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Will e-Books Replace Printed Books?

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Will e-Books Replace Printed Books?

  1. 1. Will e-Books Replace Printed Books? Joella Miller
  2. 2. e-book: an electronic book is a book-length publication in digital form, consisting of text, images, or both, readable on electronic devices
  3. 3. E-books’ sales topped paperbacks and hardcovers for the first time in 2011
  4. 4. With $90.3 million in sales in February 2011, e-books were up 202% compared to the same month a year earlier
  5. 5. “Although e-books are sometimes defined as an electronic version of a printed book, many e-books exist without any printed equivalent.”
  6. 6. Executives are predicting that traditional retailers will not be able to survive if they do not adapt to an e-book centric industry
  7. 7. % of Children who have read an e-book: 2010: 25% 2013: 46% … Almost double in 3 years
  8. 8. “As long as he is reading that is what is important. If he prefers e-books that is fine with me. I think more kids will be reading e- books and he should be comfortable with both.” - Mother of 6 year-old boy
  9. 9. How will this impact libraries?
  10. 10. Public libraries have built eReading rooms that allow readers to browse within their digital library
  11. 11. e-books offer features printed books cannot
  12. 12. Readers have the ability to •  Increase/decrease font size •  Use a built-in dictionary •  Make notes •  Share excerpts easily on social media
  13. 13. 17% read the same number of e-books as printed books However, some people are still attached to printed books
  14. 14. 46% of people still prefer exclusively reading printed books
  15. 15. "I think print and paper has a lasting value that people appreciate. Pixels are too temporary.”
  16. 16. While 16-24 year-olds are known to be technologically savvy early adopters, 62% prefer print books to e-books
  17. 17. Holding a physical book and flipping pages is the top-rated reason for people preferring printed books to digital books.
  18. 18. Printed books offer readers a different type of experience e-books might be okay for novels but it won’t replace coffee table books or photo books
  19. 19. In the future sales of print books will continue to decline, while sales of e-books will continue to rise…
  20. 20. but e-books will never fully replace printed books…
  21. 21. because e-books are not a better format replacing a lesser one, they offer a completely different experience
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