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Engaging Educators in your Edtech Startup- v3

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Slides from my 3rd time giving this talk at ImagineK12

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Engaging Educators in your Edtech Startup- v3

  1. 1. Engaging Educators Building Your Community
  2. 2. About.me @Jessie_AroraTeacherSquare.org edcrunch.org
  3. 3. “Utility drives adoption, community drives retention” Caterina Fake, Founder- Flickr & Hunch Education is a long game. Resist the urge to chase short-term buzz (like getting written up in TechCrunch) and focus on building relationships with your early evangelists.
  4. 4. K12 is Incredibly Fragmented
  5. 5. Show Me the Money (USA) $50B $600B
  6. 6. What’s Driving the Dysfunction- Stakeholders and users aretypically not thepurchasers/customers- Longer sales cycles (12-18months)- Cultural aversion to change- Time is a huge constraint
  7. 7. Center for Learning with Technology Hacker/Maker space to connect educators and edtech
  8. 8. When you connect with people, they want to help you
  9. 9. Teacherpreneur Networks Digital HarborHighlander Institute’s: Foundation
  10. 10. Conferences & Events Be selective. Track your target audience
  11. 11. Getting Started- Establish your story and set yoursocial media tone- Refine your message with engagedbeta testers- Design broader marketing plan
  12. 12. Low Budget Storytelling- Comment on blogs- Leverage message boards- Leverage social networks- Become a guest author- Case studies #esinstruct- Speak at events- Start blogging yourself
  13. 13. Early Adopters <3 TwitterList of Top Edu Tweeters on edcrunch.org
  14. 14. EdgeRank = affinity * weight* time decayIts not about how much information you can push out to your audience, its about the relationship you can build and the trust that you can create in order to grow your business.
  15. 15. Battling through Beta“Make sure your product doesn’t suck” - Dave McClure, 500 Startups Did you really solve a problem?Did you discover a bigger problem to solve?
  16. 16. Empowering Evangelists Virtual Interns Director of Teacher Happiness
  17. 17. Beyond Beta
  18. 18. The story continues...- Establish your story and set yoursocial media tone- Refine your message with engagedbeta testers- Design broader marketing plan
  19. 19. Appendix- @CybraryMan1resources (Get ready...this is a crazy site)- edu hashtags- edu chats
  20. 20. PLCs: Professional Learning Networks Also referred to as PLNs - Professional/Personal Learning Communities
  21. 21. Community Groups Create a space to foster ongoingcommunication between your early users