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  2. 2. OUR MISSION Providing the best and qualitative services are only our mission, which we fulfil with the help of our highly talented team and their skills. We never have failed to achieve the mission, and if we ever did, we have always learned from it. OUR VISION We at the Divine SEO Services have this vision of making the SEO, web design and develop- ment services to available and affordable to every corner of world where some small scale businesses succumbs to death because of high investment in earning the recognition through the digital market. Our vision solely starts from our India where the potential is there; but what they need is a supporting shoulder and are proud that we are one of them. OUR SERVICES • Web design and development • SEO and digital marketing • Responsive web design • Graphic design • E-commerce design • WordPress and Magento theme design Divine SEO Services is a name fulfilling its initial as it provides the divine SEO, web design and development services where creativity and conversion are the main aim. We are India-based firm and have our fair share of clientele who only prefer choosing us for the epitome SEO, web design and development services. And the reason is that, we at the Divine SEO Services aim to make to your dream come true no matter you are an upcoming firm or have already cleared the entry-level. We know that every business needs the recognition and hence, solely aim to bring that recognition with our SEO and web design & development services. At Divine SEO Services, we extends our services before as well as after the project completion as we know that relationship is not that is until the project is completed. It is something that runs for the lifetime where we build and patroonship and serve you in your dips as well as in rise. ABOUT COMPANY AT A QUICK GLANCE We at the Divine SEO Services are the premium provider of everything, which you want to build an exclusive website. Our services are-
  3. 3. INDUSTRIES WE SERVE Accelerate your brand's growth through SEO, Digital Marketing and attract more customers with mobile apps having a great UI, design Great artwork and Robust Back End. We have developed Multiple Websites , Digital Marketing and Applications as below listed Industries Music Stock market Media Hotel E-Book FitnessE-Commerce Photo Editing Healthcare Auto Mobile HOW WE WORK 1. Research 2. Wireframe 3. Transition 4. Coding 5. Source 6. Testing 7. Refining 8. Delivery
  4. 4. • Responsive Web Design • Ecommerce Store Design • Wordpress Theme Design • Magento Theme Design • Graphics Design Services • HTML Design • UI/ UX Design Services • Website Maintance Services WEB DEVELOPMENT Our Highly Professional Expertise is rooted in innovation that makes our web development & Designs highly responsive . Our Standardized web development offering are. • CMS Development • Ecommerce Development • Social Network Development & Community • PHP Web Application Development • Web Services Development • Asp.net Development • Java Development OPEN SOURCE DEVELOPMENT Our Open Source Development are framed to be customized in order to meet client's requirements. We are Professionally Equipped to work on third party integration like. • Laravel development • BuddyPress Development • Drupal Development • OpenCart Development • Woocommerce Development • Joomla Development • Wordpress Development • Magento Development • Magento Module Development DIGITAL MARKETING We Provide SEO, Digital Marketing & Brand Marketing Which include Below Services. • Digital Marketing Services • Content Writing Services • Brand Marketing • Online Marketing • Social Media Marketing • PPC Our Web Design are unique and creating exclu- sively for your business that matches your business branding.
  5. 5. Divines e r v i c e s Seo kaivanhshah88 www.divineseoservices.com +91 942 6289695 info@divineseoservices.com 8 Nemnath Society, shantivan , Paldi, Narayan Nagar Society, Ranna Park, Paldi, Ahmedabad, Gujarat 380007