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2011 News Contest Winners Tabloid

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Winners' info with judges' comments and info on SCPA's top honors -- our journalists of the year and Montgomery FOI winners!

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2011 News Contest Winners Tabloid

  1. 1. 2011 SCPA News Contest Winners • 1 2011 News Contest Award Winners RECOGNIZING THE BEST IN S.C. NEWSPAPER JOURNALISMFirst Place and Best of the Best Spot News Photo: George Salsberry, The Press & Standard, Church Fire First Place Feature Photo: Gwinn Davis, Tribune-Times, Fun in SnowHonorable Mention Feature Photo: Grace Second Place General News Photo: Tim Dominick, The State, Difficult DeploymentBeahm, The Post and Courier, Street Surfer
  2. 2. 2 • 2011 SCPA News Contest Winners JOURNALIST REID MONTGOMERY FREEDOM OF INFORMATION AWARD OF THE YEAR AWARD State story, which ended with state legislators calling for anDaily Division investigation.  Her work was also supplemented with editorials hammering away for reform.Renee DudleyThe Post and Courier Daily Division Renee Dudley joined The Post and Courier in 2010 as a health reporter. Before First Place Daily Divisionthat, she was a reporter for The Boston Herald and The (Hilton Head) IslandPacket. Dudley has won honors from the The Post and Courier Second PlaceNew England and South Carolina PressAssociations for public service and in- This year’s FOI Award winner — The Post and Courier The Itemdepth, enterprise, health and government — stood out in what was one of the strongest pool ofreporting. In 2010, she received the entries ever entered. The Item inEugene S. Pulliam Award from the Society The Charleston daily was unanimously chosen because Sumter is recognizedof Professional Journalists for her work of its long battle all the way to the S.C. Supreme Court to as second place winner for its outstanding job reporting ondefending the First Amendment. She keep a Lowcountry school board from evading the FOIA an officer-related shooting, where police secrecy kept thegraduated from Boston University, where by having their lawyer handle a superintendent evaluation public in the dark about the details, and even who wasshe studied international relations, and then refusing to release the results claiming attorney- involved, in the fatal shooting of a 25-year-old man.  Itjournalism and French. client privilege.  This case had enormous statewide started as police blocked off a large section of the road Judges’ comments: Renee Dudley’s ramifications and the newspaper stepped up to the where the shooting happened to keep the public and pressreporting exposes wrongdoing, challenges challenge to force public accountability. Their courtroom at a distance.  They then withheld the names of the officers,powerful people and changes lives. She efforts bolstered their outstanding coverage of the case.  citing an unspecified threat.  The abuse of the FOIAtook on the governor, a large insurance The newspaper also used the FOI successfully in stories continued for months as police refused to say how manycompany and the area’s largest hospitals. about financial issues at S.C. State University , and in other times the man was shot and where he was struck.  Names DudleyThe results of her work led to accountability stories involving the office of the governor, were omitted from incident reports. To top it off, theinvestigations, changed policies, better care of taxpayer money and better care for SLED, The Citadel and the town of Summerville .  coroner refused to release the autopsy report, claiming itill patients. By any standard, she had an extraordinary year as a journalist. And Reporter Diane Knich did an outstanding job in the S.C. was a health care record. The Item has filed suit in the case.all South Carolinians benefitted from her work. Fairfield County’s Newspaper Since 1844 Cincotta undertook extensiveWeekly Division Weekly Division First Place The Herald Independent research into the company’sCorey Hutchins www.heraldindependent.com origins, obtaining records from various state agencies showing thatFree Times The Herald-Independent the board is a public body. Corey Hutchins is a staff writer at the Columbia Free Times covering South Nevertheless, the Board maintains its position that it isCarolina politics and was a 2008 recipient of the S.C. Press Association’s award for Jill Cincotta not a public body so The Herald-Independent has filesin-depth reporting. His work in 2011 This was a fine example of dogged reporting, smart criminal charges against the board members. The board hasappeared on the cover of The Nation, in The tactics and persistence to overcome stonewalling and tells requested a jury trial and the date of trial is still pending.Huffington Post, The Daily Caller and in readers what they needed to know about this public The Herald-Independent hopes to set a precedent inThe Texas Observer. Hutchins helped cover bodies’ efforts to circumvent the FOIA. South Carolina and send a message to those who seek tothe 2012 GOP presidential primary in Cincotta worked tirelessly, and in the face of circumnavigate the law and conduct public business inSouth Carolina as part of the CBS News tremendous resistance, to provide the public with valuable secret – the message is simple: The public is watching, andNational Decision Desk. He is the Palmetto insight into the day-to-day operations of the Jenkinsville the public will not tolerate backroom politics.State’s lead researcher on the State Integrity Water Company and its board.Investigation at the Center for PublicIntegrity in Washington, D.C. His graphic JUDSON CHAPMAN AWARD FOR PUBLIC SERVICEnovel about Alvin Greene, The AccidentalCandidate, comes out this spring. Hutchins First Secondearned a journalism degree in 2002 from The State The Post and Courierthe State University of New York atMorrisville and a degree in literature in Cindi Ross Scoppe Doug Pardue2006 from the University of South Carolina. Hutchins Secessionists Were Clear The Price of Living Judges’ comments: The breadth, depth, Judges’ comments: There were many really excellent entriesand remarkable impact statewide of Corey Hutchins investigative journalism for this award. But, the “wow!” factor of this one is unsur-makes him the compelling choice for this honor. His investigative reporting on Lt. passed. Editor Mark Lett described the entry as “Simple, ThirdGov. Ken Ard broke the story of improper campaign spending, leading to a Straight forward, Factual, Powerfully truthful.” To these we The Post and Couriercriminal investigation. He also was the first to break the story of the firing of would add: Yes! and courageous.University of South Carolina board member Darla Moore. He has been a bulldog Gene Sapakoffreporter whose work has had an impact. As a weekly journalist, he excelled in Daddy Lessonscovering both state and local issues. His work is something to emulate.
  3. 3. 2011 SCPA News Contest Winners • 3 PHOTOJOURNALIST OF THE YEAR AWARD Daily Division Weekly Division Nathan Gray Tanya Ackerman INDEPENDENT-MAIL COASTAL OBSERVER Judges’ comments: Great eye for detail in composition. Judges’ comments: This photographer has a very good way of Excellent use of unique camera angles grabs readers’ showing emotion. We love the feeling you get from looking at attention. Good focus on emotional impact of subject her photos -- each tells its own story. Timing and color use are matter. Assignments show a wide range of image types exceptional. Clean composition focuses readers’ eyes on point well presented. of interest. A great year of work! Gray AckermanCREDITSThe South Carolina Press Association and its members would like to thank the Index-Journal in Greenwood for printing this special publication. Thanks to the members of the KentuckyPress Association who judged the 2011 News Contest.
  4. 4. 4 • 2011 SCPA News Contest Winners Illustration FIRST: Myrtle Beach Herald, Chris Mowder, Festive Fall Judges’ Comments: Very creative, colorful collage of images that immediately grabs the reader’s attention. Well done! SECOND: The Times and Democrat, Kristin Leigh Coker, 10 Years of Community Service THIRD: Free Times, Wilbert T. Fields, Love Stinks Informational Graphics Portfolio FIRST: The Post and Courier, Chad Dunbar Judges’ comments: These informational graphics are all very colorful, creative, informative, and just fun to look at. Very clean and easy to understand. Nicely done! SECOND: The Greenville News, Suzie Riddle THIRD: Myrtle Beach Herald, Chris Mowder Single Online Photo FIRST: The Greenville News, Heidi Heilbrunn, Shattered Glass Judges’ comments: Cool photo! Unique moment caught. Love your perspective.First Place Single Online Photo: Heidi Heilbrunn, The Greenville News, Shattered Glass. SECOND: The Summerville Journal Scene, Paul Zoeller, 2011 Ultimate Challenge USMC Mud Run THIRD: The Post and Courier, Grace Beahm, Confederate Memorial DayOpen Division Online Column Writing HONORABLE MENTION: The Summerville Journal Scene, Paul Zoeller, Family Circle Cup FIRST: The Sun News, Sunny FryEditorial or Column in Support Judges’ comments: Truly an enjoyable read. This column was entertaining and insightful, well-written and Innovative Concept thought-provoking. FIRST: The Summerville Journal Scene, The Turtle Timesof FOI/Government Issues SECOND: Carolina Gateway, Reece Murphy THIRD: Lake Wylie Pilot, John Marks Judges’ comments: Awesome idea -- The staying power of the newspaper industry is in the hands of our children. FIRST: The Herald-Independent, James Denton, There Getting them involved early will keep us in their minds. Oughtta Be a Law SECOND: The Post and Courier, Experience Charleston Judges’ comments: Denton provides a plain-english explanation of the FOIA as well as a local example of how Cartoon THIRD: The Beaufort Gazette, Currently Playing taxpayers were hurt by being excluded from discussions FIRST: Herald-Journal, Robert Ariail about attempts to fix up a historic school building. We all Judges’ comments: Very Nice! Affiliated or Niche Website need watchdogs like Mr. Denton. Job well done. SECOND: Index-Journal, Mike Beckom SECOND: The State, Cindi Ross Scoppe, A Little Sunshine THIRD: The Dillon Herald, Betsy Finklea FIRST: The Beaufort Gazette, David Feld, Jeff Kidd and Staff, THIRD: The Gaffney Ledger, Cody Sossamon, It’s Not What beaufort300.com They Did, It’s HOW They Did It Judges’ comments: Awesome “niche.” Well-designed, Mixed Media Illustration attactive and easy to find information. SECOND: The Post and Courier, Staff, charlestonscene.comSeries of Sports Articles FIRST: The Island Packet, Tom Robinette THIRD: Herald-Journal, Staff, preps.goupstate.com Judges’ Comments: Very cool manipulation of the Oscar FIRST: The State, Bob Spear and Bob Gillespie figurines. Extremely creative and fun! I’m wondering Judges’ comments: A true chamber of commerce series for how difficult this was to do. Freakin’ cool. South Carolina golf. Actually all the chambers should use SECOND: Herald-Journal, Gary Kyle your series in promoting the state. THIRD: The Greer Citizen, Mandy Ferguson SECOND: Aiken Standard, Ben Baugh THIRD: Aiken Standard, Jeremy Timmerman
  5. 5. 2011 SCPA News Contest Winners • 5Online News Project Education Reporting Pictorial FIRST: The Post and Courier, Gill Guerry, Tracking an FIRST: The Herald, Shawn Cetrone FIRST: Morning News, Gavin Jackson, Patriotism Parade Arsonist Judges’ comments: An array of in-depth articles detailing a Judges’ comments: Beautiful and touching photo. Judges’ comments: In a highly competitive contest, you lot of major issues in area schools. Well-done, well-written. Exemplifies the phrase -- a picture is worth a thousand are the clear winner. The overall presentation is clean, SECOND: Herald-Journal, Lee G. Healy words. Nice color and geometry. easy to navigate and well-organized. Especially like the THIRD: Independent Mail, Anna B. Mitchell SECOND: The Post and Courier, Grace Beahm, Cypress Swamp interactive maps, databases, photo galleries and videos. THIRD: The State, C. Aluka Berry, State Fair Job well done! SECOND: Independent Mail, Nikie Mayo, Erin Gillespie, Faith Reporting HONORABLE MENTION: The Beaufort Gazette, Bob Sofaly, Lightning Richard Johnson Jr., Jennifer Crossley Howard, Liz Carey, FIRST: Independent Mail, Charmaine Smith-Miles Mike Ellis, Ken Ruinard, Sefton Ipock, Nathan Gray and Kirk Brown, Snowstorm Judges’ comments: Helping Hands story stood out among many greats in this division. Humorous Photo THIRD: The Times and Democrat, Brian Linder, Emery Glover, SECOND: The Herald, Don Worthington FIRST: Herald-Journal, John Byrum, Chicken on display Larry Hardy and Thomas Grant Jr., Slammin’ and Jammin’ THIRD: Index-Journal, St. Claire Donaghy Judges’ comments: We laughed. Funny for everyone! HONORABLE MENTION: The Post and Courier, Gill Guerry, SECOND: Independent Mail, Ken Ruinard, Buck in car Civil War Sports Beat Reporting THIRD: The Post and Courier, Wade Spees, RiverDogs FIRST: The State, Neil White Judges’ comments: Story on Scott Wingo was good read. Unpublished Photo Chad Holbrook’s recruiting story was also an interesting FIRST: Index-Journal, Sam O’Keefe, Meth lab investigationAll Daily read. All three kept my interest. SECOND: The Post and Courier, Phil Bowman THIRD: Herald-Journal, Kevin Melton Judges’ comments: Photo shows another side of the decontamination process. We can feel the inconvenience and depth of situation through this photo.News Special Edition or Section SECOND: The Item, Michael Christopher, A special chat FIRST: The Beaufort Gazette, A Walk Through History Feature Headline Writing THIRD: Morning News, Gavin Jackson, Retiring of flags HONORABLE MENTION: The Post and Courier, Wade Spees, Judges’ comments: This is a very solid, detailed and FIRST: The Post and Courier, Bob Kinney Charleston Fire Department interesting piece that becomes a remarkable history book Judges’ comments: Clever, funny headlines that fit the big plus for the planners here...blending interactivity into print is a perfect example for others to follow. Thoroughly enjoyable! story and use play on words well. SECOND: The Post and Courier, Tony Brown Use of Twitter THIRD: Independent Mail, Kylie Yerka FIRST: The State, Kelly Davis, Rachael Lowe, Dwayne SECOND: The State, The New Main Street McLemore, Aubrey Jenkins and Gary Ward THIRD: The Post and Courier, 9/11 Sports Headline Writing Judges’ comments: Great, consistent posts. Good variety of content, obvious by over 13,000 followers!Sports Special Edition or Section FIRST: The Times and Democrat, Jennifer Spears Judges’ comments: Headlines were consistently strong SECOND: The Greenville News, Staff THIRD: Herald-Journal, Stephen Largen FIRST: The State, Twice is Nice and attention-grabbing. Judges’ comments: Great production from front to back. SECOND: The Post and Courier, Fred Rindge The collaboration to combine history of the season with the biggest news into a well-organized piece is wonderful. It THIRD: Independent Mail, Rusty Boggs Facebook Page shows what can be done with focus when speed is a key. FIRST: The Island Packet, Staff SECOND: Morning News, Racking Their Brains THIRD: Herald-Journal, Facemask - Football Preview Single Page One Design Judges’ comments: The interaction with readers is obviously encouraged. Great idea to post image of the FIRST: Herald-Journal, Shana Gray Judges’ comments: Striking layout. Powerful lead art front page!Critical Writing evokes the strong emotions of the tragedy. SECOND: Morning News, Stephen Guilfoyle SECOND: Morning News, Kim Ginfrida, Matt Robertson, Jackie Torok, Brian Wilder, Rebecca Sucker and Lou Bezjak FIRST: The Post and Courier, Bo Petersen THIRD: The Island Packet, Cate Westberg THIRD: The Post and Courier, Staff Judges’ comments: Interesting, concise, nice writing. Some, as in “Leeches,” do not pull punches. He definitely would influence whether or not I read a book. SECOND: The Post and Courier, Bill Thompson THIRD: The Greenville News, Paul Hyde Photo Page Design Entertainment Section FIRST: The Times and Democrat, Kristin Leigh Coker Judges’ comments: This design is genius. Such a creative FIRST: Independent Mail, Jake Grove and Kylie Yerka,Health Reporting way of presenting these images. I can only imagine how much time this took to complete. Job well done! Upstate BE Judges’ comments: Information-packed -- filled with FIRST: The Post and Courier, Renee Dudley SECOND: The Item, Jessica Stephens visually-appealing items and great local content. Judges’ comments: Five important stories, all of which led THIRD: Index-Journal, Scott Bryan SECOND: The Post and Courier, Allison Nugent and Matt to change. Strong writing. Winter, Charleston Scene SECOND: The Greenville News, Liv Osby THIRD: The Sun News, Caroline Evans, Kicks THIRD: The Greenville News, Mike Foley
  6. 6. 6 • 2011 SCPA News Contest Winners Critical Writing FIRST:Pickens County Courier, Nicole Daughhetee, Every Moment is a Gift Judges’ comments: Clearly the winner in this category that had many great entries. Nicole gives a personal feel without making the reader feel like are reading a personal journal. Good job. THIRD: Charleston City Paper, Susan Cohen, Life and Death SECOND: The Woodruff News, William Buchheit, Tree of Life Health Reporting FIRST: Lake Wylie Pilot, John Marks Judges’ comments: Fish story provides important information for area residents. Nicely done! SECOND: The Press & Standard, Linda Salsberry THIRD: The Woodruff News, William Buchheit Education Reporting FIRST: The Horry Independent, Heather Gale Judges’ comments: Focused, highly informative writing on a variety of complex topics, all well-organized and filled with compelling quotations that clearly articulate both issues and culture of community make this honor well-earned. SECOND: The Gaffney Ledger, Scott Powell THIRD: Daniel Island News, Elizabeth BushFirst Place Sports Feature Photo: Nathan Gray, Independent-Mail, After Catching a Fly Ball Faith Reporting FIRST: The Gaffney Ledger, Joe L. Hughes IILifestyle/Feature Special All Weeky Judges’ comments: The writer used the right amount of seriousness and fun to create these well-told and interesting stories. The “Attendees Will Get a Kick” storyEdition or Section was an especially enjoyable read. News Special Edition or Section SECOND: Pickens County Courier, Nicole Daughhetee THIRD: Union County News, Anna Brown FIRST: The Post and Courier, My Charleston Judges’ comments: Imagine yourself dropped in a brand FIRST: Clarendon Citizen, Classic Clarendon: Citizens new spot and given one tool to help you establish your life here. This is it! A solid, very interesting, fact-filled piece Remember Judges’ comments: This one just almost wrote itself! I like Sports Beat Reporting that delivers what an area guide should. the personal accounts of “where were you when...” FIRST: The News & Reporter, Travis Jenkins, Memories and SECOND: Herald-Journal, Preserving the Past SECOND: The Press & Standard, Colleton Magazine Memorabilia THIRD: Herald-Journal, Think Pink THIRD: The Clinton Chronicle, Veterans Salute Judges’ comments: Awesome story.Very interesting. Good sentence structure and presentation. Very reader-friendly. SECOND: The Summerville Journal Scene, Roger Lee,E.A. Ramsaur Award for Overcoming Obstacles Sports Special Edition or Section THIRD: The Woodruff News, Jed Blackwell, Rising Chapman Senior Dies SuddenlyEditorial Writing FIRST: The Manning Times, Hall of Fame Judges’ comments: Wow! This section really stood out for FIRST: The State, Cindi Ross Scoppe Judges’ comments: MANY good entries in this group, but the writing and subject matter. The whole package was nicely done and an easy choice for first place. Very Feature Headline Writing Scoppe’s work stands out. “Secessionists” packs a punch impressive! FIRST: Spartanburg County News, Leon G. Russ and is irrefutable. “ATV” calls for action after making her SECOND: The Herald-Independent, Fall Sports Preview Judges’ comments: By far the best entries in this category. point very well. “Overhaul” really put the reader in the THIRD: The News & Reporter, Chester Co. Football 2011 “Pho No” was funny and creative without being picture. Good job HONORABLE MENTION: News and Press, Southern 500 insensitive. It made me laugh out loud. SECOND: Morning News, Tucker Mitchell SECOND: The Fort Jackson Leader, Susanne Kappler THIRD: The Post and Courier, Frank Wooten THIRD: Chronicle - Independent, Martha Bruce
  7. 7. 2011 SCPA News Contest Winners • 7Sports Headline Writing Use of Twitter Photo Illustration FIRST: The News & Reporter, Travis Jenkins FIRST: Fort Mill Times, Jenny Overman and Michael FIRST: Charleston City Paper, Scott Suchy, Poptart Cat Judges’ comments: Headlines seem to be consistent across Harrison Judges’ comments: Very imaginative. Adorable and the entry. Well done! Judges’ comments: Account connects to the newspaper’s hilarious. So far out of the litter box you can’t even see it! SECOND: The Woodruff News, Jed Blackwell website and other sources to use Twitter as a part, not a SECOND: Myrtle Beach Herald, Chris Mowder, Growing THIRD: The Gazette, Rob Gantt stand alone. Great interaction with readers. the Forest SECOND: Free Times, Eva Moore THIRD: Coastal Observer, Tanya Ackerman, RomanticSingle Page One Design THIRD: Free Times, Corey Hutchins movies HONORABLE MENTION: The Greer Citizen, Mandy Ferguson, FIRST: Carolina Forest Chronicle, Michael Smith Judges’ comments: Excellent looking centerpiece and clver Facebook Page Double duty use of the centerpiece to present a lot of information. Great overall use of graphics and teasers. Very clean FIRST: Fort Mill Times, Jenny Overman and Michael Harrison Judges’ comments: Interacts well with users, offering Weekly Newspaper Website layout and design. external links and a wide range of interesting story topics. FIRST: Clarendon Citizen, Carol Dowell and Joe Dowell, SECOND: Carolina Forest Chronicle, Michael Smith SECOND: Carolina Forest Chronicle, Michael Smith, Matt clarendoncitizen.com THIRD: The Manning Times, Jason Lesley Montgomery, Chris Mowder and Amanda Kelley Judges’ comments: Good site. Well-organized. Good THIRD: The People-Sentinel, Susan C. Delk, Jonathan Vickery and amount of local content. Nice placement of graphics. Kaelyn Pfenning SECOND: Charleston City Paper, Joshua Curry,Photo Page Design Harris Award for Editorial Writing charlestoncitypaper.com THIRD: The Press & Standard, Staff, colletontoday.com FIRST: Coastal Observer, Charles Swenson, Year in Photos FIRST: The Clinton Chronicle, Larry Franklin, Plan is a Bad Idea Judges’ comments: I LOVE the window idea! Very clever and eye-catching. Very neat design idea. I’m planning on Judges’ comments: Editorials are powerful with clearly and forcefully presented arguments. Well done! Photo Gallery stealing it! SECOND: The Herald-Independent, James Denton, Loose FIRST: The Summerville Journal-Scene, Paul Zoeller, SECOND: The Hartsville Messenger, Emily Killan, Pickin’ and Ledgers Sink Ships Down and Dirty Grinnin’ THIRD: The News & Reporter, Travis Jenkins, A School Play Judges’ comments: Variety of topics and angles gave this THIRD: LINK, Mykal McEldowney, C. Khid entry the edge. Emotion shows. Good composition. SECOND: The Summerville Journal Scene, Paul Zoeller, Public Service Family CupPictorial FIRST: The Manning Times, Sharron Haley and Jason Lesley, Line of Duty THIRD: Clarendon Citizen, Sharron Haley, Muddy for a Cause FIRST: Coastal Observer, Tanya Ackerman, Morning sunshine Judges’ comments: Great use of soft light. Judges’ comments: Excellent! Stories were well done and many stirred up emotions from within. Tears came to my Online Sports Video SECOND: The Summerville Journal Scene, Stefan Rogenmoser, eyes on some. Powerful writing. FIRST: Myrtle Beach Herald, Seahawks Win State Flaming Lips concert SECOND: The Press & Standard, George Salsberry and Charles Championship THIRD: Coastal Observer, Tanya Ackerman, Cold Rowland, Coal Ash Landfill Judges’ comments: Good coverage of an important local event. winter sunrise THIRD: The Gaffney Ledger, Staff, Cherokee 20/20 SECOND: Charleston City Paper, Joshua Curry, Quiddich THIRD: Clarendon Citizen, Konstantin Vengerowsky, HydrationHumorous Photo Sports Enterprise Reporting FIRST: Lake Wylie Pilot, John Marks, Octogenarian pulls husband’s boat FIRST: Spartanburg County News, Jed Blackwell, The Long and Winding Region Road Online Feature Video Judges’ comments: This is great... The one with the walker Judges’ comments: This entry was thorough and thought- FIRST: The Summerville Journal Scene, Paul Zoeller, Beat of a is pulling the boat! provoking, as well as well-researched and well-written. The Different Drum SECOND: The Greer Citizen, Preston Burch, White Christmas amount of effort by the writer was obvious. Great job! Judges’ comments: Beautiful photos mixed with vintage- SECOND: Fort Mill Times, Mac Banks, Style of Play Led Lady styled video footage. Impressive! THIRD: Coastal Observer, Tanya Ackerman, Never to old to celebrate Halloween Falcons to Title SECOND: The Summerville Journal Scene, Paul Zoeller, A THIRD: Daniel Island News, Elizabeth Bush, FCC Player Mother’s Day Gift Serves Up Help for Community THIRD: Charleston City Paper, Joshua Curry, Portrait BattleUnpublished Photo Business Reporting FIRST: Fort Mill Times, Mac Banks, Keeps running Judges’ comments: Great picture to portray dedication of FIRST: Daniel Island News, Elizabeth Bush Inside Page Design the racer. Judges’ comments: Elizabeth Bush understands that the FIRST: The Gaffney Ledger, Laura Parker, St. Louis Brass SECOND: The Fort Jackson Leader, Susanne Kappler, Training best stories, even business stories, are always about Judges’ comments: Nice, clean page. Layout draws the exercise people. These entries were interesting, informative and reader to each element in a fluid motion. Great job. THIRD: The Summerville Journal Scene, Stefan Rogenmoser, just good reads. This was clearly the first place winner. SECOND: The Greer Citizen, Mandy Ferguson, Journey of Love Ice coats logs SECOND: Myrtle Beach Herald, Charles D. Perry THIRD: The Star, Brandon Lockett, Face Your Fears THIRD: Coastal Observer, Jackie Broach HONORABLE MENTION: The News & Reporter, Travis Jenkins
  8. 8. 8 • 2011 SCPA News Contest WinnersDaily Over 50,000 Lifestyle Feature Writing Reporting in Depth FIRST: The State, Dawn Hinshaw, Serious Downsizing FIRST: The Post and Courier, Renee Dudley, Waste and abuseNews Headline Writing Judges’ comments: Excellent portrayal of person and at homeless shelter project. Leaves the reader with an understanding of who Judges’ comments: Thorough, hard-hitting reporting that got FIRST: The Post and Courier, Tony Brown the subject is without delving into details not needed. results. Congratulations to Renee Dudley and the Post and Judges’ comments: Thoughtful headlines that both convey SECOND: The Greenville News, Mike Foley, Basketball tourney Courier for making a difference by uncovering a scandal at the essence of the story and draw the reader in for a look. for the deaf is a game apart the North Charleston shelter for homeless veterans. SECOND: The State, Robert J. Venturella THIRD: The State, Dawn Hinshaw, A garden for all seasons prompting a federal audit and the firing of the director. THIRD: The Post and Courier, Beth Harrison SECOND: The Post and Courier, Glenn Smith, Bo Petersen and Andy Paras, Palmetto Behavioral Health Profile Feature Writing or Story THIRD: The Post and Courier, Glenn Smith, Gene SapakoffSpot News Reporting and Edward Fennell, Skip ReVille molestation stories FIRST: The Post and Courier, Yvonne Wenger, Sanford FIRST: The Greenville News, Paul Alongi, Ben Szobody and Retrospective Staff, Storm Delivers Judges’ comments: A large amount of time and resources Beat Reporting Judges’ comments: Well Done! Paper does a good job of resulted in a fascinating look at a political fall from grace showing what happened during crippling ice/snow storm. -- and now we have an insider’s point of view. Your hard FIRST PLACE AND BEST OF THE BEST: The State, John O’Connor SECOND: The State, Noelle Phillips, Murder-Suicide Leaves work paid off. Bravo! Judges’ comments: In-depth coverage using FOI and Four Dead SECOND: The Post and Courier, Glenn Smith, Sinking into the other means to give readers understanding of how Haley THIRD: The Greenville News, Ben Szobody, Ron Barnett, darkness won; how she is doing on campaign promises and behind David Dykes, Jenny Munro, Abe Hardesty and Eric Connor, THIRD: The State, Otis R. Taylor Jr., The Twist and Chubby the scenes pictures of “government” at work. Much more Max Heller: He Made Upstate a Better Place Checker than just quoting from press releases and press conferences. All candidates in this category are to be commended for work that goes beyond surface coverageEnterprise Reporting Short Story of their beats. SECOND: The Post and Courier, Yvonne Wenger FIRST PLACE AND BEST OF THE BEST: The Post and Courier, Renee FIRST: The Post and Courier, Bo Petersen, Council Votes on THIRD: The Post and Courier, Glenn Smith Dudley, European Vacation or Legitimate Business? Gibberish Judges’ comments: For sheer impact around the state, this Judges’ comments: This takes a surprising approach to city stands out. Not only was there the initial enterprise in council coverage, and it has a real and meaningful ending. Public Service uncovering the information, there was also the dogged SECOND: The State, Adam Beam, For Mom, Rumor Became pursuit by the reporter that caught the governor in a Horror FIRST: The State, The Civil War: 150 Years Later misstatement. THIRD: The State, Dawn Hinshaw, Everlasting Splendor Judges’ comments: Ambitious, exhaustive, and well- SECOND: The State, Wayne Washington, USC’s Biomass written series that ties the events of the Civil War to Plant Debacle contemporary successes and failures in politics and THIRD: The Post and Courier, Yvonne Wenger and Adam Column Writing society. Difficult to relive, yet an important story that Parker, Being Gay in Charleston can’t be forgotten. FIRST: The State, Cindi Ross Scoppe SECOND: The Post and Courier, Doug Pardue, The Price of Judges’ comments: All three columns are filled with great LivingNews Feature Writing insight and analysis, and they offer a powerful point of view. THIRD: The Post and Courier, Tony Barteleme, Tracking an SECOND: The Post and Courier, Brian Hicks Arsonist FIRST: The Post and Courier, Adam Parker, Hidden hurt THIRD: The Greenville News, Beth Padgett Judges’ comments: A compelling, intimate story about one family’s indescribable tragedy. Well-reported, told Spot Sports Story with detail and sensitivity. Impossible to stop reading. SECOND: The Post and Courier, Brian Hicks, Slavery in Series of Articles FIRST: The Greenville News, Scott Keeler, State Championship Charleston FIRST: The State, Carolyn Click, Joey Holleman, Wayne Bittersweet for J.L. Mann THIRD: The State, Joey Holleman, I love you Peggy Washington, Jeff Wilkinson and John Monk, The Civil War: Judges’ comments: Enjoyable read. Writer shows the 150 years later determination of Morgan Smith for both families. Judges’ comments: A remarkable piece of historical SECOND: The Post and Courier, Jeff Hartsell, Bulldogs RecallBusiness Reporting journalism, one that brings the history of the Civil War into Master Motivator THIRD: The Post and Courier, Tommy Braswell, Cougars the present-day world of race, politics and life in South FIRST: The State, Jeff Wilkinson Carolina. Nice use of sidebar material and info graphics to Shoot Down Flyers Judges’ comments: Great job! What could have been a help tell the story. complex issue was broken down clearly for readers. SECOND: The Post and Courier, Brian Hicks, Civil War 150th SECOND: The Post and Courier, Warren Wise Anniversary THIRD: The Greenville News, David Dykes THIRD: The Post and Courier, Doug Pardue, The Price of Living
  9. 9. 2011 SCPA News Contest Winners • 9Sports Feature Story FIRST: The State, Akilah Imani Nelson, The Wrestler Judges’ comments: Standout feature in a very strong category. The writer puts us in the ring with this unique wrestler. Fantastic photos illustrate a compelling story. SECOND: The Post and Courier, Travis Haney, Beating the odds THIRD: The State, Josh Kendall, Garcia’s Last StandSports Column Writing FIRST: The Post and Courier, Gene Sapakoff Judges’ comments: Sapakoff ’s columns display a winning mix of interesting topics, styles and approaches. All of them are well-written. His work gets the top honor in this tough category. SECOND: The State, Ron Morris THIRD: The Greenville News, Bart WrightPage One Design Portfolio FIRST: The State, Meredith Sheffer Judges’ comments: Great use of photos, illustrations and Second Place Photo Series or Photo Story: Gerry Melendez, The State, Gamecocks win College World Series pull-out boxes. Visually appealing. SECOND: The Post and Courier, Tim Thorsen THIRD: The State, Tracy Burlison General News Photo Sports Feature PhotoInside Page Design FIRST: The State, C. Aluka Berry, 150th anniversary of the FIRST PLACE AND BEST OF THE BEST: The Greenville News, Bart Civil War Boatwright, S.C. State Basketball FIRST: The State, Meredith Sheffer Judges’ comments: Stunning. Everything about this photo Judges’ comments: Clear winner in a VERY competitive Judges’ comments: Nice top plate and variety of stories. is beautiful. This photo makes me want to know more contest. This works because it is such an unusual Great job! about what is going on. pregame photo. The location is unique. The right lens was THIRD: The Post and Courier, Tim Thorsen SECOND: The State, Tim Dominick, Difficult Deployment chosen. The dramatic light from the arena adds drama to SECOND: The State, Meredith Sheffer THIRD: The State, Tracy Glantz, Char Richards the photo. Works very nicely. HONORABLE MENTION: The Greenville News, Heidi Heilbrunn, SECOND: The Post and Courier, Brad Nettles, Paragolfer Easter THIRD: The State, Gerry Melendez, Jackie Bradley Jr.Feature Page Design Portfolio HONORABLE MENTION: The Post and Courier, Alan Hawes, Baseball team celebrates state title FIRST: The Post and Courier, Fred Smith HONORABLE MENTION: The Post and Courier, Wade Spees, Judges’ comments: Interesting layouts and a good variety. Feature Photo Football Practice Heat Like use of dominant art and information boxes. SECOND: The Post and Courier, Almar Flotildes FIRST PLACE AND BEST OF THE BEST: The State, Tim Dominick, THIRD: The Post and Courier, Laura Joyce Gough PETA Peek Judges’ comments: Great capture of an unusual event. Sports Action Photo The timing is spot on. The man looking in sets this photoSpot News Photo apart and puts it well above the others. SECOND: The Post and Courier, Grace Beahm, Snow Catchers FIRST: The Greenville News, Bart Boatwright, Football Judges’ comments: Great timing. Nice football shot. FIRST: The Post and Courier, Grace Beahm, Mothers Comfort THIRD: The Post and Courier, Wade Spees, Battle of SECOND: The Greenville News, Bart Boatwright, Greer v. Judges’ comments: Powerful. Our hearts break for this Secessionville Wade Hampton Baseball woman. The raw emotion, paired with perfect color and HONORABLE MENTION: The Post and Courier, Grace Beahm, THIRD: The Post and Courier, Douglas Rogers, Jerod Tucker lighting, make this the winner. Street surfer carries the ball SECOND: The State, C. Aluka Berry, Lightning caused a fire HONORABLE MENTION: The Post and Courier, Grace Beahm, THIRD: The Post and Courier, Wade Spees, Car in Marsh Wozniacki Tennis HONORABLE MENTION: The Post and Courier, Brad Nettles, St. Stephen Tornado
  10. 10. 10 • 2011 SCPA News Contest Winners Integration of Print and Web FIRST: The Post and Courier, Staff, Civil War: 150 Years Judges’ comments: Love how print and web play off of each other in this comprehensive series. In print, strong writing, photography and design make me want to immediately see more online. Once online, I easily get lost in the multimedia elements and user-submitted content. Compelling and fun! Great work! SECOND: The Post and Courier, Staff, Cooper River Bridge Run THIRD: The Post and Courier, Staff, Tracking an Arsonist HONORABLE MENTION: The State, Staff, Roads Lead to Danger Photo Gallery FIRST: The Post and Courier, Grace Beahm, Scottish Games and Highland Gathering Judges’ comments: Great range of photos! Well-edited for content. Color, cropping, angles and emotion are impressive. This gallery makes me wish I had been there! SECOND: The State, Gerry Melendez, Gamecocks win National Championship THIRD: The Greenville News, Ken Osburn, Car ArtSecond Place Spot News Photo: C. Aluka Berry, The State, Lighning Strike Causes Fire. Online Spot News VideoPersonality Photograph or Photo Illustration FIRST: The Post and Courier, Chris Hanclosky, Commemorating History - Civil WarPortrait FIRST: The Post and Courier, Wade Spees, Distracted Driving Judges’ comments: Good use of cuts and panning. SECOND: The Greenville News, Mykal McEldowney, FIRST:The State, C. Aluka Berry, Carter Strange Judges’ comments: Great illustration of distracted. Candlelight Vigil for Liberty Victims Judges’ comments: Wow. This image is powerful, and Definitely proves the point. Clear winner in this contest. THIRD: The Post and Courier, Chris Hanclosky, Inside a Boeing 787 more telling than words could say. Great lighting, and we SECOND: The State, Kim-Kim Foster Tobin, Bowties for love how the parents are in the background. Carolina Cup SECOND: The Post and Courier, Grace Beahm, Happy Camper THIRD: The State, Gerry Melendez, Caroline DeSanctis THIRD: The State, Kim-Kim Foster Tobin, Jesus’ resurrection Online Feature Video is celebrated HONORABLE MENTION: The State, C. Aluka Berry, Steve’s Barber FIRST: The State, Gerry Melendez, Grady Matthews Shop owner Judges’ comments: Story told effectively through GREAT shots. Daily Newspaper Website SECOND: The State, Gerry Melendez, Undying LovePhoto Series or Photo Story FIRST: The Greenville News, Staff, greenvilleonline.com THIRD: The Post and Courier, Chris Hanclosky, Charleston on Any Budget FIRST: The Post and Courier, Wade Spees, America Street Judges’ comments: Great site -- Very pleasant design. Judges’ comments: Powerful series.Beautiful photos show SECOND: The State, Gary Ward, Dwayne McLemore, Kelly personality of community, the issues they face and hope for the future. Good use of lenses. Overall, a stunning Davis, Rachael Lowe and Aubrey Jenkins, thestate.com Online Sports Video package that bring the reader into America Street. THIRD: The Post and Courier, Tom Clifford and Staff, SECOND: The State, Gerry Melendez, College World Series postandcourier.com FIRST: The Greenville News, Manie Robinson, Bart Wright, THIRD: The Post and Courier, Grace Beahm, 54th Scott Keepfer and Bart Boatwright, Week 7: Maryland Massachusetts Judges’ comments: Original content with great analysis. Refreshing, insightful coverage. SECOND: The State, Gerry Melendez, The Wrestler THIRD: The Post and Courier, Andrew Miller, College of Charleston - Citadel Basketball
  11. 11. 2011 SCPA News Contest Winners • 11Daily 20,000 -50,000,News Headline Writing FIRST: Independent Mail, Kylie Yerka Judges’ comments: All entries signify story content excellently. Graphics on “Going Broke to Pay for Ga$?” gets attention of every consumer. Great creativity. SECOND: Independent Mail, Mike McMillan THIRD: Herald-Journal, Phillip RandallSpot News Reporting FIRST: The Sun News, Janelle Frost, Adva Saldinger, Jake Spring and Gina Vasselli, Plane Crash Kills 2 in NMB RV Park Judges’ comments: No aspect of this story was left uncovered. Great pictures, all human interest areas were revealed -- emotion, hope and despair. Fantastic tales of a horrific accident twisted with a positive outlook. SECOND: The Herald, Nicole Smith, James Self, Shawn Cetrone and Andrew Dys, Storms Pack a Punch THIRD: Morning News, Tucker Mitchell, DOJ Weighs in on Vote MapEnterprise Reporting First Place Spot News Photo: Tanya Ackerman, Coastal Observer, Comforted as his home is repossessed and hauled away. FIRST: The Sun News, David Wren, Mortgage Papers Raise SECOND: Independent Mail, Kirk Brown and Nikie Mayo, Fraud Claims Judges’ comments: Wren took a complex topic, found News Feature Writing Body of Unidentified Woman Removed from Well several pertinent examples to bring the subject to life, and FIRST PLACE AND BEST OF THE BEST: The Sun News, THIRD: Morning News, Dwight Dana, A Whopper of Energy wrote a clear, informative piece on a matter with major Isaac Bailey and Tonya Root, Helms Opens Up About Past, impact on his community and nationwide. This story stands out as a clear No. 1 in this category. Future Judges’ comments: Excellent news-feature about a tragic Column Writing SECOND: Independent Mail, Nikie Mayo and Jennifer Howard, incident. The reporters did their research and painted FIRST PLACE AND BEST OF THE BEST: The Sun News, Issac Bailey A Legal Drug You Can Buy Anywhere vivid images with words. Congratulations. Judges’ comments: While there were many excellent THIRD: The Herald, Don Worthington, S.C., N.C. Differ on SECOND: The Sun News, Brad Dickerson, Mailman Changes entries, Issac Bailey’s was the most thoughtful (and Carowinds Records with the Times perhaps action-invoking). His work is very meaningful, THIRD: Independent Mail, Nikie Mayo, Unsolved, but not brave, often putting himself into the fray and bringing itBusiness Reporting Forgotten to life with knowledge, skill, and sensitivity. There was no trouble selecting a winner. FIRST:The Herald, Don Worthington Judges’ comments: Bravo for the story on amusement park ride inspection and the lack of records. Your work Profile Feature Writing or Story SECOND: The Herald, James Werrell THIRD: Herald-Journal, Pam Stone FIRST: The Sun News, Steve Jones, A Light to Others will save lives. Judges’ comments: The clear winner in this category. The SECOND: The Sun News, Dawn Bryant THIRD: Independent Mail, Charmaine Smith-Miles only thing better than reading this story about Levern Wilson would be to meet the man himself. Steve Jones Series of Articles lifts that desire with this moving piece. SECOND: The Herald, Andrew Dys, Staying Power FIRST: The Sun News, Issac Bailey, Booker T. WashingtonLifestyle Feature Writing THIRD: Herald-Journal, Jenny Arnold, Not Slowing Down Anti-Violence Judges’ comments: A passionate rendering of the crime FIRST: Independent Mail, Nikie Mayo, A Love Not Lost plaguing one neighborhood. Says one resident: “You gotta Judges’ comments: Delightful story that brims with history and human interest. Short Story hit trouble on the head. If you don’t stop it, it’s like a FIRST: Independent Mail, Nikie Mayo, Woman Killed on Way cancer and it multiplies.” Issac Bailey’s series hits it on the SECOND: The Sun News, Steve Palisin, The Stand on Two Wheels head. Solid writing. to Help Dog THIRD: Herald-Journal, Kim Kimzey, Missing Mom Judges’ comments: The details in your story are what set it SECOND: The Herald, Staff, Jail, No Bail - 50 years Later apart from the others. You recount the scene well and clearly THIRD: Independent Mail, Liz Carey, Anna Mitchell, Kirk did reporting outside of just the police report and court Brown, Ray Chandler, Mike Ellis, Jennifer Howard and Nikie records. Mayo, 150th Anniversary of the Civil War