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The Power of Story for Sales Success

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Stories are so effective in sales because they connect us to a lesson, person, or brand in an easy to remember non-threatening way. Organizations with well-structured brand stories experience extraordinary growth in a short amount of time. The printed products your clients buy are more than writing instruments. We have the unique privilege to work in an industry that delivers communication tools that serve strategic purposes if we chose to use them that way.

Chances are you and your clients have an important story to tell but could be telling it better. Join us on this journey into story where you can be the hero your client needs. On this journey we will look at classic story structure, the elements of brand story, and how promotional products can be easily positioned into brand stories.

Actionable Take Aways:
Proper story structure for sales success
Effective use of the "Hero's Journey" to sell more products
The Four elements of a Brand Story

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The Power of Story for Sales Success

  1. 1. The Power of Story for Sales Success
  2. 2. Make Your Story Stink!
  3. 3. Meet Your Presenter Jim Socci, CAS President Artistic Toy “Inspiring the use of Plush Toys In Advertising with our Character”
  4. 4. The Character Branding Series 1. The Six Cornerstones of Successful Brands 2. Learn to Speak the Inner Language of Your Clients 3. Incorporate the Power of Story for Sales Success 4. Create Your Own Character in the Market Place
  5. 5. What you will learn in next 60 minutes •Why Story’s Important to Branding •Story Structure •Hero's Journey •Applied Example
  6. 6. Why is Story Telling important to Sales? • Lesson taught in Non-threatening way • Listening and relating to stories is hard wired into our DNA as humans. • Brings listener closer their problem / your product solution. • You can help change someone’s point of view by their own will.
  7. 7. Why is Story Telling important to Business? • Easy to remember • Swift Economy • Maximum amount information smallest amount of time. • Fun Re-telling • Re-told at no charge. • Your Story is Your Brand!
  8. 8. What’s In Story For Me? “WISFM” • Company stories and brands are always changing and evolving? • Understanding Company Story helps you identify their desires and also helps you align. • Stories can be told in many different ways and always improved. • Help clients select the best communication tools for their story.
  9. 9. Three Story Telling Tips • Speak in terms of pictures not words • Involve as many senses as possible • Connect listener to conflict quickly
  10. 10. Story Structure • Structure 1: The Milieu Story • Structure 2: The Idea Story • Structure 3: The Character Story • Structure 4: The Event Story
  11. 11. Story Structure Structure 1: The Milieu Story Television / Movies / Books Advertisers / Industries 1. Gulliver's Travels 1. Flooring 2. The Wizard of Oz 2. Hotel 3. Star Wars 3. Restaurant 4. Alice in Wonderland 4. Automobile
  12. 12. Story Structure Structure 2: The Idea Story Television / Movies / Books Advertisers / Industries 1. 2001 A Space Odyssey 1. Insurance 2. Mysteries 2. AFLAC 3. Sherlock Holmes 3. Geico 4. CSI 4. AXA Equitable
  13. 13. Story Structure Structure 3: The Character Story Television / Movies / Books Advertisers / Industries Facing the Giants Healthcare American Idol Education Charlie Brown Sports / Energy Drinks The Bachelor Chemo Duck
  14. 14. Story Structure Structure 4: The Event Story Television / Movies / Books Advertisers / Industries James Bond Chic-Fil-A Indiana Jones Hormel Adventure Viagra Comedy Cheerio's
  15. 15. Hero’s Journey • Classic structure seen everywhere • Basic Components • Ordinary World • Inciting Incident • Call-to-Action • Conflict/Struggles • Transformation • Return with Elixir
  16. 16. Elements of Brand Story
  17. 17. Applied Examples 1. Milieu – Patch Bear YouTube Video: https://youtu.be/JY3YV4KIUJo 2. Idea – AXA 800lb Gorilla 3. Character – Chemo Duck YouTube Video - http://youtu.be/DDn8X2pkS98 4. Event – Tiger By The Tail YouTube Video https://youtu.be/2PWDhlSIxVk
  18. 18. Translate Story to Sales Success • Identify with your audience • Understand their yearnings • Get in step
  19. 19. In Conclusion 1. The Story is the Brand 2. Every good order has Great Story 3. Story Re-Telling and Inspiring People with story is as natural as your DNA 4. Understanding Story provides you limitless client opportunity.
  20. 20. Contact Me! Jim Socci: jsocci@artistictoy.com 484-788-0888 x101