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Business software packages mkis

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Marketing Information Systems

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Business software packages mkis

  1. 1. Business Software Packages
  2. 2. Marketing Information System
  3. 3. Marketing was the first functional area to exhibit an interest in MIS. The MKIS consists of three input subsystems: 1. AIS 2. Marketing Research 3. Marketing Intelligence Four ingredients of the marketing mix 1. Product 2. Place 3. Promotion 4. Price Introduction
  4. 4. All types of organizations have these functions: 1. Marketing 2. Finance 3. Human Resources 4. Information Services Others are stand-alone 1. Manufacturing 2. Engineering 3. Research and Development Functional Organization Structure
  5. 5. Functional Information Systems Marketing Information System Marketing Function Manufacturing Informationg System Manufacturing Function Financial Information System Finance Function Human Resource Information System Human Resources Function Information Resources Information System Information Services Function The conceptual systems are mirror images of the physical systems they represent.
  6. 6. Narrow term: Marketing includes selling and advertising Broader term: Marketing consists of individual and organizational activities that facilitate and expedite satisfying exchange relationships in a dynamic environment through the creation, distribution, promotin and pricing of goods services and ideas. Marketing Principles
  7. 7. Marketing strategies consist of a mixture of ingredients called the Marketing mix: 1. Product Product is what the cutomer buys to satisfy a perceived want or need. 2. Promotion Promotion is concerned with all the means of encouraging the sale of a product. 3. Place Place deals with the means of physically distributing the product to the customer through a channel of distibution 4. Price Price consists of all the elements relating to what the customer pays for the product Marketing Mix
  8. 8. 1966 – Prof. Philip Kotler of Northwestern University used the term marketing nerve center to describe a new unit marketing to gather and process marketing information He identified the three types of marketing information: 1. Marketing intelligence – information that flows into the firm from the environment 2. Internal Marketing Information – information that is gathered within the firm 3. Marketing Communications – information that flows from the firm outward to the environment Evolution of the MKIS Concept
  9. 9. EnvironmentFirm Marketing Intelligence Marketing Communications Internal Marketing Information
  10. 10. Marketing Information System - A computer-based system that works in conjunction with other functional information systems to support the firm’s management in solving problems that relate to marketing the firm’s products Two key points in the definition 1. All of the functional systems msut work together 2. Problem Solving support is not limited to marketing managers MKIS Definition
  11. 11. Marketing Information System Model Database Accounting Information System Marketing Research Subsystem Marketing Intelligence Subsystem INPUT SUBSYSTEMS OUTPUT SUBSYSTEMS Product Subsystem Place Subsystem Promotion Subsystem Integrated-mix subsystem Users
  12. 12. Output Subsystems 1. Product subsystem provides information about the firm’s products 2. Place subsystem provides information about the firm’s distribution network 3. Promotion subsystem provides information about the firm’s advertising and personal selling activities 4. Price subsystem helps the manager make pricing decisions 5. Integrated-mix subsystem enables the manager to develop strategies that consider the combined effects of the ingredients
  13. 13. 1. Accounting Information System - Data for Preparation of Periodic Reports - Data for Preparation of Special Reports - Data for Mathematical Models and Knowledge Based Systems 2. Marketing Research Subsystem This is used to gather any type of information but most activity aimed a customers and prospects. Two types of data are gathered: Primary and Secondary Data. 3. Marketing Intelligence Subsystem Gathers competitor’s data. Marketing Intelligence refers to the wide range of ethical activities that may be used to gather information about competitors. Input Subsystems
  14. 14. End of Topic