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Adding a research log to FamilySearch Family Tree

Learn how to share your ResearchTies research log on FamilySearch Family Tree.

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Adding a research log to FamilySearch Family Tree

  1. 1. Add a Research Log to FamilySearch® Family Tree
  2. 2. Sign into your ResearchTies account. To create a PDF of your research log for a specific person, begin by clicking on “Search Your Logs.”
  3. 3. In the dropdown, select “Results.”
  4. 4. Select the person whose research you want to share.
  5. 5. Click “Search”
  6. 6. Select the specific items to share by clicking the boxes to the left, or click “Select All” to share all of your research results.
  7. 7. After making your selections, click “Report.”
  8. 8. Be sure to select the PDF format. FamilySearch does not accept Excel files for uploading. Click “Create.”
  9. 9. Save the report to your hard drive.
  10. 10. Locate the desired person in Family Tree and scroll down to the “Sources” area.
  11. 11. Click on “Create a New Source.”
  12. 12. Since others can add their logs as well, it’s a good idea to include your name in the title. For the title, indicate that this is a research log and who it is for.
  13. 13. Select “Add a Memory,” then click “Add File” to upload the PDF you created.
  14. 14. Click the “plus” icon to upload your file.
  15. 15. Select the uploaded file, then click “Attach to Source.”
  16. 16. Add a description of your log, then click “Save.”
  17. 17. Your log will now show as a source for this person. To check your entry, click on its source title.
  18. 18. Click on the document icon.
  19. 19. This view is too small to read. Hover your mouse over the image, and zoom tools will appear.
  20. 20. A second option is to click on “Details.”
  21. 21. Users will be given the option to download a copy of the file.
  22. 22. Whether the user clicks on the viewer or downloads a file, all of the hyperlinks will open your documents.
  23. 23. Not “finished” with your research? No problem! You can always come back and change the document to a current version of the log. Click on “Edit.”
  24. 24. Click “Edit” in the section where the image is loaded.
  25. 25. Click “Remove Memory” to delete the old version, then “Add a Memory” to load the updated version. When finished, click “Save.”
  26. 26. Let’s all work to improve the quality of online trees. Add a research log to YOUR ancestors on FamilySearch® Family Tree, and encourage others to do the same!