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New student with a new approach - NSO Online Orientation Redesign

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New student with a new approach - NSO Online Orientation Redesign for new and transfer students at Valencia College in Orlando, FL.

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New student with a new approach - NSO Online Orientation Redesign

  1. 1. Collaborative Redesign of New Student Orientation Eve Walden & Josh Murdock
  2. 2. One on-campus fire-hose session of information dissemination No Faculty Involvement One presenter and 2 advisors Advising was not meta-major specific Personal Connection among students not facilitated Lecture format; less interaction Experiences varied from campus to campus
  3. 3. QEP: Quality Enhancement Plan – Defined by Pathways, All students can learn under the right conditions. Experience is part of the learning process.
  4. 4. “More students are arriving to the on-campus orientation session fully informed about their status regarding the business side of college enrollment – financial aid, payment options, tuition rates.This allows us the work with them on a much more meaningful level in terms of academic advising and making connections.” – Mary McGowan
  5. 5.  Development of a pre-on-campus orientation (Part 1: Online Orientation)  Redesign of the face to face orientation sessions (Part 2: On- Campus Orientation
  6. 6. Content & Delivery  All NSO coordinators and their Deans (East, Osceola,West, Winter Park)  NSO advisors/advisors  Career Program Advisors (CPA’s)  Answer Center staff  Student Leaders  NSE faculty  Transitions Technology & Design  OIT – Atlas/Banner  OIT – Instructional Design  OIT – Valencia Production  Student Affairs – Technical Team  Marketing
  7. 7. What’s needed prior to coming to orientation? What issues are reoccurring at on-campus orientation that might be solved prior? What documentation or paperwork is needed for registration to happen at on-campus orientation? What could we teach them online,so they don’t have to learn about it on campus? How will we assess them? Methodology:Learning Centered Model
  8. 8. Section 1 – Residency,Meta-Major Section 2 – AA AS, Math Pathway, Math Review Section 3 – Valencia Campuses, Freshman Comp, Reading Review Section 4 – Dev. Ed., Financial Aid, LASSI, NSE, Next Steps Register for On-Campus Orientation
  9. 9. Engages students via Blackboard (platform utilized by professors at Valencia) Addresses various learning styles Saves time Avoids frustration Gives students foundation in the language of higher education Equips students with more informed questions Clarifies AA/AS major prior to coming onto campus
  10. 10. Writing Scripts & Storyboarding Choosing types of media and interactions Reviewing Content & Testing with Staff & Students
  11. 11. Blackboard Storyline Powtoon Camtasia YouVisit Audicity
  12. 12. • Auto enrollment and export of scores • Combine reviews and sections for NSO • Adaptive release • Introduces students to our LMS and all students have accounts.
  13. 13. • SCORM – Works with Blackboard Grade Center • All various media to be integrated • Create pathways,triggers, interactions,and layers • Lots of options, including to force completion to move forward • Examples:http://valenciacollege.edu/orientation/parents.cfm
  14. 14. • Animated Presentation Builder • Easy to use animations and creation tool • Export as MP4 video to integrate into orientation • Examples:https://www.powtoon.com/online- presentation/dxTILyjSnGF/scheduling/?mode=movie#/
  15. 15. • Add screencasts,add audio,add videos,and images to timeline • Zoom, callouts,transitions • Export as MP4 or other formats
  16. 16. http://www.youvisit.com/tour/valencia/80818 • Used by Marketing and Recruitment • Virtual Tour of various campuses. • Can be converted to a format for Google Cardboard
  17. 17. • FREE Audio Tool • Great for editing audio and recording scripts • Export as MP3 or other formats
  18. 18.  Implemented prior in a separate Blackboard course.Now integrated into Part 1: Online Orientation.  Career Review, Mathematics Academic Review, Reading and Writing Academic Review, and LASSI (Learning & Study Strategies Inventory)  These are using in helping determine course selection and used in New Student Experience.
  19. 19.  Completed orientation score automatically sent to Banner to trigger enrollment access to on-campus orientation in Atlas.  Text-messages for student who haven’t completed online orientation yet.  Text-messages for student who completed online orientation but haven’t registration or completed on campus orientation.
  20. 20.  Continue to update based on edits needed for each semester  International Students – Lots of changes and new voices for several parts to fit the culture and needs of our international student population.  Office for Student with Disabilities (additional ADA compliant material)  Orientation Facilitator Training (so they know what students go through)  Coming Soon: Bachelors of Science  Coming Soon: Dual Enrollment  Coming Soon: EAP
  21. 21. “Because many of the foundational concepts are covered in the online orientation, students arriving to the on-campus session are coming with more informed, higher quality questions. Before the online orientation was added, many students were coming in confused about the different degree options we offer, and mystified about the whole “meta-major” topic. Now students are coming in knowing that they need to change their major, and knowing which major they need to pursue.” – Mary McGowan
  22. 22. Bill 1720 – Florida High School Diploma = College Readiness Intentional Change Adjust job descriptions for NSO Coordinators Hire NSE faculty and advisors Emphasize community Introduce intrusive advising Engage students in interactive learning experiences Create deliberate leaning outcomes related to college success skills
  23. 23. AREA RATED COMPLETION OF AREA VERY EASY/EASY FALL 2014 RATED COMPLETION OF AREA VERY EASY/EASY FALL 2015 PERCENTAGE INCREASE Florida Residency 42% 51% 9% Assessment 53% 58% 5% New Student Orientation 73% 78% 5% Registration for Classes 69% 71% 2%