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2017 Physician Strategies: Physician Enagement - Gelb

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Why is physician engagement strategically important? How can you design a strategy that is laser-focused on increasing clinical demand by ensuring your medical staff is aligned?

This presentation highlights key data, a framework for focusing your efforts with an aim statement and developing a programmatic approach to physician engagement.

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2017 Physician Strategies: Physician Enagement - Gelb

  1. 1. Physician Engagement strategies that Build Meaningful Connections 2017 Physician Relations Webinar Series
  2. 2. 2017 Physician Relations Webinar Series LYLE GREEN, MBA, FACHE Senior Advisor, Healthcare Lyle Green has over 20 years of experience at one of the top cancer centers in the country, advancing physician relations and business development.
  3. 3. 2017 Physician Relations Webinar Series Today’s Agenda You will Learn: Why is Physician Engagement Strategically Important? What Do You Want to Accomplish? Developing the Aim Statement. How to Create the Physician Engagement Program
  4. 4. 2017 Physician Relations Webinar Series HOUSEKEEPING AUDIO is available through your computer speakers or through dial-in. All lines are muted. You can SUBMIT QUESTIONS/COMMENTS at any time. We will address all questions during the Q&A session at the end of today’s presentation. Links to the slides and RECORDING will be made available and sent to all attendees via e-mail.
  5. 5. 2017 Physician Relations Webinar Series ABOUT US WE WORK WITH NATIONALLY-RECOGNIZED INSTITUTIONS: 5 “Honor Roll” institutions 5 out of the top 10 cancer programs 3 out of the top 4 pediatric hospitals 3 out of the top 10 cardiovascular programs NATIONAL BENCHMARKING STUDIES: Patient experience management Marketing practices Physician relations programs International programs Ranked as one of top 50 Healthcare Consulting firms by Modern Healthcare
  6. 6. Our Philosophy
  7. 7. Why is Engagement Important ? • Get Physicians Involved in the Process • Creates Collegial Relationships • Facilitates Patient Access • Enhances Clinical Communications • Positions you as a “Referral Center of Choice”
  8. 8. Why is Engagement Important ? “Physicians are the key stakeholder and customer for healthcare organizations. Because hospitals would not be in business without referring physicians, the cultivation of referral relationships is mandatory to market development.” Source: Healthcare Financial Management: Growing the Top Line; 5 Strategies to Expand Your Business
  9. 9. Successful Physician Engagement: Is mutually beneficial Is authentic (promises we can keep) Promotes referring physicians feeling like partners in care
  10. 10. What is your Aim statement? Aim Statements • Describes where you are going • Targets a specific population and segment • Includes measurable, well-defined and realistic goals • Can includes BIG thoughts Example: Grow cardiac referrals by 10% by December 31, 2017.
  11. 11. What is our Aim Statement ? What are we trying to accomplish? • Raise internal awareness about referring physician needs and issues • Provide support to grow their practice (i.e. referrals) • Improve referring physician satisfaction and reputation • Build a network / build a referral base • Improve the coordination of patient care
  12. 12. Creating Unique Opportunities How are YOUR physicians recognized… • What are their incentives? • Financial, Space, Staff, other ? • What is important to them? • Reputation, Career, Leadership role? • What are their priorities? • Patient care, Research, Education?
  13. 13. Organizational Growth Priorities Goal Alignment Capacity and Resources Promotion of Clinical and Research Service Line Market and Growth Plans Engagement Strategies Strategic Planning for the Liaison Program
  14. 14. Referring Provider Needs and Expectations Referral Decision Factors Referring Physician Experience Feedback Competitor Profiles Leakage and Splitting Engagement Strategies Physician Liaison Team – Providing Referral Base Knowledge and Understanding
  15. 15. Required vs. Optional In-person vs. Online and On-Demand Free or Fee-Based? How can the Liaison Participate? Engagement Strategies Continuing Medical Education
  16. 16. Cost Effective Operationally Efficient Enlist physician participants Build Relationships (followership) NOT Mass Media !! Engagement Strategies Social Media
  17. 17. Physician Advisory Boards Exhibiting at Medical Conferences Medical Society Participation Physician Office Visits Physician Orientation Engagement Strategies Enhancing Physician Reputation
  18. 18. Aim Statement Use of physician feedback for action planning CME options build a sense of partnership Social media that promotes engagement Providing avenues to enhance reputation Liaison program consistency and effectiveness Engagement Strategies Practical Ways to Engage Physicians:
  19. 19. Establish the Medical Director role Develops “recognition” criteria Internal communications Measure the results Physician Ambassador Program Formalizing the Approach:
  21. 21. Please look out for an invitation to our next physician strategies webinar in the coming weeks! Structuring Your Program for Success From position descriptions to technology and territory plans, what are the key components of a best practice physician relations program.
  22. 22. Engaging Busy Physicians http://www.endeavormgmt.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/09/Engaging-Busy- Physicians.pdf / Resources Eliciting Physician Feedback in Survey Research http://www.endeavormgmt.com/eliciting-feedback-from-physicians/ Experience Management http://www.endeavormgmt.com/experience-management-overview/ Physician360 Dashboard Demo http://endeavormgmt.com/digitalinsights/
  23. 23. • Have a representative contact you? • Have a representative come to speak at your organization? • Want more information? Would You Like To:
  24. 24. www.endeavormgmt.com/healthcare Contact Us Lyle Green LGreen@endeavormgmt.com
  25. 25. Thank you for participating!