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Alumni Weekend 2014 Social and Giving Training

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Young alumni volunteer training

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Alumni Weekend 2014 Social and Giving Training

  1. 1.  Tentative Alumni Weekend Schedule  Social Planning Components  Accommodations, Class HQ, Class Party, Reunion Dinner  Social Letter  Reunion Volunteers’ Duties  Fundraising Plans for the Year  This year’s letter  Donor Solicitation and Recognition  Tips for Success  Reunion Checklist
  2. 2. It’s time already! Countdown: 270 days
  3. 3. Friday Saturday Sunday •On Site Registration Opens •50th Reunion Luncheon •Alumni College Sessions •50th Reunion Diploma Ceremony •Blues & BBQ Kick-off Celebration •Class Parties •Alumni Recognition Ceremony •Parade of Classes •All Alumni Luncheon •Celebrating Ohio Wesleyan •Greek Open Houses •Reunion Dinners •All Alumni Social •Farewell Breakfast •Convocation
  4. 4. Accommodations Dorm rooms will be available in Stuyvesant Hall for Friday and Saturday. Rooms have two single beds with a shared bath for $50 per night. Suites have two rooms (two single beds in each room) and a private shared bath for $100 per night. A list of local hotels is included in your Reunion Volunteers Handbook All Classes will be assigned space for a class reunion headquarters, if desired. Items the committee may want to bring for the space include: Yearbooks Photographs/poster displays Textbooks Beanies or college sweaters Other memorabilia
  5. 5. Committees can reserve on campus space and add the cost of the reception to registration ($5-10). Richard M. Ross Art Museum (Reserved for the Class of 1964) Schimmel-Conrades Science Center Atrium Faculty Staff Dining Room Corns building Off Site locations book quickly. Additional funds cannot be added to registration for off site parties. The Backstretch The Old Bag of Nails (private room available) 1808 American Bistro Bun’s (they have a nice outdoor patio) Amato’s Woodfired Pizza (also a nice outdoor patio) Vito’s Wine Bar
  6. 6. Location Locations are assigned based on attendance but special requests are considered. Decorations Tables are dressed in red & black linens. Red & black balloons will mark the check-in table and room entrance. Menu The Alumni Relations Office makes menu selections for all reunions up until the 50th. Programs Printed programs will be placed at each dinner seat. Dinner schedules are due to the Alumni Relations Office by April 1st Welcome, Blessing, Speakers, etc.
  7. 7. Special Guests University Speakers – Identify a faculty/staff member who you’d like to attend and extend an invitation by October 1. Requests for specific professors must be cleared with the Alumni Relations Office before an invitation is extended by the committee. Student Speakers – Members of the Student Reunion Ambassador staff are available to give brief remarks about being a student at OWU today, if desired. Favors Reunion notes are edited into Reunion Yearbooks and delivered to each dinner to be given to guests as they leave. Reunion notes must be submitted by April 1st to be included. Reunion committees are responsible for the cost of any additional favors. The Alumni Relations staff will assist you in identifying a vendor and purchasing the items tax-free. Class Photos Taken during the social hour of your dinner.
  8. 8.  Due to Alumni Relations Office by Sept. 1  Serves as a “Save-the-Date”  Include a brief overview of Alumni Weekend  Ask classmates to complete the alumni questionnaire & class notes forms  Encourage participation in the Ohio Wesleyan Fund  Personalize It – this is your chance to get your classmates excited!
  9. 9. Encourage class members to attend the reunion and participate in your class gift by authoring letters, organizing phone calls, sending emails, creating a Facebook page, etc. Assist the Alumni Relations and Ohio Wesleyan Fund staff with keeping plans on schedule. Plan reunion dinner agenda and program – before April 1. Preside over the reunion dinner. University staff will be there to assist, but the committee will be called upon to lead the entire flow for the evening. Assist with greeting and checking -in classmates at dinner. Assist with class gift goal setting, composing and making personal solicitations, and thanking donors for gifts.
  10. 10.  Written appeal Fall appeal letter (September) Draft for letter sent out soon Elect committee member to personalize and sign Spring appeal letter(February/March)  Peer to peer solicitation  Through social media and outreach Post class website (in process of creation) and ask classmates to join you in giving back to OWU)
  11. 11.  The best way to increase the number of classmates who come back is to make personal phone calls.  When you call them to invite them to come back, invite them to make a gift to the Ohio Wesleyan Fund.  Volunteer Reports Anniversary Report: Who gave at this time last year Monthly Gift Report: Who gave last month
  12. 12.  Divide and Conquer!!  We recommend that you start with classmates you have a past connection with: Sorority/Fraternity Former roommates Close friends Teammates Members of the same club It can be anyone but the best results will be when affinity is involved.
  13. 13.  Begin with your closest contacts  BE CONFIDENT!  Bond with them first. Reminisce about school memories.  Listen  Be positive  Determine your ask Leadership Opportunity for Young Alumni 1842 Society  $100 per graduation year Unique gifts of $20.04 or $20.09 to get them for participation Set up recurring gifts if they can’t afford a larger gift at one time
  14. 14.  Report your results to the Ohio Wesleyan Fund team  Last Year: Young Alumni Challenge: Increased participation by an average of 4% in all classes and by over $7,000 Succeeded through peer to peer solicitation  Young Alumni Challenge will take place in Spring Good to begin a lead in the fall  Celebrate your successes with us!
  15. 15.  Build a strong committee There is a direct correlation between the number of people who are engaged with the fundraising and participation results. We are lucky because we already have that!  Personalize your written appeal We will follow up with a class letter draft soon  Start making contact early  Begin early and to keep up momentum
  16. 16.  We will recognize a class gift that will include gifts to the Ohio Wesleyan Fund 50th will also include a special initiative  We will also celebrate a 5-year class giving total  Individual recognition throughout Alumni Weekend  Follow-up thank you notes and calls
  17. 17.  Read Reunion Volunteers Handbook  Recruit additional committee members  Choose Class letter committee  Scan and email signatures  Social Letter #1 due to Alumni Relations by September 1  Class Letter #1 draft due to Ohio Wesleyan Fund by September 15  Submit request for on-campus class party space OR reserve off-campus class party space by October 1  Identify who will contact which classmates; begin contacting classmates  Encourage classmates to submit Reunion Questionnaire & Class Notes (Social)  Submit calling reports to Ohio Wesleyan Fund (Fundraising)  Determine off-campus lodging choices (if desired) and reserve a block of rooms  Notify the Alumni Relations Office for publication  Decide if you will have a class headquarters  If yes, determine who will staff the class headquarters. Start gathering photos, memorabilia, etc. for display.  Determine theme for the Parade of Classes (if desired)
  18. 18.  Finalize class event details for inclusion in Alumni Weekend brochure by January 14  Participate in reunion committee conference calls  Determine what information to include on class web page  Class Letter #2 due to Ohio Wesleyan Fund staff by March 1 (Fundraising)  Determine favors (if desired) and order by March 15 (Social)  Register for Alumni Weekend!  Submit your reunion note by April 1  Finalize Reunion Dinner Program and volunteer responsibilities at reunion dinner by April 1  Identify host(ess) for University Representative (OWU Faculty or Staff member)  Identify participants for welcome, invocation, class giving report, etc.  Continue personal contact to encourage registration and gifts to the class fund  Determine last-minute details, set-up requests, etc.
  19. 19. Ongoing Things to Do  Contact classmates; submit calling reports to Ohio Wesleyan Fund  Send thank you notes to classmates who have made gifts to the Ohio Wesleyan Fund Things to Do At or After Alumni Weekend  Encourage classmates to complete the Alumni Weekend evaluation form  Identify officers for your next class reunion, and submit to Alumni Relations by May 27  Submit Reunion Class Volunteers’ Report and the Reunion Dinner Summary by May 27
  20. 20. •No login required to view information •Review schedule updates •See who is attending •Class hotel information •View airport shuttle and other FAQ information •Make a reunion gift •Register online and receive a confirmation email within minutes •Customize your class-specific page