before. They are a gesture of friendship and hope that the community of nations will unite in peace through sport.
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  • This is not true ! China is a Fantastic land with Brave People !

    They are rewriting their history of suffering and slavery this is my opinion.

    Thanks Helga from Brazil
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  • Gehören Sie zu den Ersten, denen das gefällt!

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Beijing Olympic Logo Story

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