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JESS3 Social Media Data Visualization

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Jesse Thomas is the CEO and Founder of JESS3 – a creative interactive agency based in Tysons Corner, Virginia. Jesse is as much a entrepreneur as he is an innovator, designer, visionary and eager learner. When it comes to the worlds of branding, data visualization and social media, Jesse is constantly pushing the limits and exploring new frontiers. JESS3 has the pleasure to design innovative solutions, directly or through other agencies, for: Mashable, Microsoft, Marriott Intl, Ace Hardware, C-SPAN, AARP, PepsiCo/Tropicana, Dow Jones/The Wall Street Journal, Nestle, Pfizer, Shopzilla, SnagFilms, IndieWire, Advertising.com, National Press Foundation, Webgiftr, Busboys and Poets, New Media Strategies, Ashcroft Group, Heritage Foundation, Blue State Digital, Widmeyer Communications, DBC PR, Adfero and many more.

In addition, Jesse enjoys participating in the industry through partnerships with organizations such as WOMMA, Social Media Club, Barcamp, Facebook Developer Garage, AIGA and Art Directors Club.

Rounding out his approach to creativity and travel, Jesse has also held a number of solo and group art shows in places like China, Cuba, New York, Ohio and DC.

Veröffentlicht in: Design, Bildung, Technologie
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JESS3 Social Media Data Visualization

  1. 1. JESS3. We typically focus on Social Media, Branding, and Data Visualization.